One of the most fun things to do while playing The Sims, along with the all-powerful creature that controls everything, is to design and decorate your home.

Do I have to build a wall here?

Does this rug match my couch?

Put a ladder in the pool?

So many difficult decisions!

Wall decoration is important in the home, even if it is virtual. Unless you want a house that looks like a bunker, which we don’t really mind adding.

And here are some of the best CC’s we’ve found for custom wall decoration to get your sim-style decor!

15. Kids Camping Mural

Children Camping Sims 4 CC screenshot

Consult this CC

Children need visual stimulation during their formative years.

In front of their eyes, they need to see colorful pictures of happy things. After all, they are entitled to a maximum of 23 days of childhood in De Sims!

Enhance your child’s room with more warmth with Kids Camping pictures from SIMcredible.

This CC set list has 20 variations with motifs such as statements, cute art and gum-blowing animals.

We leave it up to you to explain to a child that animals do not master the art of making bubbles.

14. Deadly posters

Sims 4 CC Rock Poster

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If you’ve ever had a rebellious phase, you know there’s usually a sudden fondness for rock music.

Admit it: When you were a teenager who didn’t feel understood by the world – you turned to rock music.

The angrier, the better!

It also made you look cooler compared to your friends who… Pop music.

If you’ve never got past the rock phase or just want to pick up some memories, decorate your rock virtuoso Sim’s room or studio with these posters from L’Anti.

They have rock legends like the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and many others.

13. Wall mounting Conversion

Convert TS4 CC wall mount

Consult this CC

Being naked isn’t fun… …with a few exceptions.

We’re talking walls!

A bare wall is as boring as talking about the weather with your simnonym. Now, if you’re not a big fan of posters or murals, can we suggest adding a little junk?

This book by Mio-Sims, Wall Clutter Conversions CC, originally written by Billy Jean, contains all kinds of gems that you can view and discuss: Hmm, let’s get it straight.

It has 14 meshes that contain a camera, headphones, polaroids and much more.

They’re all mobile, too, just like the monsters.

12. Self-adhesive poster

Self-adhesive poster for The Sims 4

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Ah, Pinterest: where even the most disabled designers can find inspiration and with a little research can create a decent atmosphere.

There seems to be a revival of minimalist typography and art.

If you have white walls, these Pralinesim self-adhesive posters work perfectly. The CC set contains 36 drawings, all very simple, with just a hint of colour in some of the posters.

Sizes also vary from small to large to fit in any space!

11. Major Works of Art, Volume 1

1 Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Are you an art lover?

You have leather-bound books and an apartment that smells like mahogany?

If you’re rich, bored and want only the best in life, look no further – we present FemmeOnAMission’s Great Art Series, Vol. 1.

This set presents reproductions of some of the world’s most famous works of art, but with a touch of originality. Instead of being remastered just for the game, they’re remastered with real Sims, staying true to the original.

Yeah, the Mona Lisa still doesn’t have eyebrows!

But it will cost you a lot of money. Each artwork in this set costs between 10,000 and 25,000 simoleons!

10. Posters from the 1990s on the walls

Posters from the '90s on the Sims 4 CC wall

Consult this CC

When I think back to that decade of the ’90s, I have the feeling that I had some warm vague feelings.

I’m so happy to go back!

Do you like the ’90s, too? You don’t have to be a Gen Y member to like Talia’s 90s wall posters.

Don’t forget with these images with unforgettable icons from the 90s: The Simpsons, Daria, Tupac, and even the Windows 95 logo (I bet you can still hear the launch theme in your head!).

9. Empty spaces – Bar exit

Blackboards - TS4 CC Bar Edition

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Come to my house from every jeans shop in every city in the world.

I’m kidding. I don’t have gin. It might look like this because I dressed up my sim at home with these nadilein signs for the bar number.

The set contains 24 paintings that pay homage to classic mixed drinks such as Bloody Marys, Sangria and classic Margaritas.

