This guide describes the steps to easily achieve the Atomic Wedgie feat in Serious Sam 4. If you are one of the players who is struggling to get the Atomic Wedgie feat, then this guide is for you.

Before you begin, know that this is not the only way to accomplish this. This guide is based on the author’s personal experience.

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Serious Self 4 Atomic Wedgie Making Guide

To achieve the Atomic Wedgie achievement, players must destroy 100 enemies at a time with the Mini Nuke. Destroying more than 100 enemies at a time is a bit difficult in the game. To make the game easier, you can try the following steps.


For this playthrough, we start a new game on Map 6 Morituri Te Saluting in Tourist Difficulty and set the enemy multiplier to x11 to ensure maximum carnage. We can also have an infinite amount of ammo to make it a little easier.

  • New game > Serious Sam 4 > Morituri Te Salutant
  • From the Difficulty screen, press the F2 key to open the User menu.
  • From inside the building set:
    • Enemy Multiplier: 11
    • Ammunition ad infinitum: on the spot

Serious Sam 4

Getting Lateral Targets

It takes about 5 minutes to hit a secondary target if you run all the way to the end – bigger threats are lost in the melee, as is the frame rate! If you run into trouble for any reason, you should be able to safely reset the enemy multiplier by a few points and unlock the achievement.

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  • Sprint to each successive large yellow object marker.
  • Don’t worry about killing your enemies – you basically have to run in front of them, but you can blow something up in front of you with a quick grenade launcher shot – note that there is no suicide on Tourist difficulty!
  • When you enter the first closed door, move toward it to change the target marker to the key position and activate Sam’s prank. Take the keys and come back.
  • When you reach the complex pictured below, turn left and climb the stairs, then jump right and go under the arcade to activate the side lens.

Serious Sam 4 Serious Sam 4

A mini bomb

After you take the side lens, go to the blue marker on the other side of the courtyard. Kill all the October commanders (i.e. the blue shields) along the way, as I think it is necessary to do so to open the gates. When you enter the gate, kill as many enemies as you need before the fire above the gate turns green, then run inside and catch the mini-nuke.

Serious Sam 4

Enemies will begin to reproduce after you return from the Mini Navy battlefield. Run across the courtyard and turn clockwise across the field to where you took a secondary objective halfway, then return to Mini-Nuke’s gate.

Don’t worry about killing a few enemies along the way (especially suicide bombers) – many of them will die in the chaos anyway, but others will replace them.

Until you get back to the entrance, go around and you should see something similar to the screenshots below: a ton of drones and Processed, a few Agents and Clerics, maybe a few decapitated managed to survive! Either way, once the basic Biomechanoids reproduce themselves to you, they’re ready to go!

Serious Sam 4 Serious Sam 4

Set off the atomic bomb! Don’t panic if you don’t see 100 enemies on the screen – there are definitely more than you think. Plus, the “kill” effect lasts 5-10 seconds after impact and keeps the buffs burning while they spawn.

The Atomic Wedgie feat unlocked! It usually appears shortly after the explosion timeout, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away.

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