Point-and-click adventure games aren’t as common in the gaming industry as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a group of passionate people who still love them. They are known for telling unforgettable stories, jokes and laughs for days on end and of course for their incomprehensible riddles where you have to try everything before you get there. Although these moments can be frustrating, we still love this kind of thing. Here is a brief overview of the top ten best online adventure games ever made.

Broken Sword: Templar shadow

The Broken Sword series started in 1996 with a very strong point of view. You play like George Stockbart trying to expose a conspiracy in Paris. People loved many aspects of the game, including the story, the voice and the art direction. Despite the notorious situation of the goats, the puzzles were very well received. What’s impressive about the first Broken Word game is the excellent sales figures recorded on the first PlayStation when adventure games were only available on the computer.

Dental Day

This list could easily have been compiled in the article Best Games of LucasArts with the many brilliant additions the studio has made to the Point and Click genre. Tentacletag was released in 1993 and was one of the first projects for which Tim Schaefer was responsible. She focused on conquering the world with her tentacles after being in the sewers and growing in her hands. They play in groups of children who use the time machine to go back in time and to prevent the tentacles from becoming too strong. The comic book and comedy style was widely recognized at its release and helped make it one of the most popular point-and-click games of all time.

Full gas

Full Throttle takes the usual cheerful themes from LucasArts games and crushes them on his bike. The story follows Ben, the leader of a motorcycle gang set up for murder. The real killer (played by Mark Hamill) tries to take over the motorcycle company and produce minivans instead of motorcycles. Ben’s way is to cleanse him and the gang. In general, the game is appreciated for its voice and music, but in general, the plot of the game is an absolutely exciting attraction from start to finish.

Fandango Grim

The Fandango Grim follows Manny Calavera, a struggling salesman working for death squads. The DoD is a company that works in groups such as the Grim Reaper and offers recently deceased souls travel packages to their final resting place. If the soul has led an unfair life, it will have to travel four years before it comes to rest. The story and the 3D animation were a big step for LucasArts at the time, and the game was praised by critics for its humour, but for some reason it failed financially when it was first released in 1998. Despite its initial failure, it is considered one of the greatest games ever made.

Royal Quest VI: Inherit today, leave tomorrow

King’s Quest VI was released by Sierra Entertainment in 1992 and is rightly considered the best series ever made. In a leading role, Prince Alexander in his journey to save Princess Cassima in the land of green islands. At that time, the game didn’t normally do this, but it also allowed different endings to be played to make the game work.

Mansion Maniac

Maniac Mansion is a forerunner of Tentacle Day 1987 and shows a teenager named Dave trying to save his girlfriend from a crazy scientist. Throughout the game you play for Dave and choose two of his six friends as they probably go through the scientist’s house. Maniac Mansion was revolutionary in games and one of the first to use pork chops. The user interface helped to emphasize the point-and-click adventures of the 80s and 90s.

Sam and Max Heath Road

After a positive fan response in some LucasArts comics, Sam and Max made their video game debut in 1993. These two independent policemen are chasing a snowman and a giraffe who escaped on their way to a fairground. The cartoon humour of the game and the story of the journey through America are still relevant today. Sam and Max still receive the game from time to time, with the release of the virtual reality game in 2021. The difference between them and other characters in adventure games is that, despite being idiots, people want to be interested in them and see how they react in their crazy situations.

The Mystery of Monkey Island

The adventures of Guybrush Trepwood will always live on as some of LucasArts’ most iconic works. In the first game, released in 1990, the future player broke the test and came into contact with the legendary spirit of Captain LeChuck. All the classic parts of the entertainment plot, unusual puzzles and interesting characters appear here and in the following games.

Space research IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Scammers

After the release of his fourth game Space Quest in 1991, Roger Wilco, concierge/space captain, travels through the different games of the series, past and future. A large classic letter, which also appeared in other Space Quest games, was still there, with large links and a fourth broken wall of humor. It was one of the first video games to use motion capture animation, and was so successful that it sold more than the previous three Space Quest games combined.


The latest game on the list, Thimbleweed Park, is a starting success developed by former LucasArts developers and released in 2017. As an FBI agent, you start the game investigating a murder in a small town before you catch a damn clown, without ever taking your makeup off, programming a computer, and much more. The combination of plot and graphics is the perfect challenge for LucasArts at the top of the game.

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