Aqua monsters are a favorite in the TCG community as a whole. They are easy to summon, they are powerful and they are fun. However, they are not always the best choice for the main attacker. With that in mind, the TCG community has come up with a list of best Aqua Type monsters for a water deck.

Aqua monsters are any monster with the type Aqua. Aqua monsters require Water monsters to help with their special abilities. Since Aqua monsters have their own set of rules, they can help any deck be more powerful. Fortunately, Aqua monsters are also a great theme for various Water monsters as well.

If you’re looking to build a new deck then you’ve come to the right place. This blog is dedicated to all of the top tier Aqua monsters released in the past few years. From the great WATER monsters that have been released to stunning Water Aqua monsters that are just now coming out, these are the best monsters for a water deck.. Read more about yugioh water deck 2020 and let us know what you think.

Water monsters are a bit different from most other monsters, in that they generally rely on destroying the enemy rather than just crushing them. They were able to compete with the famous Paleo Frog deck, proving that you don’t always have to have high ATKs to win. So if drowning your opponent in card effects works for you, you’ll love this list.

15. T.AD.P.O.L.E

word-image-6332 With an incredible 0 ATK/0 DEF, you might think it’s a bad joke to put this card in the list. T.A.D.P.O.L.E. is pretty useless on its own. Its only effect is to allow you to put another T.A.D.P.O.L.E. card in your deck into your hand if it is destroyed in combat. But if your graveyard is full of these things, this card has great synergy with Des Frog (at the very bottom of the list), which allows you to clear the field and even go OTK! This little monster is more complex than it looks.

14. King of the Swamp

word-image-6333 If you play a Fusion deck, you’ll find that one of the best tools for Fusion Summoning is an Aqua-type monster. King of the Swamp is perfect for the Water Fusion deck, but works just as well outside of it. At only 500 ATK/1000 DEF, you really want to use this monster for its effect as it can be used in place of any fusion material. This can be vital if your opponent takes out a monster you really needed. If you have all the materials for the monsters and only need Polymerization to put it all together, you can even put Exchange King in your graveyard to remove a much-needed Fusion spell from your deck.

13. Testudo Erat Numen

word-image-6334 Most of the water monsters on this ranking are a bit short on ATK/DEF. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate this statistic. And the following card is one of those possibilities. Testudo Erat Numen is an LVL1 monster with 0 ATK/1800 DEF. But on the field, no player can summon a monster over 1800ATK. For many decks, these can be all special summon targets. And combined with the torrent barrier image, you can make sure your opponent can’t call a full stop.

12. Statue of Torrent Dam

word-image-6335 I was really trying to see it as a joke about torrents and gateways, but yeah. This card is better than the joke it would have been anyway. Barrier Statue of the Stream is an LVL4 spell with only 1000 ATK/1000 DEF. But it can completely block your opponent’s strategy if they don’t use a water deck. This card stops all special calls unless they are water monsters. And if you put him on the field early, he can prevent your opponent from starting the game.

11. Gameciel, Sea Turtle Kaiju

word-image-6336 There are few things in Yu-Gi-Oh! that are more satisfying than watching your opponent cheerfully summon their final monster, knowing that whatever it is, you’ll take it out in the next turn. First of all, it’s important to know that you can summon all of your opponent’s monsters to summon Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju from your side of the field. The tribute is neither an effect nor a destruction. So it overcomes almost every monster in the game that can’t be targeted. Giving your opponent a monster with 2200 ATK/3000 DEF is a small price to pay, considering it can be removed by any effect.

10. From the frog

word-image-6337 At first glance, this sample doesn’t seem very useful. But in the right deck, it can be one of the most powerful spells in the game! Des Grenouille is an LVL5 monster with 1900 ATK/0 DEF. And given that he should be called up in honors, those kinds of numbers are a hard sell. But when this card is distributed, you can summon Special Summon Frogs up to the number of T.A.D.P.O.L.E. in your Graveyard. If you manage to draw 3 cards, you can use a Desert Ravens Spell Card that destroys all cards under your opponent’s control. If you can collect another 2300 ATK, he can make an OTK!

