Star Citizens, we received some information about the IAE data, updates for the HUD mailing and some information about the new ship source system.

CI has confirmed the exhibition dates for the IAE Star Citizen from the age of 20. Until November 2nd. December, 13 days, with each day several manufacturers occupying the exhibition halls. The exhibition will take place in New Babbage on MicroTech.

In addition to sightseeing, the IAE is an opportunity to discover the most beautiful ships of poetry in flight, as every car on the fair grounds is available for a free test drive on that day. Come back every day to see all the classics and the latest news and maybe even secretly find out what’s next.

You now have an IAE page where soon more items from the table will be added, but for now it contains a small teaser of what I think the RSI Gunship is left and right and the Nomad in the middle, probably.

Star Citizen IAE Dates & Ship Resource System

On the inside, a starburger: Interface showcase

We have seen some of the updates come in new ship interfaces, they will be themed for each shipbuilder. This is not only your central HUD, but also multifunctional displays throughout the ship. There’s a lot of information and they’ve cleaned it up.

You need to know what the symbols and numbers (for the most part) mean at first sight.

Flight information can be found on the left hand side and information on modes of transport on the right.

There is also a relative radar altimeter that takes into account where the ground is in front of you.

Reports coloured by importance can also be found in the upper centre of the HUD.

Below is an emission indicator with an environmental signature.

At the bottom they have added a compass that is relative to a planet/common if you are in the atmosphere OR in the galactic plane if you are in space.

Then there’s all the flight information you’ve come to know and love.

And also the addition of speed widgets that indicate the direction of movement at the bottom of the screen.

It even shows the modes and status of countermeasures…

It’s a ridiculous amount of information available without changing the screen.

The 3d separation system looks great & these imo improvements look like they will bring the IU ships in an almost final state, then they will optimize things and this is just the aegis of the HUD for now and it’s not finished yet … but expect the Anvil to be next as this is probably due to the needs of the SQ42 and they should be able to do each Hud faster than the last.

The other thing is, this HUD looks very VR-ready… It will take a long time to get the VR into a starburger… …and my valve index is gonna get more and more dust every day… …but I can dream.

They have developed prototype ships (and common components) for resource management. In most cases this is the original pipeline system. This system will communicate directly with physical components and physical damage systems.

They showed something that resembled a conceptual drawing of a hammer.

All ship systems are interconnected and feed each other.

The power plant needs fuel from the tank to power the other elements of the ship. Some battery components discharge when the sensor is turned off to limit the vessel or vehicle, and recharge when the power plant is turned on and excess power is available.

Energy is consumed by flashlights, weapons, motors, screen cooling, the processor and possibly the gravity gene/life support system.

It is a relay between the ship’s systems that can prevent the movement of resources between components in the event of a failure. They also consume energy. The less energy you have, the more efficient you are, but potentially more vulnerable to damage.

The mechanics/technicians repair relays and components in order to put the system back into operation.

There will also be ships that target areas of another ship to shoot down their systems in the most effective way OR a saboteur that will blow up certain areas and mutilate a ship.

Conversely, you can activate and deactivate all these systems and relays… So you can choose a very efficient power consumption and many relays or switch off when you take the shock to save more power.

Items have priority for being good, priority for food, unless you force it, otherwise your lamps don’t have the same priority as your survival equipment.

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