Game: Battle of the genres of Politopia
: Step by step Strategy
System: iOS, Android and new on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
Developer: Midjiwan AB
Age classification: 12+
Price: Free, available for purchases in the game
Issue date: February 2016

I don’t leave my apartment much these days. I’ve always been a little kid in the house, but when I was in my 40s, I had a wish. And let’s face it, a trip to the grocery store isn’t enough. We’re almost eight months old. I’m ready to conquer the world!

Battle of Politopia

Thanks to the Battle of Politopia, which I played non-stop on my iPhone, I can do it! As a powerful tribal leader of my choice I have 30 or more rounds (or more in dominant mode) to defeat rival tribes, dominate the world as much as possible and eventually score as many points as possible to win.

World domination is near.

Different ways to play

Battle of Politopia is a turn-based strategy game that can be played in many different ways. However, the developers did not see this as an excuse to consider gameplay; there are many options that can be selected to refine any rendering.

There are single-player and multiplayer modes that allow you to play with bots or friends. The standard single-player game has a classic Perfection mode that allows you to play in 30 moves. There is also the Dominate mode, a more relaxed form of playing where there is no time limit. Once you’ve chosen your style of play, you can choose between 15 different tribes, each with their own advantages. (However, it is important to note that some strains do not comply with the content). Finally, you can vary the number of rival newspapers from 1 to 3 and choose the level of difficulty: Easy, normal, hard or crazy. With all these options you will see more and more Politopia.

Select a journal.

For the fight!

After being crowned a mighty leader, the possibilities to get closer to the world domination you expect are endless. Make as many moves as possible in each phase to achieve victory: train warriors, spend hard-earned stars to acquire new skills in your technology tree, collect resources and of course conquer other tribes. Of course you will earn points as the game progresses. Maximize your score to guarantee your victory!

Rule the world.

Polytopia’s battle is as exciting as it is exciting from every point of view, thanks to its infinite potential for strategy development, exceptional gameplay and speed, as well as the fun of playing. After each escape you will receive a 3 star rating, as well as the temptation of what the game has to offer as soon as you improve this rating. The thought of what I can do better next time is inevitable, and you’ll be back in the fight before you know it.


The building blocks of a sustainable political operation. It features stylish and attractive graphics, exciting and thoughtful sound design, and responsive and intuitive gameplay. Shopping in an app can make the game even more playable, but the game has been fun for hours. Personally, I’ve spent whole days playing this game over and over again. I’m not the only one: There are very active online communities that discuss the strategy and gameplay of the Battle of Polytopia on a daily basis, some with more than 20,000 members.


The battle of Politopia has already been strongly recommended by users and critics. Of course I agree with them. I love this game! I would say that Polytopia would be fun for everyone, but I would especially recommend it if you are looking for a free turn-based strategy game that is both mysterious and useful.

All in all, my exam is definitely Two Fingers Up.

Final verdict: Two fingers up.

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