Did your Sim recently move to a new neighborhood?

Maybe they’ve decided to take a risk and start their own business, or maybe they’re just letting others on the street know that they’re friendly and everyone is welcome at their door.

Whatever their situation, welcome mats can convey the message that everyone is welcome.

These simple decorative pieces are staples to beautify the main entrance of a crown molding room, whether it’s commercial or residential. And they help you feel at home.

We’re looking for CC welcome mats and welcome signs, all made for The Sims 4, so you can beautify your driveway and make every part of your Sims’ home as cute as possible.

10. Welcome to Cowboy

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Your Sim doesn’t have to be a cowboy to take advantage of that sign. Especially if your Sims house fits in the farm or countryside with signs like these – sight staples.

Especially since this drawing tends to use all sorts of rustic characters.

By the way, you’ll find more than just a welcome sign in this box. For anyone who loves living in the wilderness with blue skies that seem unreal, you will fall in love with this Cowboy Welcome CC sign.

9. Home Sweet Home Sleeping Bags

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Over the years, welcome mats have evolved from a piece of brown fabric on the floor with the word welcome on it to patterns and phrases that say : Hello, welcome to our home… Well, don’t really say it.

This makes them much more flexible and appealing to those who are tired of the traditional decor they have been using for years.

This rug collection is a great example for those who want something like a rug for their door, but something with a little spice.

And what’s not to love about these adorable drawings?

Colorful flowers with legs and even a beautiful insect, there is much to play with in this set.

8. Reikus Dormata

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Remember when I said that many people need more than a welcome mat?

The same goes for Reikus mattresses – unlike these, they aren’t printed all over, but have cute little phrases that will make your guests smile the next time they visit.

Among the slogans you’ll find in this collection are some of my personal favorites, like Egos and Shoes Outside, Whalecome and Gnome sweet gnome, which I took as a joke on a long-standing joke in the world of The Sims.

Simple but effective – the perfect balance for your Sima home!

7. Holiday sign

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It may not just be your Sim’s house that needs something to greet, but your small business needs to get the message out there.

Welcome signs are very popular with businesses, and rightly so.

Greeting customers as soon as they walk through the door is the norm, but your sim may be a little busy managing his business.

That’s where the sign is.

Restaurants, knitting shops or stores where you can find anything you want.

With such a simple sign, you can say hello to your guests while making the outside of the building a little more welcoming. That’s just right, welcome, with 4 colors to choose from.

All you need is greenery and maybe fire, and you’re good to go!

6. CarpetSimple greetings

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We may not be able to read them, but our Sims can!

I’ll be honest: Sometimes I forget that The Sims have their own language, even though I’ve been playing for over a decade. In my defense, I usually play without the sound, but that’s not the point.

Whether I remember it or not is irrelevant. It is important that you can get a Sims house mat in your native language!

These characters appear in 18 samples, including dragonflies, paint splatters, and even strawberries. There is a rug and a design for every person and every occasion…. so happy to decorate!

5. Cold panels

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Beautiful posters on the board are a great way to attract new customers.

Have fun playing with the new drawings here by changing your board for the week so the board always looks fresh.

Many constructions and statements in this QC seem to be heard regarding the hospitality industry, but some are as simple as they say: Welcome, we’re open!

You can use them for everything.

4. Wooden panel

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Ah, the classic beach theme.

A great SS for those who dream of lying in the sand and having the salty air sniffed under their noses.

Not only are these wooden panels available with a few options to hang outside to welcome your guests, but they are also available in a variety of other designs so you can place them around the house no matter what theme you choose!

3. Welcome sign on a flip-flop

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I have to admit that I saw a lot of them in my hometown this summer.

Personally, I think it’s a fun job to do with your kids when they’re not in school. And even if you can’t physically do them with your simi children, you can create the illusion that they did!

Flip Flop’s welcome sign is chic and delicate. It’s great for the hot months when you want to go outside and wear your flip-flops…. want to wear, but if it’s too hot outside, a handmade plate will do.

2. New floor mats

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If you still can’t find a doormat that you and your Sims like, check out these beautiful doormats from the creator of DK Sims.

This is a simple and chic rug that will bring your Sims’ door to life. But they don’t quite steal the show.

On the contrary, they can be used for functional purposes while you let other decorations create the atmosphere.

1. External kit 1

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The advantage of this Open CC game is that it primarily includes both greetings and mats. So you have everything you need in one big package.

Second: Design is seasonal!

This means you can change the design as the weather changes throughout the year, with themes like winter, fall and more!

Don’t forget to try it.

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