Well, this is a surprise: Today, at the Indie World Showcase, Calico Surprise is on Switch (and Xbox One and Steam!). Double surprise for me since I supported this game on Kickstarter and we haven’t heard about it yet! But, good surprise. As far as the simulation games are concerned: The more, the better!

Relax, the game is back on,.

In early 2020, developer Peachy Keen Games announced that the goal was to release the game in October 2020 with publisher Whitethorn Digital. They clearly know what’s important, hey, as they add in their statement:

We hope this will give you enough time to play the new Animal Crossing before it is launched.

So yeah, we’ve got a few more months of Animal Crossing, and I say we’re done! And we will do our best to review the game as soon as possible.

Calico is an everyday community simulation game in which you have the important task of rebuilding an urban cat cafe and filling it with cute and cuddly creatures. Build your cafe by filling it with cute furniture, cute decorations and delicious pastries to make it burst with animals!


  • Character Creator – Calico’s character creator allows players to create their own magical characters to discover the world for themselves. We have focused on creating options that allow you to represent yourself best in the world of Calico, with a varied selection of skin tones, hair types and body shapes! There are also numerous clothing options you can find in the game to complete your look!
  • All animals are interactive! – The player will meet many animal friends from the world of Calico. Once you are friends with them, you can ask them to follow you, let them go free or send them to their new house in the café. The animals in your group will follow you everywhere and listen to your orders. The pets in your café relax and play with all the customers who come to visit you. Besides adding animals to the party, go with cats and other animals to pet and play! Animal interactions at Calico include playing with toys, dancing, cuddling, stroking, transporting, resting and caring. You can even put animals on your head!
  • Coffee Decoration – Your job at Calico is to revitalize the city’s coffee shop. However, it is not enough to attract cats and animals. You can also decorate your café with different types of furniture to create a comfortable home that is perfect for you and your pets!
  • Mini Cooking Game – Create a beautiful café by making delicious pastries and drinks for the locals! Get to know your followers so you can choose their favorite products to sell!
  • Calico Magic – We wanted there to be no limits to how much happiness there is at Calico. Magic potions are a system to break the rules of the possible and find what is most fun. For example: With the multi-animal drink, the player can magically turn an animal into a giant! You can hang out with a giant animal or even ride a giant cat!

Calico is designed to make you feel good inside. The gameplay reflects what you can explore and play in a relaxed and creative atmosphere with a minimum of stress.


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