Welcome to Star Citizen, we have big changes in the roadmap at 3.12pm and we also have a summary of other UK news and show that we are going to have a good time this week, which will take place on December 25th. October 2020 ends, had.

Recommended Citizen 3.11.1 takes the bar and passes an exam. Do we have the MSR for 3.11.1 LIVE? When will 3.11.1 be published in the extended UTP? As soon as I find out, I’ll put it on video.

3.12 Updating the roadmap

At the end of the year, some features of Alpha 3.12 were expanded, moved or added. They added to it.

  • Take the A03 sniper rifle and take the FS-9 LMG.
  • Entry Identification | This feature adds dynamic markers to help you get in the car when you are near your vehicle. These contextual changes depend on whether the vehicle lands or is in space to show only valid access methods.

There have been some changes:

Setting for Multitool trigger bar (Multitool trigger bar – T0)

A tractor beam is a device that allows you to operate (move) an object without physically coming into contact with an agent or other device. The first implementation of this function will mainly be used for the fast and remotely controlled movement of goods and various materials in the space. It’s still 3:12, you just wanted to describe what we have at 3:12…

This also applies to the network communication between the server and the client, according to the IC :

When we started to improve the interaction between the server and the client actors, we realized that this task would not be considered complete as we do for other maps currently on the roadmap. More specifically, it is a set of tasks that we want to perform with each new release by constantly improving our synchronization processing so that it can and will be improved with each patch. We started this iteration process with improvements in 3.9.1 and continued it in 3.11 by replacing the static delay buffer with a dynamic buffer. This means that the better your connection and frame rate, the more relevant the positions and actions of other players and the NPC are. In the end, we focused on improving and stabilizing the experience of the actors, which means that iterations on this subject go hand in hand with development, not all at the same time.

They say they update the network and server part of the game with each patch and will continue to do so. This is not a patent solution for all the features you can easily offer.

Some functions were not available before 3.13 or 1. The latter has been postponed to the second quarter of 2021:

Pushing and pulling the object – The rotation between 3.11 and 3.12 was too tight for us to get the function we are happy with. We need more time to do the right thing, so we moved this map to give them more time to do their part.

Improvements in death animation will come back on the roadmap in the future, they will focus on the reaction of the troops (we know they are working hard on that right now).

The ship AI: Risk awareness and prevention will not be completed by the date of the branch 3.12. He’ll be back in the future.

Secret armor

The character team divides their time between working on SQ42 and working on PU. In this case, the work needed for the season was a priority and forced us to call on various artists for support. Due to this change, and given the complex nature of this armor (dust and rigging simulation, animation) and the fact that we are waiting for the next backbone technology, it would be too close to the day of deployment to include this map with confidence in Alpha 3.12. It has now been removed from the route map with the intention of including it in the Alpha 3.13 column when it is added. This map is called the Mysterious Armor because the character team is looking forward to the surprise of the popular armor game you’ve actually seen before… Although we are also happy with the new decor, we want to disprove the rumour that it is a titanic suit. Not yet, guys.

The delays aren’t so bad… so push and pull are probably the biggest losses, because I was hoping to see a lot of improvement in the load and maybe even a derby at 3:12, but that seems less likely now.

SC image status.png

We researched some handcuffs that could be used by BH’s & Security in the future.

In the heart of the starburger

The new miners unemployment insurance we get is presented, it contains much more useful information and also optimizes the use of the properties on the screen. You can view information about your flight, the composition of your cargo and even if the mine detector contains volatiles. They are also working on more general HUD manufacturers, specifically for ships.

ICs improve the lighting of their ships and crew cabins. They are working on the preacher’s laser gun and the Curelife MedGun. The chaff finish will be adapted to be different from the anti-aircraft guns that will be found on stations and ships in the capital in the future.

Refineries and byproducts companies have received employment and visual updates.

The sailing continues with them, now place a white box in the game and choose where they will be in the stations.

In addition, there are three important new types of non-permanent properties.

This can explode or be damaged by shock or impact.

The other one’s time-sensitive, and the last one’s quantum-sensitive…

Star Citizen Live had a Dev game with concept artist Jlee, where he designed Space Cowboy… It’s very cool if you like the concept.
This is the last chance to vote! There are 5 candidates for the emperor, and the winner replaces the starburger and moves forward.

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