You could even learn a recipe or two from her. Put this in the men’s cave, the drinking room or your Sim’s homemade minibar to relax and unwind.

8. Crescent moon Wall light

Half month wall lamp for Sims 4

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Did someone promise you the moon?

Did they keep their promises? …Ugh.

Because you’re a strong, independent Sim who needs no one, you get your own moon! Simples’ Crescent Moon Wall Light illuminates even the darkest nights in a way no one has ever done before. This is a conversion from TS3 to TS4 that only costs one Simoleon!

This light also allows you to proclaim that you can love someone up to the moon and vice versa. You can thank us later.

7. Old Tourist Poster series

Vintage travel poster from the Sims 4 CC Series

Consult this CC

Relax on all your travels, including The Sims 4, with PixelateLlama’s Vintage Travel Poster Series.

Explore the canals of Venice with the Europa package, or the CN Tower in Toronto with the Canada package, and even the famous Fishing in Atlanta.

These are all the colours of landscape painting no. 46, and if you ask us, we always take them with us!

6. Ultraviolet wave

Sims 4 CC Ultraviolet wave

Consult this CC

Are you a confirmed cartoon fan?

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you who you’ve chosen – we’re sure she’s very nice!

Pixelfro’s ultraviolet anime artwork is more reminiscent of Blade Runner.

It contains nine different ’80s cartoons that are perfect for hanging out in Sim’s room, in the man’s cave or – if you live the life of an anime – just about anywhere.

5. Letters A-Z

A-Z Sims 4 CC Screen Capture Letters

Consult this CC

Adding curtain letters to the walls is a great way to creatively brighten up a room.

They make a big statement, literally, because you have the freedom to write whatever you want with them.

Use these self-adhesive letters from A to Z from Sanah Sims to write something other than HOME (please!).

This QC contains not only all the letters of the alphabet as separate elements, but also an ampersand and an exclamation mark for more heartbreaking quotes.

So, go ahead, write whatever you want. The police won’t come, we swear.

4. Neon signal sequence No. 4

Neon panel set #4 for The Sims 4

Consult this CC

The neon lights in the bar remind me of evenings with friends – good conversation and even better drinks.

With the CC Neon board set from designer Novvvas you can re-create the bar feel you miss so much!

A good conversation and a good drink are not guaranteed. But these lights are a sure way to remind you of the good times.

But this package is for adult Sims only, with ten sentences and a drawing that’s likely to make your mother cover her beads.

3. Space announcements

TS4 CC Space advertising

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At the rate we’re going, is space still the last frontier?

The possibility of going into space seems increasingly real. And with what’s happening on Earth, book us a ticket!

Whether you’re from Sixham, you’ll love these Little Cakes space shows.

You get seven prints that ask you to visit the incredible expanse of space at Simlish. Not that you need more story!

2. Polaroid photos

Photo Polaroid Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Polaroids were once relics that everyone thought were witchcraft!

Someone sang today, everyone’s shaking like his Polaroid pictures.

The pleasure of having pictures developed in a few seconds has a certain charm.

They’re also a cool way to decorate your black wall with retro styles. And you can use these Polaroid ruby Sims pictures to get the job done.

These polaroids contain real pictures of everyday things, taken with taste. Some pieces are also recorded to give them a more casual look. Choose from 20 pictures!

1. Terrorist stories

Screenshot of The Sims 4 CC Scary Tales story

Consult this CC

Do you feel intimidated, oxidized and weird all year round?

For some people, terror is not just a Halloween trick, but an everyday aesthetic.

Because I’m a chicken myself, I can’t imagine how that works, but…. Boo?

If you are interested in horror films, we invite you to discover the posters and book covers of PixelFolk, Simlish Tales of Terror.

Choose from 8 classic horror film posters and 8 pulp horror book covers. Or why don’t you hang them all?

They are also 100% Simlish, making your Sim Oo krem letich!

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