Child labor is hard work. Especially for Sim’s new parents.

Unlike gadgets and kitchen appliances, there are no instructions for babies. And they certainly don’t have a switch to disable their constant needs.

Taking care of his incessant tears is one thing. But changing diapers is a dirty job that requires more than wet wipes and hot water.

So let’s take a look at some custom Sims 4 CC baby and toddler changing tables that can help your Sims get ready for a heavy blow!

10. Health station Child replacement card

Sims 4 CC baby commode

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After spamming Try for Baby, your Sims will finally become parents!

Now you can’t sit on your ass and do nothing while your Sim’s hump grows by the minute.

Adjustments need to be made, such as making room for a crèche and filling it with everything you need for a healthy baby – starting with the changing table organised from the water tank!

Find everything you need for nappies in one place, and have a selection of cute pillow designs to hide your baby’s many poop stains.

9. Changing kindergarten during lunch Table

Sleepytime Kennel changing table for the Sims 4

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I think everyone agrees that a colorless crib is just bad.

Babies are like little sponges. You can immerse yourself in everything around you, even something as trivial as furniture design.

More importantly, it’s not medieval – seeing things in black and white is out of date.

Add a touch of colour to your child’s room with this CC from Pixel Letic, available in 23 different colour combinations!

8. Changes in sheep numbers Table

TS4 CC shelf table

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It is no secret that children are a major cause of sleep deprivation.

Mothers and fathers often fall into a zombie state because their child suddenly needs something for terrible hours.

A child’s sleep is pure chaos.

But if I had one of M’s, it’s because counting sheep is just a trick to put the little monsters to sleep.

Have this changing table decorated with sheep and much more in this CC pack from Severinka!

7. Vita Sims Child replacement card

Vita Sims Baby Changing Table Sims 4 CC Screenshot

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Parents have many decisions (and mental preparations) to make before their baby is born.

Choosing a name or brand for nappies can be decided from one day to the next, but designing a nursery takes more time and a lot of research.

If you don’t have the patience to google baby decoration ideas, you can find inspiration in this CC Vita Sims Baby Room pack.

Fill the children’s room with prince-inspired furniture, including a chic changing table with lace ruffles and pink upholstery.

6. Sweetener replacement table in nurseries

A nursery for cute friends Sims 4 CC work table

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Imagine being a small child and not being able to wash is brutal torture and they don’t even know it!

Changing diapers is vital for baby Sim’s health.

And to make it quick, this CC changing table might help.

Install your dog in the handy changing table that fits best with the other items in the Sweet Buddies kennel!

5. Britpinkiesim Daycare Change table

Britpinkiesims Nursery kit for Sims 4 CC Changing table

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If there’s one example that screwed up the kids for me, it’s the diaper changing scene in Change.

As long as I live, I won’t forget the guy who fooled Jason Bateman… and his mouth.

This scene proved that changing diapers is a dirty business. And if you don’t want these gadgets to get lost, a changing table is the best way to clean them up.

Get ready to tidy up with this functional brittpinkiesims changing table with 16 designs and extra storage compartments!

4. Boho Nursery Change table

Nursery Boho TS4 CC Sliding table

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OMI everything made of wood is beautiful and timeless.

Just like that roster at the boho nursery.

After cleaning all the poop, this changing table can easily look like a rustic box.

If you’re looking for a cottage-style aesthetic, this Boho Nursery CC package has that natural feel that can refresh a room – even when nature calls.

3. Laura Kennel switches table

Laura's Childcare to change The Sims 4

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When you play TS4, you have to put creativity above all else.

But with a baby on the road, there’s not much time to shop and build things from scratch.

Luckily you can easily download this Laura Nursery Kit with a simple but cute changing table.

Paint your child’s room in soft colors such as pink and beige and make sure your little treasure survives until infancy.

2. Modified crèche table

Sims 4 CC Nursery changing table

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Most baby blogs advise new parents not to change tables, as they can use any tabletop or even their own bed for cleaning.

But we know you don’t have to accept that unhealthy detour.

If you have space in your children’s room, this CC changing table by jomsims offers a luxurious changing experience for your future sim mummy.

Easily store the essentials on the changing table and never worry about running out of baby powder, dirty diapers or poop again.

1. Calehouse Scandi Baby stuff #2

Kalehouse Scandi Baby Stuff #2 Sims 4 CC

Consult this CC

Millennia are a different kind of parent.

Generation Y loves simple designs and is even more in love with everything called modern minimalism.

They want something elegant, versatile and stylish enough to fit into the aesthetics of their Pinterest moodboard.

Fortunately, this beautiful CC changing table by Calehouse Scandi Baby Thing #2 is that and much more.

Change your baby’s diapers in style and enjoy even more designs with this colorful version of DK Sims.

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