The game has been highly praised for its realistic portrayal of the Hitman universe. It’s also one of the most successful games ever made, with over $500 million in sales and a player base that exceeds 20 million people.

The hitman: agent 47 is a film that takes place in the near future, where Agent 47 has been genetically engineered to be an assassin.

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  1. The concept that the whole film is framed by a contract that refuses to finish and that 47’s only goal is to “Kill the Target and Exit” is extremely brilliant. It might have been a fantastic introduction to the character and the World of Assassination if the writing had been crisper.
  2. Locations and Design — The majority of “Hitman” takes place in St. Petersburg and Istanbul. Both of these places are lovely. A scene set at a hedonistic nightclub where a Russian gunrunner combines ladies, cocaine, and deadly weapons in one location sticks out as being extremely true to the franchise’s concept of “untouchable monsters in unthinkable places.”
  3. Good Supporting Character Casting – 47 is surrounded by characters played by performers who seem to fit in the HITMAN universe. However, as I will discuss later, this is a double-edged sword.


  1. Timothy Olyphant, who plays the main character in 47, has an unusual appearance and movement. To wit, when 47 appears onscreen, the picture loses a lot of its intensity since the other performers seem to be more experienced and just look more menacing than 47. Dougray Scott or Robert Knepper, who both play lawmen with more menace than 47’s onscreen persona can muster, might have been more appropriate in the lead role in a rewrite where 47 is meant to be a more seasoned and experienced assassin (ie: “In a point in time where ALL the games occurred in the distant past”)
  2. The Conspiracy — This “Hitman” film aims to expose viewers to the concept of a worldwide kingmaker conspiracy (a la Providence) and to convey a sense of “There are more of us, and you can’t stop them simply by murdering me.” Regrettably, the film just skips from scene to scene, paying little attention to the ostensibly unfolding plot (the part that is supposed to matter to us, if not at least to the people who live in Russia). 47’s connections to the US government and the CIA appear out of nowhere. This is especially puzzling since the basic idea was really very excellent, but the way the alleged “villainous plot” is festering – totally out of view – is a disappointment.
  3. Action/Assassinations – Claiming that 47 is the greatest assassin in the world isn’t enough if he doesn’t show us how he planned or prepares what should be smart ITALIAN JOB levels of lethal murder. Almost every time, the film decides to skip to the precise moment that 47 enters the room with the mission. Some of the minor personalities are handled with off-screen, with 47 simply discussing them. A scenario in which 47 kidnaps another character seems to provide an opportunity for the character to cleverly find a way to sneak a live person out of an apartment complex without anybody noticing. Instead, 47 is seen pulling the screaming person out into the open. Be damned, “Crime Noticed.” During the film’s conclusion, a helicopter gunship assault begins and concludes with the helicopter flying away after shooting futilely into a room, killing or injuring no one.
  4. “Clone” with a Low-Rent Assasins and a perplexing depiction of The Orphanage/Agency/Organization – At first, the film tries to be smart by showing us how 47 was nurtured by The Orphanage and tagged with the barcode among what we assume are numerous “similar” rookie assassins. However, later in the film, it becomes clear that the program is more akin to a “black suit killers” organization with a fairly diverse membership. In a subway car fight scene, 47 is pitted against other “bald barcoded assassins,” each with their own distinct features, such as one being short and having unusually large ears, and another being black. They don’t seem to be very harmful. Another bald barcoded assassin, who in most other films would be “the nice uncle,” gets into a fist battle with the much younger 47, which accomplishes nothing to increase the danger level or menace of either 47 or the other alleged super assassins in the narrative.



There was the potential for a terrific picture here, but it would have required a lot of retooling. I’d give my views on modifications, but that would only add to the length of this article.

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  • Saves from Hitman may be transferred to Hitman 2.

    So, why isn’t this a possibility? Or maybe it is, and I’m just not seeing it. Isn’t our information stored on IO’s servers? Isn’t Hitman 2 simply a reworked “season 2” published under WB Studios, which now owns IO to a large extent? I understand it… you don’t carry over in most games…

  • HITMAN 2: HITMAN ROULETTE is now available.

    Hitman Roulette now supports HITMAN 2 missions thanks to your assistance. Observations on the assistance: Check out the about page if you’re not sure what Hitman Roulette is. The weapon, disguise, and exit listings are still missing. See this datasheet to see what’s presently in. The green ones are in, but I’ve decided to leave the red ones out for the time being. …

  • A well-executed Hitman film or television series.

    Part of the issue with the two Hitman films, especially the most recent, is that they just want to be action movies, with Agent 47 serving as a new skin for your standard super soldier. This is clearly a misinterpretation of the character, but it’s also a misinterpretation of the…

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HITMAN is a movie that was released in 2007. It stars Timothy Olyphant, who plays Agent 47. The film is about an assassin whose mission is to kill the elusive criminal mastermind known as The Gentleman. Reference: hitman 3 movie.

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