The name of the riddle in the literal sandbox? It’s true, science has finally gone too far. Supraland, the indie favourite for 2018, has found its way to the Nintendo Switch and packs it in a powerful dose of charm and fun.

In the middle of the plot – two opposing fractions of red and blue plastic figures, all this happens within the walls of the sandpit in the garden, and probably in the imagination of the child. Despite its sandy character, the world of Supraland is very colorful and full of memorable places and puzzles, some of which are as simple as pressing a button, while others require some very specific actions to be completed. Along the way there are enemies to fight, gatherers to gather and villagers are ready to listen to you. Since this game was mainly developed by one person, the world is incredibly vibrant and it’s just fun to explore. If you crave a sturdy dungeon caterpillar but are too depressed to drag yourself into another dark and grey fantasy world, Supraland is a refreshing change.

The controls you use to start the game are quite limited, resulting in a slower start of the game. But as the campaign progresses and the number of skills increases, the puzzles become more complex. In the past it has been compared to the Portal with its unique puzzle, but you can also see elements of the Zelda and Metroidvania in the design theory of the Supraland. Although following a campaign is basically a linear path, you are free to explore it as a whole, and will be rewarded for reversing the campaign in areas that were previously inaccessible without movement or a specific theme.

It is true that some aspects of the personality game are bursting at the seams, but others lack imagination. The dialogue you encounter with the villagers can sometimes be hilarious, and there are hidden references to the foreign-language pop culture throughout the game world. On the other side of the medal there are only a handful of different types of enemies, and unfortunately there is not much to write about here. And even though I enjoyed it a lot more once I got a head start and had more opportunities, the first part of the campaign can be a bit exhausting because you essentially interact with the article store around the world to unlock the first items and updates. A more rational order of learning would be a little more convincing, but I think it could make a great contribution to the general development of history.–.jpg

We’ve only seen this kind of small-scale adventure on Chibi-Robo and Pikmin , but Supraland is easy to follow alongside those Nintendo franchises. This is one of those moments when my biggest criticism is that I liked the concept and the atmosphere so much that I wish there was more of it in this world. In the summer of 2020, the lawsuit was successfully financed by the crowd, so the switchport offers a great opportunity to return to the success of 2018.

Inspection of Supraland

  • Graphs – 9/10
  • The tone is 7/10.
  • The gameplay is 8/10.
  • Late appeal – 7/10


Final remarks : GROSS

There are rough edges, but they are usually very easy to ignore. Not only because it’s a fascinating project from a single developer, but also because the enchanting world and stunning visual effects will keep you entertained, whether you’re a beginner in the genre or a seasoned veteran.–.jpg

Evan Rude is a student of journalism and an amateur game historian. His favorite Guitar Hero III song was Even Flow.

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