We have a calendar for the Star Citizen IAE 2950, as well as a quick TLDR on the Star Citizen Weekly News and an updated roadmap for the 8th weekend. November 2020.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.1 is the 1. but he has not had an M.S.R. and yet it is an IAE badge for another wise sale known as the anniversary sale of the ship.

We had a teaser video of the IAE 2950 where Jax McLeary (Space Jeremy Clarkson) presents the IAE location and gives some tips, we saw the show outside, the F8 still Lightning Heavy Fighter and there are some tips for cool things… Well, it’s microtechnology… Cool… …it’s like a frozen planet… Jax will make some joking videos during the show!

We also had an IAE work plan of 20. Until November 2nd. December.

There will be a FREE FLY FOR ALL event with more than 100 ships flying on microTech for the exhibition at the Tobin Exhibition Center, New Babbage and available through the center’s streetcar system.

The exhibition itself consists of 2 main floors with the Apex Hall and Zenith Hall, which can be reached by elevator (if one travels from the tram stop). There are also some small rooms with Holo-Lux (access via stairs), where you can see some active ships.

Every day one or more manufacturers will distinguish themselves at the fair. You can try out and buy the boats and vehicles they exhibit today on the RSI website.

Two flags allow the shipbuilders to stay there for at least 48 hours and then the new builder pushes the older one back.

From 20 to 21 years old. In November the exhibitions Argo, GreyKat and SNOU will start.

21.-22. November – Aegis Dynamics

22.-23. November – Aerospace Anvil

23.-24. November – Croisés, Tumbril & Kruger

24.-25. November – Mitz

25.-26. November – Drake

26.-27. November – Foreign ships

27.-28. November – Origin

28.-29. November – RSI

29. November – 02. December – Best in Show, Weapons and Armor Day and Ship Rental ?

We know that RSI & CNOU have something planned for the show, maybe RSI Gunship & Nomad for CNOU that there are rumors, but that is exactly what we will see the day of weapons and armor, and something more at the end of the show has not yet been seen. The best part of the exhibition should consist of ship hulls, which have been recognized as the most popular in the ship strength test.

In the news: Honor the victors.

Sneak Peek was on Hercules C2 this week… I can’t wait for Starlifter to finally come out! And I expect to see it on holograms at the exhibition.

SC image status.png

On leaving the exhibition, the script for the 3.12. The Committee believes that the Commission should take the necessary measures to increase the number of participants.

This is a new function – renewing the landing services – ammunition supply.

They have now connected important ship’s ammunition in the Rest Stop function to go through the loading service (rockets/fire/flags) to ensure the correct price difference of the items when replenishing your ships. It will also be necessary to rebalance current insurance and commodity prices. This is a serious step towards a fully dynamic pricing system for the functionality of landing services.

Prior to these changes, bullets such as rockets, meat and torches had the same price in the entire poetry stream. For example, all rockets, regardless of size, cost 100aUEC. With this function, the ammunition prices are a step towards a realistic pricing model that is determined by the PU Shop service. Insurance prices will also be adjusted as we do not want to encourage players to simply destroy their ships themselves and send them back to replenish their cargo. Yes, adding elements to your ship will cost more, but it will be a step towards the business model you want for the Starry Citizen. In fact, it’s a film I’ve wanted for a very long time… and it helps keep the missiles in balance, and it also has reasons to spend your money, which helps stimulate the economy!

They changed the descriptions of some characteristics of the new capital ship (Security Forces Navy Idris) along with the 3.12. They ensure that they look good when they are in combat and that they operate accordingly, creating high-ranking criminals or combined groups.

They added some pictures of the Gemini A03 sniper rifle and the Behring FS-9 LMG to the roadmap.

The zero gun function has switched to polishing.

Citizen Star is live: Experience with vehicles

The ship’s performance team worked hard on the balance of the ship, the missiles and countermeasures, the cockpit and the MFD. They are currently working on capacitors for shields, weapons and motors to make dogfighting with massive weapons more fun and interesting. They have a huge amount of statistics and data that they use to understand what they need to change.

It seems that ships will have more sponge landings in the future, making it easier for them to land on uneven surfaces.

Maybe we’ll see a landing room or an exhibition again in the future.

They talked about EMP’s ability to stop the self-destruct.

Atmospheric flight data with control surfaces are updated.

Looks like the races are coming back when they’re done.

A great balance will be achieved as new systems and functions become available.

The Star Citizen has sprinted a lot this week.

We’ve seen the dazzling coupon, radars get a filter system, refineries and space stations with gas clouds come together and see how they balance their look and feel, homeowners go further and further in their prototype.

They also talked about many forms of interaction with poems that allow you to open doors, solve puzzles, have different functional gadgets, there will be a lot of

Monthly reports are also available, I have a breakdown that I will give you below, because there are many.

And that’s it for today’s Star Citizen TLDR and IAE calendar updates.

Are you looking forward to the PSI and cargo testing? Do you expect more than just the showroom, Free Fly and a few new ships to take part in the event?

With the 3.12 patch at the end of the year, you can expect even more features to slip in, and look forward to fighting the more functional Idris?

Whatever your thoughts are, I’d like to hear them in the following comments!

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