9. Danger! Nessie!

word-image-6338 Danger! Monsters are great because they usually give you a free monster on the field. And Aqua Danger! Monster is no exception. Danger! Nessie. It’s a level 7 water monster with 1600 ATK/2800 DEF. You can reveal this monster in your hand and allow your opponent to choose any card and discard it. If they miss Danger! Nessie! in your hand, you can intentionally summon him and play a card. A free 7. Lv with high DEF have nothing to fear. And at least you can use it as material for bigger and stronger monsters.

8. Leviair Sea Dragon

word-image-6339 Whether you exiled or not, your cards will be much more useful when they are in play. Leviair the sea dragon is a LVL3 level XYZ with 1800 ATK/1600 DEF. And this monster has a unique effect: If you pull Materials out, you can target a Banished monster of LV4 or lower and summon it. Some strong effects exile cards for their cost, as this is a more definitive option than just throwing them into the graveyard. The ability to pick up these cards is valuable to many decks.

7. Mystar Boy

word-image-6340 Many Aqua monsters have the ability to summon other monsters on the field. So it makes sense that they have a monster of strong ties to take advantage of. Mistar Boy is a key player in many competitive decks and is a Link-2 with 1400 ATK. As long as this monster is on the field, all Water monsters gain 500ATK/DEF and all Fire monsters lose 400ATK/DEF. This can make a big difference in a water bridge. If this card is destroyed, you can put a water sample from your graveyard back into your hand. And this kind of recursion on graveyards is also very important in many strategies.

6. Flip-flop Frog

word-image-6341 Many of the monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! target and destroy cards in the field. And that’s fine, until you encounter monsters where those effects don’t work. Flip Flop Frog is a Tier 2 card with only 500 ATK/200 DEF. But it has an effect that allows it to be put into a reverse defensive position once per turn. When revealed, you can return a number of monsters equal to the number of Frogs you control to your opponent’s hand. The lack of aim and destruction means that it affects just about everything, potentially giving you the chance to attack your opponent directly.

5. Paleozoic Opabinia

word-image-6342 You can’t talk about water samples without talking about the Paleozoic. These cards specialize in traps that can be used as monsters, and they are incredibly aggressive because most of them are immune to monster effects. Paleozoic Opabinia is an XYZ 2 LVL2 with 0 ATK/2400 DEF. And because it’s immune to monster effects, it’s a solid wall for an opponent to try and destroy. If this monster has a Paleozoic Trap Card as its XYZ material (it usually does), you can remove that material to put a Paleozoic Trap from your Deck into your hand. It’s not the most impressive effect, but it’s a powerful search card.

4. Paleozoic anomalocarp

word-image-6343 Paleozoic Opabinia is also excellent because it gives you protection and access to fall cards. But if you’re ready to go on the offensive, use this particular card. The Paleozoic Anomalocaris is a second generation XYZ. Level with 2400 ATK/0 DEF and immunity to monster effects. And if a Trap is put into your graveyard from your Spell/Trap Zone, you can remove the top card from your deck and add it to your hand if it’s a Trap. That’s a good thing, because the Paleozoic games use them in large numbers. Even if this monster has a Trap Card as equipment, you can detach it to destroy the card on the field.

3. Glacier iceberg Narwhal

word-image-6344 Just because many water monsters don’t have power doesn’t mean they all do. If you need a bite stick with negation effect and burn damage, this monster is good for all those purposes. Glacier Beast Iceberg Narwhal – LVL7 Synchro Beast with 2700 ATK/1600 DEF. In addition to its powerful properties, this monster also has a quick effect that occurs once per turn. It can cancel the effect and destroy the card in Battle Phase if you control another monster. Your opponent will also have to be careful when attacking your other monsters, as they receive 600 fire damage for each monster they destroy. This monster is very useful because it gives your opponent options, but both options are terrible for him.

