Guide to Mile Morales Gadgets

In this Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gadgets Guide: we inform you about all gadgets and their use in Spider-Man : Miles Morales. As in the original Spider-Man game, Miles Morales has a few gadgets hidden in his sleeve that you can use in the game in addition to his combat and stealth skills. If you have already played the first game, you already know that these gadgets are very useful in different scenarios.

Gadget Guide – Spider-Man: Mile Moral

Our Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Gadget Guide contains everything you need to know about Spider-Man’s gadgets: Miles Morales.

Using gadgets in Spider-Man : Moral Miles

To use these gadgets in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, unlock it first. From the beginning of the game you only have access to the web shooters. To unlock the remaining gadgets in the game, you need to play the main story, and when you reach certain stages of the game, you will continue to unlock the remaining gadgets in the game. Four gadgets you’ve got in the game:

  • Shooters on the web
  • Golo-Dron
  • Far Mine
  • Gravity drilling

During the game, pressing and holding the R1 key opens the gadget wheel, where you can select the desired gadget. Once the gadget is equipped, you can simply press the R1 button to quickly use the equipped gadget. However, do not forget that you can only use the device if you have ammunition for it. If you prefer a more controlled use of the gadget, you can press L2 to focus and focus on where you want to use the gadget.

Now that you know how to use the in-game gadgets, below are the details of each gadget and the updates you can buy in the game. For upgrades you will need Activity Points, which you can earn through many additional in-game actions. Some advanced updates also require Tech Parts.

Shooters on the web

These web shooters are probably your most used gadget in the game. You need these web shooters to shoot your enemies off the internet. It also allows you to trap your enemies, and if you shoot them with a cobweb near the walls, they too will be trapped inside the walls. It is accompanied by the following updates.

Update Cost. Description
Increased power 1 8 characters of the activity Their resistance to melee attacks has increased by 25%.
Improved charging time 10 characters of the activity Ammunition filling speed increase
Webbomb 12 activity notes, 1 technical part A cobweb that is stunned by the enemy and turns into a bomb that, once lit, also carries the webs of other enemies.
Increase in production 2 New game + Patterns increased by 2


It’s a useful drone, supports you in battle. He uses a light hologram. It comes with its own updates, which are described in detail below:

Update Cost. Description
Roar 8 characters of the activity Increases the damage the drones do to your enemies.
Extended capacity 10 characters of the activity Increase the drone ammunition by one percent.
Battery life 12 activity notes, 1 technical part Increases the time your drone stays close to you in battle.
Deadly exception New game + When his time runs out, Golo-Dron will explode and not disappear discreetly from the stage.

Far Mine

A distant mine, as the name suggests. It’s a mine that can be launched on site and then remotely dropped. It has electrical damage and sometimes it anaesthetises the enemy. It is accompanied by the following updates.

Update Cost. Description
Lead wire 8 characters of the activity Increases the anesthetic capacity of the removed mine from 3 to 4 enemies when connected to the fuse box.
Improved performance (level 10) 10 characters of the activity Increases the maximum amount of ammunition for remote-controlled mines by 1%.
Gross energy (level 11) 12 activity notes, 1 technical part Increases the damage from the removed mines.
Loading the poison New game + Get the poison if you’re in the area of the mine state that’ll be removed when it explodes.

Gravity drilling

Gravity Well, it’s a pretty elegant device that works exceptionally well in crowd control. If you throw gravity well into the field, it will collect all the enemies within its radius and drop them to a point. This makes them ripe for a few strokes, and while they are in place, you can remove them at the same time. It is accompanied by the following updates.

Update Cost. Description
Extended capacity 8 characters of the activity Allows you to add an extra gravity well.
Gravity remediation (level 10) 10 characters of the activity Enemies within the radius of the gravity well are also disarmed.
Gravity spatter (level 13) 12 activity notes, 1 technical part Even great enemies are attracted to the source of gravity.
Gravity distribution New game + Increases the range of the center of gravity zero.

These are all the gadgets and their updates you have in the game. For more information about the game you can read the links below.

Management skills

That’s what our Spider-Man concludes: Miles Morales, leader in gadgets. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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