A guide to all forms of modification currently available on Teardown.


In this tutorial, I’ll first talk about user maps, then I’ll look at all forms of modding that are currently not possible (or how they might be), and finally all forms of modding that are currently known.

Creation of personalised cards

Below you will find a detailed and comprehensive manual for creating a map.

How do I create custom maps in Teardown?


– Custom Missions
At the moment, as far as I know, this is not possible because all .lua files are sent directly to hidden .xml files which are not accessible, so there is no way to add a new mission. For example, for example… Lee’s exchange with Marina.

– Custom Weapons
I can’t find any script file that actually changes the way the weapon fires (I tried to find the aerosol, but I couldn’t find anything), but you can change the templates you find in the Custom Models section.

– Custom Audio (Maybe)
I tried to replace the audio files and got the wrong extension, but it didn’t work, but maybe someone else had more luck.

Models of ordered military equipment

Actually it’s quite simple, if you go to the Data folder in Teardown, you should see a folder called Vox.

Open it and it should contain 2 .vox templates. I believe that these are alternative models that will be used after the mission and the lecture, and in the Tools folder all the models you will receive during the campaign. Just open it with MagicaVoxel (see user-level instructions above if you don’t know how to use the program), customize the template to your needs and save it. After reloading the area, the pattern should appear!

Vehicles and objects personalised on certain cards

The User Guide does not explain how to expand your levels in the Objects and Vehicles section. I’ll try to explain it as best I can, but if you have any problems, let me know in the comments.

Incubation of a single object

First you create a template, I use a random clock tower file, I save the vox file and put it in a custom folder (or another folder with a map you use).

Your file needs to look like this now.

Then go to custom.xml and open the file with a word processor, such as Notepad, and scroll until you see this line.


All you have to do is put this rule right underneath it.


(You can adjust the numbers after a pose to change the XYZ coordinates of the place where it will spawn).

So now it has to look like this.

And that’s it!

You must now have a new model that is separate from the base map!

Spawning party

Now it’s about the same as before, except that a little extra code needs to be sorted, and we have to adapt our model to the code by renaming a few things.

For this lesson, we’ll just modify an existing car model, but you can use a model you’ve already made as long as you think it’s good!

So let’s start removing the code, just put it under our code we wrote earlier, you have to put it right under this part.


Must have looked like this.

You need to rename all .vox files (i.e. my suv3.vox and suv3bkup.vox) to the name of your new templates (MUST NO MAP, the game will crash if the files don’t exist or have the wrong name, don’t change the names of non.vox files either, leave suv2 for the name and the name of the sound file as mine).

Then, if you’re using a vehicle model, you should already have the wheels, if not, you should add them and rename them, I’ll go straight to the names.

I will use suv2.vox for this example, which should look like this now.

Simply click on the car model and press the Delete button to delete the model. Now pull the new model and turn it if necessary.

For this model I changed the wheels, but I don’t think it’s necessary, because the xml file will change it anyway.

The most important step is now to rename the model by clicking here.

Then click on your new model and rename it after Bodie. For those who choose to build their own model without a car model, add wheels and rename them here.

Now, for the last step, to return to the vehicle code I entered, each wheel position must be adjusted to your model, this is essentially a test version, so save and reload the card again and again until it comes back into place.

Just change this position for each wheel.

fr = front right
fl = front left
br = rear right
bl = rear left

If it works well, you should have your new car!

To adjust and check the speed of the vehicle, see this part of the code.

spring=0,8″ damping=0,8″ maximum speed=57775252500″ acceleration=164252520″ strength=5″ slip resistance=0,2″ difflock=0,5″ steering arrow=0,0>

I put it on an incredibly high level for testing purposes.

That’s all I know now, how to spawn, I’m sure there’s a way to add propane tanks and stuff, but it’s nowhere documented at the moment, but as soon as I update this manual!

If you would like us to cover other guides related to disassembly in addition to this guide, please let us know in the Comment section. We like to do this for our readers. We have also consulted other guides for this game, see the section on this game.

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