2. Ronintoadin

word-image-6345 Frogs and many water monsters excel in the art of invading the land. But Ronintoadin is perhaps the best in this field. Ronintoadin is a LVL2 monster with 100 ATK/2000 DEF, and his name becomes Des Grenouille as long as he is on the field (this card can help with the Des Croaking spell we talked about earlier!). But even if you don’t use it for its name, Ronintoadin has a powerful graveyard effect that lets you exile a Frog Monster to your graveyard to summon it specifically on the field. This card cannot be used as dubbing material, but the material for XYZ and Link is fine. Once this card is in play, you benefit from it until the end of the Duel.

1. Pathway Genius

word-image-6346 Even if this monster was bad, he should be at the top of this list just because of his name. However, it is certainly not a bad water sample. Toadally Awesome has been participating in video games for over 4 years! This monster is an XYZ 2nd lath with 2200 ATK/0 DEF. And the effect is a real boost: During your Wait Phase, you can remove materials to Target Summon a Frog Monster from your Deck. That’s respectable. But this monster also has a quick effect that works once per turn: When your opponent activates a Spell/Trap or Monster effect, you can send Aqua monsters from your hand or from your field to the graveyard to nullify the activation, destroy that card, and then send it to your field! Toadally Awesome has incredible effects, a disgustingly simple summon condition, and you add a water monster from your graveyard to your hand when it goes to the graveyard. It seems that this monster is really a toad!I’m not a fan of water decks in general, but I do like to see them sometimes. Aqua monsters are my favorite in the game, so I like to see them in my deck as well. Aqua monsters are strong, and even stronger in water decks.. Read more about rank 4 water deck and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best water deck Yugioh?

Most fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! are likely familiar with the popular Aqua type monsters. These creatures include cards like Sailor Marius, Ghost Ship and Superalliance Ancient Gear Golem, all of which are capable of inflicting major damage on the monsters’ opponent. However, Aqua monsters are not invincible, and players can counteract their effects or even destroy them in battle. Just like other types, Aqua monsters use water-centric monster cards, like the classic Storm and Mermaid monsters, to gain their effects. Yugioh’s made strides in the past few years to become a very popular TCG, and it’s a great game for just about anyone to learn. The game is relatively simple, and has plenty of monsters that players can use to help them build strong decks.

How many monsters should be in a deck?

This post is going to be about a deck type that has become popular in recent years, and you might have even heard of it, it’s the Aqua Type monster deck. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Aqua Type Monster Deck? What is that?” Well, let me tell you more about Aqua Type, it’s a type of deck that uses a monster with the Type Aqua monster symbol, like Aqua Dolphin, Aqua Phantom Beast Helion, and Aqua Spirit. The monster uses a lot of Aqua Type Effect Monsters to power up the Aqua Type Monster itself. The other cards in the deck are mostly cards that can attack your opponent directly. It’s time to get back to the basics of monster-building. We’ve been showing off fire and light cards for a few years now, but we’ve neglected water monsters. However, water monsters are in a different category from fire and light cards—they’re based on different calendar systems. Their element and monsters types are based on a new calendar system (Aqua), and they also have an extra effect that lets you switch their element with an opponent’s monster. Water monsters can also attack monsters of other elements.

What is the best monster type in Yugioh?

Now that the Tournament season is over, some of the best decks from the season have been getting printed in the TCG and the opposite is also true. Some of the best monsters from the previous season are making their way into new deck builds. Aqua monsters have been really popular in the TCG, and the reason is pretty clear: they work in any deck! This is because they are both powerful and versatile, so they work well in different strategies. In the spirit of Halloween, I’m going to take a look at the monsters that seem to give some of the best effects for no-cost. There are a few cards that aren’t pure monsters, such as the “Mystical Elf” or “Djinn of Wishes”, but these are obvious picks if you’re using a spellcaster theme. There’s also the “Aqua Spirit” monster, which is pretty awesome, but it’s a little too late to include in this list. As such, I’m going to focus on the monsters that are strictly water monsters.

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