The Nintendo Switch recently celebrated its second birthday, and we thought it would be fun to take a look at the Nintendo 3DS. This handheld console was first released in February 2011. Since then, nearly 75 million copies of the console have been sold and the library contains over 1,297 games. We have selected the 15 best ones and listed them here! Join us on a journey through 15 of the best games for the 3DS.

We’ve also compiled a list of our 15 favorite Nintendo 3DS games. If you missed this list, go check it out! This time we will be a little more specific. Kawaii fans can rejoice! Here are our 15 favorites of the best games for the 3DS.

  • The magical world of Disney: Disney’s Magic World came out in 2013 and was praised by Disney fans and kawaii lovers alike. Because the game is cute, wholesome and non-committal, it’s perfect for kids and occasional players with busy lives.

The magical world of Disney 2

  • Disney – Magic World 2 : All the goodies of its predecessor, as well as the new characters, outfits, items, mini-games and worlds to explore, were very well received in this game as well. (see here).

Pikachu Detector

  • Detective Pikachu: Detective Pikachu is a game that was recently released for the 3DS. Considering that the main character of the game (who enjoys cult status for his cuteness) is a little detective (●ω` ●), it’s safe to say that this game is adorable. (Get it here.)

  • Pokemon World: Nice Pokémon toys. Those three words literally scream it (although, as Pocket Camp would say, not literally, because that would be terrible). With the ability to play as the Mii character in Toy Kingdom, a retail version of this charming game was released worldwide in 2016. (see here)

Animal Crossing: New leaf

  • Crossings: A new leaf: OBVS. With a bunch of adorable alpacas, three hedgehog sisters, a barista pigeon and a city full of anthropomorphic animals, there’s nothing less adorable in this game! This classic part of the series is always popular for its charming aesthetic. (get it here)

Tom’s Life Tom’s Life

  • Tomodachi’s life: Released worldwide in 2014, Life of Tomodachi is a surprisingly addictive game. Mii characters allow players to repopulate the island, open new shops and items, form relationships and even have children. (Do it here.)

  • A fantasy life: Aesthetic and cute. The game was released worldwide on Level 5 in 2014 and it’s no surprise that it’s intriguing. If dragon slayers aren’t your thing, you can instead enjoy the entertaining storyline and the many cute elements (like stuffed animals and pets) the game has to offer. (download here).

Friends of Moco Moco

  • Friends of Moco Moco: I had never heard of it until recently. At first I thought: Oh, like Pokémon Rumble? Because of the teddy bear theme. Apparently, it’s possible to be even cuter than the hulking Pokémon, because Moco Moco Friends combines a magical school and monster toys into one fun theme.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

  • Professor Layton and the Mask of Wonder: It’s no secret that the Professor Layton series consists of games with stunning storylines, compelling music and stunning graphics. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask does not disappoint with its colorful carnival theme and unusual plot.

Professor Layton and the legacy of Azran

  • Professor Leighton and the Azran legacy: Admittedly, this game was a bit bittersweet due to the fact that it was the last major game in the series to be made. But with so many worlds to explore, changes and twists in the story, and the usual incredible graphics and music, this game is a must-have for 3DS owners and Layton fans. (see here)

  • A theatrical Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, released in 2012, is a rhythmic video game from Square Enix featuring the characters of Final Fantasy. Rated 8.5/10 by IGN, the Chibi game was popular enough to warrant a sequel on iOS in 2014. (See here).

  • Kirby: Triple Deluxe : Kirby himself is a cute little tart (according to my brother), so of course this is the Kirby game of 2014: Triple Deluxe should be added to this list. After Kirby’s friend Dedede is kidnapped by Taranza (who created the giant dream wand), Kirby goes in search of him! Am I the only one who has trouble taking such a cute little hero seriously? Tee-hee. (find out here)

  • Yo-Kai Watch: Jibanese! The colorful Yo-kai Watch is also a Level 5 product and is definitely cute, with yo-kai cats like Jibanyan, a scatterbrained butler named Whisper, and those anime-like features. (get it here)

Yo-Kai Watch 2

  • Yo-Kai Watch 2 (Bone Ghosts, Dense Ghosts and Mental Watchers): Ох, ма-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а-а! Like its predecessor, Yo-Kai Watch 2 (which comes in 3 variants) is a fun must-have game for the 3DS. (read here).

  • Back to PoPoLoCrois : A story about the history of the seasons: Described by Hardcore Gamer as extremely charming from the start, this rarely reviewed 2016 game is certainly cute enough to warrant it. I’ve got it.

If you’re like us and want more games, we recommend checking out this list of our favorite games to look forward to in 2019.

frequently asked questions

What is the rarest game on the 3DS?

the rarest 3 value games

Will any games be made for the 3DS before 2020?

We can confirm that production of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has been completed, a spokesperson said. Nintendo games and third-party games for the Nintendo 3DS systems will continue to be available in Nintendo eShop, on and in stores.

Will the 3DS still be worth it in 2020?

The 3DS is still worth buying today, but honestly it depends on your gaming preferences since Nintendo no longer supports the system with new games. … The console has access to thousands of games, but you better opt for newer hardware, because the 3DS’s best days are far behind it.

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