The game: Space Invaders Forever
Genre : Arcade, action system
: Nintendo Switch (also PS4)
Developer|Publisher : Taito | ININ Games
Classification by Age : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : UK £24.99 | EU €29.99 | US $29.99
Publication date : 11. December 2020

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A retro classic

I’m a big fan of Space Invaders. Taito’s classic arcade game, like many other games, has been released on different consoles over the years, and I’ve had the pleasure of viewing different editions of the classic formula. When I heard that Space Invaders Forever was on the horizon, I couldn’t be more excited. This title contains three classic Space Invaders games: Space Invaders Extreme, Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE and Arkanoid Space Invaders. It seems to be a good collection. After more than a week of playing the game, I was unfortunately very disappointed.

It’s always hard to shoot the last invader

Extreme Space Invaders

Space Invaders Extreme is a fast single-player chase with a classic formula. The game moves much faster and adds funky music and colours to create an immersive arcade experience while remaining true to its retro roots. As in the original game, the goal is simply to clear the intruder’s screen and move on to the next screen.

They are space invaders that move very fast and usually have a small number of intruders per screen. If you shoot four intruders of the same colour in a row, you can seize the power to bring them down even faster. You can also shoot the saucers that sometimes develop from above to enter the bonus-mini-mission, usually shooting certain targets over a certain period of time. When you do, you activate fever mode, which detects everything that’s going on and gives you a temporary boost and an increase in your score multiplier. There are also boss fights at the end of each level. It’s a very addictive formula, and it’s the perfect name for jumping from place to place, especially if you’re on the move, or if you just want to turn your brain off and get right into the game.

The game is fast and very exciting

The game was originally released for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, but was later ported to PC and Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Strange that there is no cooperative mode in this port. Something that was present in the Xbox 360 port, making it a less than final version of Space Invaders Extreme. A bit of disappointment, because the Switch seems to be the perfect place to enjoy this game with an extra player. Space Invaders Extreme is the best title in this collection, but it’s a pity it’s not the best version.

Hunting the high scores

Gigamax 4 SESpace Invaders

Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE is an arcade port. This title is more in line with the authentic Space Invaders experience of the original. They have an old ship that shoots pixellated space invaders that move much slower. The game even features the color overlay filter that will be familiar to fans of the original arcade experience. The big difference is that this version is designed for four players to play together, which is both big and problematic if you decide to play alone.

Each level is filled with an absurd amount of Space Invaders to defeat. Once you’ve made a significant breakthrough in the alien horde, the intruders begin to move and grow as you shoot at them. It then becomes a boss fight with a gigantic version of the saucer that normally flies at the top of the screen. The problem is, if you decide to play solo, it’s too difficult. One dies too easily by the ridiculous number of enemies, and the boss is in such good health that it is almost impossible to defeat him in one fell swoop. Since it’s an arcade port, you can add credits and continue where you left off, but it all sounds like a lot of work. I even tried to work with my wife and we’re still fighting.

The ideal for this title seems to be to find four people who all love Space Invaders and play together. Shooting does more damage at the same time, so the game really only seems to be played this way. It’s a pity it’s not adapted to a single player. But it also looks like a direct gate, no matter what material it arrives at.

It’s dangerous to go alone.

Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

So this is where I’m gonna talk about Arkanoid versus Space Invaders. Unfortunately it did not work with the game, even though it was advertised in the online shop. At the time of writing this report: If you bring a game to launch in Europe on Switch, you only get two out of three matches. The editor said on Twitter that there would be a patch, but at the time of writing there was no patch. I will update this revision when it becomes a reality.

Place a screenshot of Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders

Collection not defined

I was disappointed by Space Invaders Forever, not only because only two of the three games were present at the launch, but it seems strange that other games have not been added to this collection. There is Space Invincible Invaders, a collection of the three games mentioned above plus nine other Space Invaders games that were released in Japan and will eventually get a Western version, but unfortunately only in a limited version. It seems strange that this does not happen in digital form, because it seems the best title to celebrate the Space Invaders franchise. The games here are not bad, but as a long time fan of the series, I wanted more.

This is a giant dish.


Space Invaders Forever offers fun games, but it is disappointing that the developers have not worked a little more on this collection. Each game is like a direct port of the original system, instead of being modified and improved for the Switch.

If you’re a fan of Space Invaders, it might be worth a look, but you can also check out the Space Invaders Invincible collection. If you’re just trying out Space Invaders, it’s not a bad place to start. Although for a fan, I was very sad to run away from it.

Final verdict: I’m not sure about that.


At the time of writing this report, Arkanoid VS Space Invaders was still patched no more than a week after its release. I contacted the publisher and he advised me to buy the collection in digital form or to own the physical game. This would apply to players who digitally adopted the game at launch, but the problem hasn’t been solved yet. I’ll update this review as soon as the patch comes out.


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