Taptap Heroes is an incredibly popular inactive RPG mobile role-playing game where players collect heroes, form a team and fight enemies.

Like many other mobile games, Taptap Heroes has a gift code exchange system that allows players to exchange gifts.

To complete the game, players must collect resources, items and heroes that can be obtained using these codes.

In this regularly updated guide we have listed all the active gift codes you can redeem at Taptap Heroes.

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Branch codes for keystrokes

Active codes

The following gift codes are available from 10. January 2021.

Make sure you enter the gift codes with exactly the same capital letters as in the list above.

If you receive the message The redemption code does not meet the terms of use when you enter it, it means that the code has expired or you cannot receive it.

The message Gift Code Entry Error means that the code you entered does not exist or that you entered it incorrectly.

To help other Taptap Heroes players, please let us know if you notice that one of the codes mentioned here has expired.

Expired codes

  • TTHTHANKSGG (400 jewels)
  • TTHFeedback (500 gems)
  • GALAXY001 (500 gemstones)
  • TTH2020
  • 2021NEWYEAR (600 gems)

From time to time the developers of Taptap Heroes decide to publish new code for players.

We update this code list when new codes are published and when old active codes expire.

We therefore recommend that you return to this position from time to time and check for new codes.

New codes are usually released by the developers and announced on the social media of the game when a major new update is released, a major promotion begins, or a holiday is approaching.

We love it when readers share new codes with us, so feel free to share any new codes you find in the comments section.

How to redeem the codes in Taptap Heroes

To redeem the gift codes in Taptap Heroes, go to one of the tabs in the lower menu of the game.

Click on the Privilege icon in the menu on the right side of the screen.

Click on the Special Event tab in the lower menu of the Miracle Events window.

Click on the Gift Code tab in the left menu.

Enter the active gift code in the box to the right above the trade-in button.

Click on the Redeem button and the reward code will be sent to your inbox.

Close the Miracle Events tab to receive your reward.

Tap the menu icon on the left side of the on-screen menu.

Go to the Letters tab and click Claim All, or find a specific letter containing a Reward Gift Code and claim it.

See the previous section of this message for the gift codes of active Taptap heroes.

What are the gift codes in Taptap Heroes

Gift codes in Taptap Heroes are special codes that game developers give to players in exchange for useful items and resources.

These codes are usually assigned when major updates are released, a major holiday is approaching or when the game is promoted.

Sometimes developers produce code for other purposes, for example. B. for publishing codes to content creators for their viewers.

Codes expire over time, usually at the end of the extension, leave or promotion for which they were issued.

Players can use gift codes to make faster progress in the game.

We therefore recommend that you return to this article from time to time to check for new active codes.

How to get the other codes

The only way to get more code into Taptap Heroes is by waiting for game developers to release new code.

With this code list we want to make it as easy as possible for players to find active codes.

We will add any new active codes we find to this list so that you can use them to keep up to date with new codes.

Here are all the discount codes we have for Taptap Heroes!

If you would like to improve our list of discount codes for Taptap Heroes, please let us know in the comments if you find new active codes or if you notice that some active codes have expired.


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