This guide describes the steps to follow to get all the achievements of Shoot Shoot My Waifu. If you are one of the players of this game and you want a 100% result, then this game is exclusively for you.

Shoot my waifa.

Shoot My Waifa Achievement Guide

Services incidental to clothing

The first step is to break a piece of cloth

  • Destroy all clothes during the game.

Master Stripper – Destroy 200 garments

  • Blow up all the clothes.

Almost a gentleman. Clean up every scene without destroying your underwear.

  • When you take off your clothes, the bosses fight with only your underwear. Don’t destroy underwear in a fight with the boss. This is usually easier to do with the milk bottle weapon/roller.

The masochists of pride – tearing off all the clothes without destroying the cords of Luchal’s body.

  • You have to destroy all the clothes and defeat the boss. Don’t break the ropes. Tip: Use the milk bottle/toy gun to prevent stray/self-directed bullets.

Wrestling with related services

Collector (3 kinds of collectibles)

  • Collect at least 1 underwear, 1 soap and 1 toilet paper.

Miniboss hunter – Kill 30 minibosses

  • The mini bosses are the television, the clock, the cat siren, the cat on the rumba and the logbook.

Rambo – 100,000 bullets fired.

  • Shoot 100,000 times. Hold the fire button and you’re ready to go.

Die Hard – Take on all levels of difficult challenges without resorting to extreme measures or losing your life.

  • This one’s big. You must eliminate the seven sins (with the exception of the secret sin) at the level of difficulty. They can’t be touched, not even once. You can’t use your ultimate power, not even once. This will test your ability to escape.

Peaceful performance

Cuddy Debomb – Don’t attack the Debomb Pack on any level.

  • Debombs are big cats with a layered coat. They just move through the screen and don’t attack. Just maneuver around them without killing them.

No animals were hurt. Reaching the checkpoint without killing a monster.

  • Don’t kill anything before the boss does. The checkpoint is when the boss’s fight starts. Of course, you can always beat the boss.

Hit me if you can. Destroy 1,000 monster bullets.

  • To destroy enemy bullets, you must use your ultimate power. I recommend using the Ultimate skill when there are a lot of balls on the screen for maximum profit. Tip: Personally, I found it easier to use Elastic Armor Ultimate and then destroy all the bullets as quickly as possible.

Time to Stop – Use the Time to Stop feature 10 times on the same stage.

  • Just use the ultimate ability to stop time 10 times. I found it easiest to do at Wrath/Satano because the length of the stage made it very easy to get 10 loads.

Sugar Daddy – Buy everything on the Customize page.

  • Buy all items for role-playing and skill games from the Customization Store.

Performance related symbols

Unlock the sin of greed. – Unlock Margaretta.

  • Make three things. Collect enough laundry, soap and toilet paper to buy three items in the installation shop.

Unlock the sin of pride. – Unlock Lucheal.

  • Complete the Greed/Margaretta phase without dying. You can use Ultimate Skills, so I recommend a shield or something. Avoid bankai, work interruptions and meteor shower.

Unlocking the sin of jealousy – Unlocking Liviatan

  • Reaching orgasm with a tentacle. Reach the love scene with Pride/Lucilla and finish with the tentacle piece.

Unlocking the sin of wrath – Unlocking Satano.

  • Destroy 100% of all clothing from all previous levels. They are Kimochia, Gula, Belubelu, Margaretta, Luceal and Livyatan (lust, greed, laziness, greed, pride and envy).

Unlock secret sin – Unlock secret sin.

  • Shh, it’s a secret. After unlocking all other sins, click on the kitten sleeping on the fridge.

Performance-related services

NTR Lust – Get 5 stars in lust.

  • Kimochia. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

NTR Gluttony – getting 5 stars for gluttony.

  • Gula. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

NTR of Laziness – Get 5 stars for Laziness

  • Belubelu. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

NTR Greed – reaching 5 stars in Greed

  • Margaretta. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

NTR Pride – Get 5 stars on the Pride Stage

  • Lucille. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

NTR Envy – Get 5 stars on the Envy stage

  • Liviatan. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

NTR rabies – Get 5 stars on the rabies level.

  • Satano. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

NTR by Secret Sin – Get 5 stars on Secret Sin.

  • Eighth. Destroy so many clothes, so many enemies and defeat the boss.

Super Player NTR – Clear all steps

  • Complete all levels by defeating each boss. No need for 5 stars/lips. Just collecting.

Double-click to delete all steps twice

  • To do this, you must destroy 100% of all clothes and defeat the master of every sin (except secret sin).

Performance related to love

Greenhorn – Stay in the love scene for less than 30 seconds.

  • Blow up all the demons in less than 30 seconds. Move the mouse while using the toy to speed up the love scene.

Cliffhanger – End of the love scene before the demon reaches its climax.

  • Before the daemon reaches its peak, press the Back button to return to the main screen.

Put Mr. Johnson in. Add Mr. Johnson to each character.

  • Use a penis shaped toy during the love scene. Do this for each of the seven sins (ignore the secret sin).

Fifty Shades of Paradise – Stay in the love scene for at least 50 minutes.

  • Don’t pile up. This means you have to sit upright for 50 minutes during the Love Scene. Don’t forget: Take no action or Gage will fall back to zero and you will fail. Just go to Love Scene and let it rest for 50 minutes.

Turn someone off – Reset the love counter in the love scene

  • Start having sex and then stop. Reset the sensor to zero.

Competence related management performance

Last Shot – Kill any boss with the highest skill.

  • It can be tricky. I did it with the Ultimate Terminator. When I felt the boss was about to be beaten, I kept sending spam to the terminators.

Perfectionist – Press the restart button after losing a pattern scene.

  • Reach each boss fight, die, then use the restart option without leaving the level. Do not go back to the main menu, but use the Restart option in the Pause menu.

Almost, but no cigars – Lose the game if the boss has 3% horsepower or less.

  • This can be tricky because there are no health bars on the bosses. To get a clear picture of the situation, take a look at the bosses’ fight on Envy/Liviathan. Make sure you have your last life (another success means Game Over). When you beat the boss, you go into the water. If you do this quickly (you’ve got about two seconds at best), you’ll die before the end of the fight and unlock the achievement.

Tip: You can use this technique to achieve swimming performance at the same time!

Chad Pride – Drinking Matcha tea with Luceal.

  • During the battle of the bosses several bamboo sticks come up from below. Lucille drinks her tea and then spills the cup, causing the reed to break. Get the cup! You’re gonna die.

Let’s swim. – Let’s swim to the Envy stage.

  • Envy/Livitan. Reach the Envy/Liviathan boss fight and then go down to the water. You’re gonna die.

Kill two ducks at once. – Kill two ducks at once.

  • Envy/Livitan. During the fight between the Envy and Chief Liviatan, two ducks will sprinkle each other. Destroy them both before they fall back into the water. Almost impossible without at least a level of weapons upgrade.

You’re the next bride. – Pick up the bride’s bouquet at Rage’s.

  • Rage/Satano. During the fight with the boss she will attack on the left side. Then she throws her bouquet over his shoulder. Catch them before they burst into individual flowers. You’re gonna die.

Cat lover – Don’t attack the cat in the Rage scene.

  • Rage/Satano. Don’t attack the cat. Not a single stroke. I recommend the milk bottle gun as a weapon in this situation, because you don’t want stray bullets hitting the cat.

Purified Satan – Purify the level of anger with Exocyst skin.

  • Rage/Satano. Use the weapon / role-playing game of the fake priest (exorcist) and defeat the Wrath / Satano boss fight. You don’t have to destroy all the clothes, you just have to beat the boss.

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