In the latest deal to send a shiver down the spines of all Sony enthusiasts, the company has announced that it has purchased the developer of Returnal, a real-life pinball game.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired the developers of Returnal, a game that was first demonstrated in October of last year. As Sony Interactive Entertainment’s first step into the mobile gaming space, the company has acquired the studio behind the title. Returnal centers around a small, living island that is made up of an infinite number of “cells” that the player can populate. Each cell can hold a number of creatures that are introduced into the game. In addition, the game features side quests that players can undertake to acquire new species and more cells. Additionally, the game features a resource system where players can spend in-game currency to buy resources such as food and wood and sell items in exchange for the currency.

Join the club: the entire video game industry is trying to figure out how to integrate virtual and reality. Sony’s Project Morpheus, Google’s Project Glass, Oculus VR, and HTC’s Vive are all looking to make their mark on the industry, hoping to give gamers the best possible experience in both virtual worlds and the real world.. Read more about housemarque and let us know what you think.

(Too ?) in the title is intentional: There is evidence that Sony made not one but two acquisitions.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced the acquisition of Housemarque, whose latest game is PlayStation 5-exclusive Returnal. Housemarque has used its creative palette over the years in various games for PlayStation that have proven the capabilities of our hardware time and time again. The addition of Housemarque to PlayStation Studios is a further affirmation of our commitment to building the best development teams in the industry and creating new games that can only be found on the PlayStation platform, said Jim Ryan, president and CEO of SIE, in a press release.

Housemarque is a studio with a long history of creating original games with great gameplay, and we’re delighted to officially welcome them to the PlayStation Studios family. With addictive gameplay, a compelling story and a ruthless world, Returnal has captivated the PlayStation audience. We look forward to working with the team to bring their ambitious creative vision to life in future projects, adds Herman Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios.

After more than 15 years of successful collaboration, we are delighted to further strengthen our capabilities and join PlayStation Studios. Returnal is a testament to our close relationship with PlayStation Studios and their belief in risk-taking and giving us the freedom to create and develop something unique. We look forward to offering PlayStation fans even fresher and newer experiences, said Ilari Kuittinen, co-founder and CEO of Housemarque.

Kuittinen also wrote a post on the PlayStation Blog: Today is an important day for Housemarque, which we have been preparing for over 26 years. Our close collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment began with Super Stardust HD for PlayStation 3, and since then we have developed arcade games for all PlayStation platforms. With Returnal for PlayStation 5, our newest release, our biggest step in third-person action games has solidified our voice and our brand in the industry by providing a unique, high-quality gaming experience.

We’re very excited to finally be part of the PlayStation Studios family! This gives our studio a clear future and a stable way to continue implementing game-based approaches, but also to experiment with new ways of telling stories and pushing the boundaries of this modern art form. In Helsinki, it also means that the PlayStation family is officially expanding into the growing centre of the industry, perpetuating the legacy of Finland’s oldest game studio.

And finally, what does this mean for our fans? At Housemarque, we are gamers, and we were born out of a need to improve and tinker with the aspects of games we find most fascinating. We are also known for not being afraid to follow our course and try new combinations. With the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment and the family of supporting studios, we can really take our place in the industry and show that Housemarque can be limitless in its creativity. We can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store for the next few years, and we hope to deliver more great memories and exciting games over the next quarter century and beyond, Kuittinen wrote.

Holly and Kuittinen were also interviewed by GQ, and the head of PlayStation Studios said they’re not in an arms race, which is a hint at Microsoft looking to take over : We are very selective about the developers we hire. Our last new acquisition before Housemarque was Insomniac [for $229 million in 2019], which has done very well. I am always looking for people who share the same values and creative ambitions and who work well with our team, in whom we can invest and help them develop as creatives. That means not running around making random purchases.

These are very, very targeted acquisitions of teams we know well. The collaboration between our external development team and Housemarque at the technical level, at the production management level and even at the creative level was very intense. So it makes perfect sense to us. You don’t do something like that overnight. Ilari and my team have been working on this project for a while, but we didn’t want to distract the main Housemarque team from working on the release of this great game, Hulst said.

But wait, what’s that (Too?) in the title? The official Japanese PlayStation Twitter account has posted the second image below, welcoming Bluepoint Games, the developers of the Demon’s Souls remake, to the PlayStation Studios family. The tweet was later deleted. But this means a new announcement could be made soon…..

Source: Gematsu, WCCFTechSony Interactive Entertainment America, Inc. (SIEA) has acquired The Developers of Returnal (Too?) an indie game development studio based in New York.. Read more about playstation studios and let us know what you think.

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