Spider-Man: Miles Morales Boss Battles Guide

In this Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ guide to boss fights explains how to fight and defeat all the bosses in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. No Spider-Man game without epic battles between the boss and Miles Morales is different. There aren’t too many bosses in this game, but all boss fights are very satisfying and will definitely make you sweat. Below are some tips and tricks for each of the patterns below and how to combat them.

Combat instructions for the boss – Spider-Man: Mile Moral

Our Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ guide to boss fights contains everything you need to know about all the bosses in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Boss #1 – Rhino (part 1)

The very first boss you met in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a rhino. This battle of the bosses has several phases. In the first phase you hunt a rhino that crosses the city. Spider-man will join you in this fight. In the first part of the chase you wave while Spider-Man sits on the rhino and tries to stop his attack. While working you have to avoid certain stones and other things with a certain QTE. Eventually you land on Rhino’s shoulders to take him through the mall.

Use the left stick to move the rhino left and right to avoid obstacles, but this will seem impossible. Some random QTEs will appear here to be ready to be pressed by hotkeys. If you leave the mall, you’re out. At this point you’re back on the swing, so keep chasing Rhino and avoid what he throws at you. The rhino will eventually crash into the large fuel tower and cause a huge explosion.

Watch the scene, then the prisoners arrive in a white van. Quickly destroy all prisoners, then switch to the marker to start the next phase of the boss’ fight against Rhino. By the time the fight starts, you’ll have unlocked a new Poison Punk. Prepare to use it in your fight with Rhino. Because you can’t hide the sealant easily because of the poisonous knife, you stun a rhino every time you use your sealant, giving you a good window to punch him or her.

The rhino hits harder than a tank, so you can’t rely on a face-to-face with him. His blows will deprive you of much of your health and also send you back on the run. You should be able to dodge these boss fights quickly. Keep your distance while Rhino tries to hit you. Because of its size, the rhino lands surprisingly fast with a powerful punch after jumping on you. Be careful to avoid this particular attack. Your goal here is to keep charging your poison sensor, escape, and then, when it’s full, crush the poison and stun the rhino to repair the damage.

The rhino sometimes takes a stone off the ground and throws it at you. You need to avoid this, too. However, keep loading your attack with poison and keep doing damage until Rhino picks you up and throws you in the warehouse. At this point the rhino will add an attack to his mix and you will be able to ride the QTE. Continue with the poisoning strategy, and soon you will initiate a further reduction of TQE, leading to the next phase of the boss. It’s very much like the final phase. Keep this up and you’ll soon be done with Rhino for good.

Boss #2 – Rhino (Part 2)

You’ll meet Rhino again while you examine Fin Krieger’s lab. This time the rhino has a new armor and is immune to your punchy poison explosions. Your best move against the rhino this time is to make it climb and collide with different things around you. Aim at the tanks in the lobby and they will explode when the rhino hits them. This will crack his armor a little and make him dizzy. Once the rhino is sedated, you keep hitting him until you break part of his armor.

Once he’s back on his feet, you have to go back and wait for another chance to get back on his feet. Use the same strategy and aim for a different tank this time. It numbs it and gives you another window. If you move, keep an eye on the enemy soldiers and they will try to hit you too. Beware of their attacks, too. When the rhino starts throwing tanks at you, avoid the tank and quickly throw the tank engine at the rhino to weaken his armor. This is the second phase of the battle. A turbocharged engine intoxicates the rhino and allows you to carry out multiple attacks. When the Rhino’s Roxxon armor is broken, you can use the same poisoning strategy as in the previous section of the Rhino Roxxon Eradication Guide once and for all.


Your next fight with your boss will be in the form of none other than Prawler. Prawler has its own stealth technology that makes it possible to become invisible and he will use it to his advantage. You can start triggering attacks by dodging his attacks at the right moment and then counteracting him with your own attacks. However, you have to use poisonous attacks to get a real head start on him in battle. By using Venom attacks with short stealth capabilities, you can safely inflict additional damage on the enemy leader.

Every time a Prouler attacks, the attack lasts 1 second, so you have a good idea of the origin of his attack. This way you can quickly escape his attacks when he fully emerges. In the second phase of the battle, Prauler will launch a powerful jet attack, which will take a second to pull out of Prauler’s hand. The laser pointer shows you the direction of the attack, so you can easily dodge the attack when it is about to land. After the evasion, you should adhere to poison attacks in order to have a short chance of inflicting a reasonable amount of damage on the boss each time.

Finally, Prouler will produce several holograms that will attack you as well, so you have to be careful every time you attack Prouler, because the attack will always come from there, whether it’s a ranged attack or a melee attack with one of the holograms. Keep fighting with Prouler, and when the holograms appear, you make a combo on them and they disappear for a while. Drop a few targets during the fight. If you keep this up, Prauler will fall fast, and you’ll win the fight.

Tinker (The Last Boss Battle)

The last boss in the game between you and Tinker. The Tinker weapon has a large range, and it also blocks most attacks, so a direct confrontation with the weapon doesn’t always work. It is also very agile on its feet, so it will penetrate very quickly and will launch some attacks if you don’t dodge quickly. In addition to the closing attacks, she will also extend her sword far and wide. You can jump or dodge to avoid this attack. Another important thing to keep in mind is that when you hit the ground, you shouldn’t be greedy, because Tinker ends up using his shield to knock you down so fast that you can get in, take a few hits and start planning your next step again.

After a while Tinker will add a new attack in which he will jump up and down with a big AoE attack. The range of this attack is marked on the ground, so when she goes down to attack, she quickly leaves the purple circle around her attack. He’s fast and agile, but you have to be even faster to get a few punches and kicks. If it hangs, you can force your network to unblock and reopen for an attack. If you do enough damage to your boss, you’ll end up making cutbacks that will lead to the second phase of the battle. In the second phase you fight on the roof of the tower ruins.

At this stage, Tinker will add a beam attack similar to that of Hunter. It will take some time to reload and then release a strong beam from the sword where it is locked. Avoid the attack and quickly connect to the network to activate some of the attacks, because it will take some time to recover from the attack. Keep doing damage and avoid them to enter the next phase of the battle, where Tinker will send you back to the tower. The new attack will replenish the Tinker’s arsenal as it will launch a few plasma shells that will be tested after a while, so make sure you stay away from their explosive zones.

In addition to the grenade launcher, different drones are also used, which fire at you until you destroy them. It’s very boring. So the sooner you get rid of those towers, the more effective the boss’s fight will be. If you have problems in this Boss Combat section, destroy the towers first, and you will see a significant improvement in battle. You can even pick up towers in Phin and drop them to destroy them and cause damage at the same time. If you carry on like this, you will cause another shot that will lead to the final phase of the battle.

In the final phase of the battle, Tinker will launch his final attack, which Miles calls the Wheel of Death. These are powerful and very harmful wheels that start from the location of the Tinkerbell fairy and go in a straight line, damaging everything they touch. The do-it-yourselfer works on multiple wheels or can only be one wheel at a time, so you have to be in the air to avoid this attack at all costs. At this stage, the boss will use all his attacks, so you have to be ready to face them all. Do some combos, add poisonous attacks and drop some finishers to damage the boss while avoiding her attacks. Keep up the good work and you’ll finish the game quickly.

For more help with the game, please refer to the following guides:

That’s what our Spider-Man concludes: Boss Miles Morales’ fight guide. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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