Starbound has become one of the most fun 2D action-adventure games for fans of science fiction and space exploration (or just those who love Terraria).

Chucklefish’s procedural formula for generating space operas captured our hearts with charming sprite-based graphics and intuitive gameplay.

But eventually people get tired of everything. And if Starbound has lost its luster for you, mods are a great way to rekindle your passion for exploring the vast pixelated unknown.

There are so many great mods, and they can revolutionize your journey to the stars.

To start, let me share a few of my favorites with you.

30. Less dead moons

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Visiting the moons in Vanilla Starry Sky is pretty unpleasant, they’re bald and all.

As a last resort, you can get fuel, but that’s it.

As the name implies, the little dead moons eliminate these sterile astral bodies – not by removing them, but by filling them with substance and reviving them.

It embellishes by adding new structures and dungeons on almost every moon, as well as the NPCs who benefit from these facilities.

You’ll even find a bit of lore here and there, and the micro-donjons make mining them much more exciting.

29. HoloHUD interface

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It’s always fun to customize the UI a bit, and the HoloHUD interface is my favorite.

This clever mod replaces your current user interface with something holographic. It affects the sidebar, action bar, group menu, chat, search tracking and text boxes.

But this does not change the creation or inventory menu.

But it’s super colorful and supports a quick bar.

This bright, technicolor look seems more appropriate for playing in an open space.

28. Music packages

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Overall, the music in Starbound is pretty good.

But once you’ve spent a few hours in the game, you start to get a little tired of hearing the same songs over and over again.

A good way to improve the situation is to install music packages.

Some of my favorites are the insufferable Detailed music pack, the upbeat Oneshot music pack, and the fantastic Queen music pack.

Watching your Starbound character play your favorite songs on the instrument of your choice is too cool to pass up – especially if you’re a music lover and live in the real world.

27. Cyberpunk Stylist

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Cyberpunk and space exploration go hand in hand.

And if you don’t believe me, you’ve obviously never seen Cowboy Bebop.

Cyberpunk Stylist is a mod that combines the two again, adding cyberpunk-inspired wigs and hairstyles to make your character look like a nerd’s 80s wet dream.

You’ll feel right at home in Cyberpunk Night City 2077.

You can really bring out your character’s personality, especially if you use this mod in conjunction with Green’s Dye suite for custom hairstyles.

26. Increase in inventory

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Don’t you love visiting five different stores every time you want to do a DIY project or cook something delicious?

Yes, of course.

The Inventory Expander ensures that this never happens to you in Starbound by expanding the inventory of vanilla merchants, allowing them to sell anything they can at any given time.

Each merchant now offers around 30 items, so you can always travel well equipped.

25. Immediate production

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It is normal to think that costumes take time to make.

After all, time is one of the most important resources we invest in real life.

However, we don’t have to represent reality in our games so rigorously – and many of us just don’t have time to sit around waiting for something to end.

Instant Crafting is a client mod that disables the timer on crafting tables, so everything gets done instantly.

If you really don’t like the pace of Starbound, it can help you turn things around.

24. Advanced Graphical User Interface

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Another thing you can do with your user interface is make it more convenient with the Extended GUI mod.

This smart change improves several aspects of the user interface, including the map and inventory windows. This makes it easier to search your treasure and find your way around with a larger map.

You can also place multiple objects on the screen at the same time.

It’s like having more workspace at home!

Anyone who lives in a one-bedroom apartment with a tiny kitchen knows how important this can be.

23. User interface settings container

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One of the most recommended supplies for Starbound is the Container UI Tweaks mod.

This simple change allows you to move the container and inventory windows independently on the screen, making them less noticeable.

This way you can easily visualize your character while managing a treasure chest of items.

It may not seem like much, but once you have it, there’s no going back.

This is incredibly convenient and the game developers should have thought of this.

22. Endless space stations

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Starbound’s space stations are among the most interesting elements of the environment. When you own one of these, you feel like you’ve accomplished something in a space game.

This Boundless Space Stations mod makes your station much more interesting (and customizable) by removing space limitations when designing a station.

While the previous limit was 1650×500 units, it is now 64000×64000.

To build the colossal space fortress of your dreams, you’ll need a lot more materials.

But it’s a great goal in this exciting sandbox title.

21. Land OOO Forge

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I love Adventure Time.

Earth Ooo is just a marvel of bizarre world building! I can’t live without it, and I’ve found a great way to bring some of its charm into my Starbound game.

The Land of Ooo Forge adds a nice collection of adventure swords, mostly the ones Finn wields in the series.

