This guide describes the steps to follow to achieve 100% of SuchArt’s performance: Creative space. If you’re one of the actors who plans to get them all: Upon reaching the creative space, this guide was created exclusively for you.

Tel art: Creative space guide

To simplify things, I’ve divided each achievement into categories.

The perfect photo, really. Take your first picture.

  • Just go to the table with the camera and pick it up. Use the activation key and take a screenshot.

I didn’t do it, I swear! – Deactivation of an electronic device

  • Take the camera and put it in one of the buckets of water. You’ll know if you’ve done it right if there is noise on the camera screen and a little static. You don’t have to do it with a camera, but here’s how it works.

Who needs filters? – Take a picture with a broken camera.

  • Take the camera you put in the water and take a picture with it. This gives a distorted effect with good colors.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

I’ve got you. – Accept the gift

At the top of the bar behind the paint can and the dispenser for the different paint tubes is a gift. You need to go to another room with treadmills and pull the elevator to the ledge. Use the buttons on the elevator to access the gift and open it to get the purple star ball.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

Painting as a gift – Get your first gift.

  • Some jobs pay you with a gift instead of credits. There were two at a loss, and they could be taken off the treadmill. You press one of the buttons on the electronic display next to the treadmills and a present comes out.

Even better than exposure – Earn over 2,000 credits through commissions and the marketplace.

  • I recommend you do this before the others, because it will take longer to do if you don’t do them in order. You need to get 2000 credits in the game, which will be done through commissions and showing artwork on the market, because you will not make enough money in commissions for this.
  • The quickest way is to market the art between orders. Remember that all screens cost money, except the ones that were already in the room when you started the game. Also, depending on how much money you want for the board, you will have to wait a long time. Installing a printer to print on the smallest canvas size and selling it for 50 credits is a strategy I’ve worked with a lot, since you can have as many paintings on the market as you want. I sold the one with the smallest paint stain for 50 credits.

How do you blow it up? – Blowing up an aerosol can…

  • Go to your email computer and click on the arrow in the top left corner and then click on the pocket icon with the BABA application on the front panel or BABA ZONE. Scroll down the page to the flashlight labeled Small Portable Automatic Cooking Torch for 500 credits and buy it.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

  • It will take four hours of play for the torch to arrive. If this happens, go to the treadmills and press the button to enter the apartment. Take your inventory and go to the sprayer to get the color you want.
  • Place the spray can on the edge of the table and get as close as possible, as shown in the image below. Activate the air intake and the aerosol should turn orange when exposed to heat, then explode. The paint splashes all over the room and creates a very cool effect on the canvases.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

I have no boundaries – I paint on an unconventional canvas.

  • Go back to the store, in the Home tab buy the item Carved Stone Perfect Slice Beautiful real stone to decorate the floor or wall for 80 credits. Return to the treadmill and bring the stone with the computer to the hook on the small screen. Paint it with any drawing and send it to a commission or a market. It will evoke a performance.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

Store addiction – Buy at least 15 items at the store.

  • This is the last one, so don’t forget to buy the 2 items listed in the achievements above. You must purchase 13 additional items from the store. If you have only taken 2000 credits at this point, you should have at least 1420 credits left. Go to a store and buy a bunch of cheap stuff until you get to 15 bought. I bought 13 spoons for 20 credits because it was the cheapest item. There was no time at all.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

Other services

They have to follow their instincts. You really wanted this, didn’t you?

  • If you have already run out of paint, take one of the trays and fill it with paint using the machine on the right side of the aerosol dispenser. On a blank canvas, take a palette and slide the paint side down onto the canvas, spreading the paint all over the surface. Personally, I like making art this way because it has a really cool effect.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

That’s a lot of paint – paint lines a mile long with brushes.

  • It will take some time, but if you get all the orders and market the extra images, you’ll have them in no time. I have 20 to 30 minutes, and that includes blunders.

Brushes are overrated anyway – throw away a bucket of paint.

  • This is embarrassing, pour the water into one of the two buckets. Take tubes of individual colors and fill the empty bucket to the top with paint. All colored tubes have 3 squares until they are empty and it takes 10 full tubes to fill the bucket. Now take the entire bucket out of your inventory and click on the Use button while standing in front of one of the cloths.

So I’m a real artist now? – A total of 10 committees

  • Complete all 10 missions. Honestly, I don’t think it matters what you paint or how much paint you use, but I was trying to make it close to a clue. Some ask for certain shapes, characters or colors to be used. Continue making assignments until you receive the email you see in the image below.

SuchArt: Creative Space Achievement Guide

And that’s it for this Guide to Making SuchArt: Creative space. Did we miss anything? If so, please leave a comment below.

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