Here is everything you need to know about Stellaris cheat codes.

The teams of the Stellaris 2021 console

It’s been four years since Stellaris was released, but it’s still one of the most popular 4X strategy games. Stellaris is popular with gamers because the console’s controls allow players to customize their game.

There are hundreds of commands on the Stellaris console, but most people only know the basic cheat codes. If you also want to use Stellaris cheat codes but don’t know how to use them in Stellaris, don’t worry, we have a guide that covers the same in the easiest way.

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Stellaris: How do I use the console controls in 2021?

To access console commands or to cheat in Stellaris, press [‘]. Note that the console cannot be used if your Ironman mode is active.

StellarisConsole operation and cheating

Here is a complete list of all the commands on the Stellaris console and what they do with each code.

Team Function Example
 have Enables or disables in-game AI. N/A
 Cash Gives you the specified amount of energy credits. bar 1,500
 Contact Activates or deactivates contact with all other kingdoms. N/A
 Damage The selected vessel receives the specified amount of damage. Damage and interest 35
 democratic elections Organize democratic elections immediately. N/A
 Deposits Enables the visibility of the deposit statistics.  Deposits
 Technology Please enter the specified number of technical studies. Technique 300
Diploma Do all your research. N/A
 a free government Changes the ability to change governments without having to wait for the changes to take effect.  N/A
 free_policy Enables the ability to change policies without having to wait for changes to take effect.  N/A
 ftl Switches move infinitely faster than light.  N/A
 man_ai Artificial intelligence adapts to human domains. N/A
 weigh on That gives you some leverage. The default value is 5000. Impact 1,000
 immediate establishment Switch between ships, upgrades and upgrades that you can complete immediately.  N/A
 Instant Colony Immediate transfer to the colony ships.  N/A
instantaneous movement Allows you to teleport ships to a destination with a mouse click instead of doing it manually.  N/A
invincible Makes your ships invincible. N/A
 Minerals Gives you the specified amount of minerals. The default value is 5000. Minerals 2,000
 Nogi Switch for removing and rendering the game’s user interface.  N/A
Physics Gives you the specified amount of physical research. The default value is 5000. Physics 450
 the happiness of the planet Bring a fortune teller to the chosen planet. The extent to which the buffer increases the happiness of the planet needs to be clarified. Before using this command, make sure you have selected a planet. planetfun 70
global resource Adds the specified resource (and quantity) to any planet tiles. Before using this command, you must select a planet and specify a source. Here are the specific source codes that can be used with this command. planet_source sr_teldar 50
Size of the planet Increases the size of the planet both functionally and visually. The default maximum value is 25. The game can be divided into large sizes. Before using this command, make sure you have selected a planet.  Planet size 15
populate. They populate every empty space on the planet. Before using this command, make sure you have selected a planet.  N/A
 scientific research immediately explores all technologies under development. N/A
Source: Gives you the specified amount of resources. The default value is 5000. Cash resources 2 000
 Company Gives you some company. The default value is 5000. 1,700 people
 Research The exploration of all planets. N/A

That’s all you need to know about operating the Stellaris console in 2021.

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