These include the Golden Sword, the Root Sword, the Bloody Demon Sword, and many others.

It also adds a time adventure themed forge (with cameos from BMO and Jake) where you can make these awesome weapons.

They’re all beautifully recreated in the pixel art style of Starbound, and the smithy has a place in my basic workshop.

20. Black ice

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Expanding your arsenal is one of the most important survival strategies for any space explorer.

Black Ice is a new weapons company on this side of the galaxy that offers all sorts of cryogenic weapons.

You have ice cannons, shotguns, missiles – and frozen ammo for all your weapons.

They also have some very nice branded furniture that you will love to have on hand the next time you take your base.

19. Inventory Bl3k

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As you invest more and more of your free time in Starbound, you need to start making your games effective. A good inventory module can significantly reduce the time you spend going through your stuff.

Bl3k’s inventory is one of the most recommended in the Starbound community because of its simplicity.

It adds a few extra tabs to your inventory and makes each tab three times larger.

It also helps you organize your items into categories such as armor, materials, furniture, vehicles, etc.

If you want to customize your inventory further, consider reconfiguring this mod.

18. Improved storage

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A super important quality of life addition that every Starbound player should have is the improved storage.

This allows you to improve the quality of goods storage and use the containers in a more versatile way.

Among other things, new, larger containers are being added – and specialized containers for different applications.

But it also improves the sorting of products and makes it easier to search through your collection. You can also easily move items between the warehouse and your inventory, rename containers, etc.

One of my favorite features is that it tells you the price of items and calculates the value of your entire treasure chest for you. You can finally brag about the value of your stellar network.

17. Futare Dragon Engine

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Not all fashion is bright and colorful.

Some help us behind the curtain, like the Dragon Futara engine.

This change changes the configuration of Starbound to improve performance, especially on systems that have issues with the vanilla game. It works by reducing the amount of image area at a time.

Now, all you see is all you do.

It also reduces the amount of particles released during block breakage, which can be a big problem for some systems.

Among other things, it reduces frame hopping. You can also use it to create custom music for shops, battles and field studies.

16. Making the universe a place for processing

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I’m always willing to add a little more animated charm to my games.

And making the universe more appealing is the best way to do that for Star Trek.

It replaces most sprites in the game and gives it an animated look.

These include armor, clothing, accessories, hairstyles, faces, bodies and even character portraits!

Every type of armor that didn’t have a female version now has one.

The women’s armor is a bit tighter than the men’s, which makes for a lot of visual variety among the characters in the game.

The perfect fashionista for a space cloud.

15. Universal disconnect switch

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Everyone is always talking about crafts.

How can we make things better, faster, easier? But shouldn’t we sometimes take things apart?

Yes, of course. So I have a brand new station for my base, Uncrafter.

This powerful space technology turns any object into gray matter. This sticky material is better saved for later use.

Overall, it’s a great way to use old armor and outdated weapons – or at least waste less space in your warehouse.

14. Compact crops

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While some are looking for the next big project, others prefer to build a comfortable base and spend their time working and maintaining the land.

Compact crops make it much easier to farm on an acceptable scale without requiring an insane amount of land.

This forces the plants to be closer together, increasing plant density (and therefore yield).

Buy this game if you want to live a simple life, close to nature, but you haven’t jumped into Stardew Valley yet.

13. Growth of GPR

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If you’re a fan of traditional RPGs and prefer a more classic progressive system, RPG Growth is worth a look.

By defeating monsters and completing other tasks, you gain levels.

In each level, you have different access points that you can divide up to choose how your character gets stronger.

You get new skills and maybe even equipment, depending on how you develop your character.

As the roleplaying continues, professions, trends and specializations will be added, which will appear as you reach higher levels. It’s definitely worth a try.

12. Green Colour Suite

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With a game as big as Starbound, it’s easy to wander away from the action on the screen after playing for a while.

In-depth character customization is a great way to feel more connected to your character and therefore more immersed in the game.

Green’s color suite offers over 4,000 palettes for almost every piece of gear in the game, including most custom mod creations.

You can also add your own palettes if you wish.

This takes your setup to the next level and makes sandbox play a more personal experience.

11. Improved containers

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In Starbound, you still need a lot of containers to store all your items and materials.

Why don’t you make them as good as you can?

The improved bins bring them closer to perfection by introducing permanent storage, bulk sales, bin search, automatic sorting and fast stacking directly from your warehouse with a single click.

This mod also makes newly opened chests slightly less explosive.

Instead of just throwing their stuff away when you open it, they save the rewards for you so you can choose in a civilized way.

