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The wreck of the Blaise Wigglesworth

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Author(s) : Blaise Wigglesworth
Publishing House : DM’s Guild
costs : 1.99
Product size: 24 pages
Format(s) available : PDF

Despite the special thanks of my Creator, I had nothing to do with the shipwreck! Blaise approached me before he wrote this solo adventure, and I was able to point out to him some examples of solo D&D resources that I consider cult (from authors Paul Beemler and Ashley Warren). Blaise gave me a copy of this solo adventure, not as a review request, but as a token of gratitude. However, I believe that independent D&D is an underestimated and too relevant form of D&D because of the increasing number of cases of VID-19. You don’t have to agree to play alone with family members at home or at a virtual table to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones during a pandemic. You can go alone.

I’m not sure I need to explain in detail how solo D&D works. Actually, it’s as simple as it sounds. You’re doing the session alone. You take on the role of your character(s) and also evaluate the roles normally performed by the dungeon master.

Blaise created an amazing shipwreck adventure that quickly became a bestseller and also delivered two sequels (the second part is also a bestseller). It is short and apart from the fact that a statue will be decorated at your request, no preparatory work is required. If you have a few hours free time, you can take the plunge and have a fun adventure where you wake up on a desert island in search of an escape route.

Depending on how you want your D&D, I don’t think solo adventures are for everyone. If you like collaborative stories and social interaction in a group game, you will not only miss it here, but also in all the solo adventures I have experienced. If you like to play with a character in different adventures and campaigns to create a fascinating biography, it’s harder to do it in a solo adventure. But I admit it’s not entirely impossible. You only lose the above mentioned advantage of the short to infinite preparation time. But if your playing style contains long stories, then the preparation time isn’t really a burden, is it?

The advantages of

  • fast play without preparation
  • is accompanied by a pre-generated character whose equipment and skills have been carefully designed for this adventure.


  • Including an existing or new character in this adventure can give you continuity in the questions if you have big plans for that character.

Shipwreck! Shipwreck! by Blaise Wigglesworth is available at DMs Guild for $1.99.

A revision copy has been provided by the author.

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