10. Flight Felin

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I’m always a cat person.

So, of course, I had to find a breed of cute cat characters for my starry world.

The Felin race is a complex and enduring society of humanoid cats living throughout the galaxy.

The mod adds custom furniture, costumes, vehicles and Felin ships. It also causes a few Phelin villages to appear here and there.

They even play their own instruments and speak a unique language (English is not really confusing). It’s basically the Lord of the Rings star mods!

9. Avali-Race Mod

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The first thing I wanted to add to my Starbound game was a few more races.

I’m always in the mood for cute animals, so I was immediately drawn to Avali.

These feathered creatures look like something between a rabbit and some kind of land bird.

Despite their tribal aesthetic, the Avali are highly technical, and they have powerful weapons to prove it.

In addition to the races and their weapons, you’ll also find furniture, Avali gear, cars and mounts that really give the race substance and show that it’s all about them.

8. Sign extension

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If you want to expand the variety of the game, you need more space for cash symbols than in the original game.

The Character Extender is a handy mod that allows you to have up to 36 different views on your character creation screen without sacrificing convenience.

There are no new species. However, it serves as an important basis for monitoring your modified races.

7. Elite Racing Mod

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The Milky Way is vast, and on the different worlds live countless species.

And the Elithian Races mod will greatly increase the number of races you can encounter in the game (and the way you can play them).

These are the Avikan reptiles, the Trinks robots and the human offspring, the Aegi.

Each of the new varieties has a well-groomed aesthetic. You see it on armor, weapons, structures in their enclaves, furniture and decorations.

It adds a lot of variety to Starbound and you might want to start a second game.

6. New type

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In addition to what we’ve discussed so far, there are countless other fantastic species to boost Starfleet’s biodiversity.

So let’s take this place in the rankings as a general tip to look at all the mods for the different types.

Among the best are the insect-like Saturnians, snake-like llamas and orcas.

You can even find a mod to add the Argonians from the Elder Scrolls!

5. A.V.I.A.N.

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If you’re tired of the standard Starbound AI, A.V.I.A.N. – is exactly what you need.

This digital blue bird is actually a bird Cortana, and it will replace the default AI for every race in your game.

It says a lot, and there are interesting things to say about most of the events in the regular game.

You don’t even have to start a new game to get this aid bird!

However, you will have a much more intense experience if you do. This anthropomorphic bird girl really adds a lot of spice to the game.

4. XS Mechs

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I’ve always been a fan of mecha anime like Mobile Suit Gundam and Code Geass.

And now I can fulfill my dream of playing Starbound thanks to XS Mechs.

This awesome vehicle mod adds a wide variety of mechs to your game. Even the simplest model is cool, and it only gets better from there.

The smaller mechas are just a few people, but some are much larger. They are all quite mobile, can fly quite high (some can even leave the atmosphere) and carry weapons of destruction such as missiles, cluster bombs and miniguns.

3. N7 Arsenal: A Mass Effect Mod

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Since both games are about exploring a universe full of species that form an intergalactic ecosystem, Starbound fans have a lot in common with Mass Effect fans.

The N7 Arsenal mod brings a lot of Mass Effect charm to Starbound with new items, weapons, armor, and more.

Among the new weapons, I would like to highlight the M-8 Avenger, the N7 Valkyrie and the classic N7 Eagle pistol.

There are also lots of cool clothes, including human armor from Quarians, Turians and N7s.

And you will love DJ Asari.

2. Frackin’ Universe

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One of the easiest ways to improve Starbound is Frackin’ Universe, a complete overhaul that brings a ton of new content to the game.

Among other things, it introduces many new biomes, new races and even new monsters.

There is also an improved crafting system, more science and research goals, etc.

Unfortunately, you can’t continue playing with an old file in Frackin’ Universe. It changes so many things that you can’t do without a new score.

But if you like this mod, you’ll be happy to know that it’s compatible with most other great mods like Universal Uncrafter and Compact Crops. All you need is a Band-Aid.

1. Arcana

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The worst part about installing mods is the time you spend choosing them.

After all, you want to be in the game – and no aspect of it should be overlooked.

Arcana is a huge mod that will completely change your Starbound experience with a simple installation.

It adds armor, clothing, furniture, new buildings, and tons of gameplay improvements, including food and farming.

In addition to more than 60 unique weapon and armor sets, Arcana also adds new bosses and planetary biomes, such as the Illuminated Plains, Windy Peaks, and Mysterious Desert.

There’s even a new breed – the Arcana!

If you’re looking for something new for your next gaming session, this is it.

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