In my opinion, the hardest boss in video games is not one that requires great skill or high-level mastery. It’s one that’s just plain hard. And it’s this one that’s the hardest to know when to fight: the one that you know you can’t win. It’s the one that you know you should fight, but you’re afraid to. Here are some examples of these hidden bosses.

Video games are an amazing medium: they let us explore imaginary worlds, compete with others, and face challenges that we can’t face in our everyday lives. Some games, however, take it one step too far. These games make the impossible look easy, but there are still secrets in each one of them that are so hidden, even the developers don’t know how to solve them.

There are many reasons why a game can feel incredibly difficult: level design, boss fights, etc. But there’s another element that plays a big role in making a game difficult to beat: the boss’s secret. Don’t you love it when a boss’s secret is so insanely hard that it should be classified as a level itself?


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What’s more irritating than having your rear given to you over and again by your boss? The same thing, but from a boss that you don’t even have to defeat in order to advance. 

It requires a particular reason to desire to seek out tough hidden bosses in video games, whether it’s because you’re a glutton for pain or you’re hungry for that trophy/achievement. This is especially true when it comes to the incredibly difficult-to-beat hidden bosses in video games. 

Grimm’s Nightmare King – Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is known for its tough bosses, and the most difficult ones may take up a few of places on our list. But, in the interest of justice, we’ll only choose one. We’ll start with the most hardest of them all: Nightmare King Grimm, Troupe Master Grimm’s Dream form. 

After overcoming his “weaker” version, which was already tough enough, you may face this optional monster. On the basis of sheer tenacity, Nightmare King Grimm ranks well ahead of the other Hollow Knight bosses.

There are many more famously tough hidden bosses in Hollow Knight. The True Final Boss puts your platforming abilities to the ultimate test. Meanwhile, Grey Prince Zote will put you to the test by pitting you against a boss and a horde of creatures. White Defender can slice you up in two strikes, while Watcher Knights put your fighting skills to the test by pitting you against several enemies at once. 

Nightmare King Grimm, on the other hand, does not depend on any gimmick other than being extremely quick. The battle has a pattern and rhythm, but it doesn’t matter how well you know his movements if you don’t bring your A-game. Not only will you need patience, determination, and talent, but you’ll also need to be consistent. 

Nightmare King Grimm is a one-on-one skill challenge from start to finish. If you can get past the Nightmare King Grimm battle, the rest of Hollow Knight’s enemies will seem trivial in contrast. 

Dark Souls 3: The Nameless King

dark souls 3

The Soulsborne games, like Hollow Knight, are known for their difficulty. Even common opponents have been known to make it tough for total novices. The optional monster known as the Nameless King, on the other hand, is the most anger-inducing in terms of rage quits. 

This old and unnamed king was once a “dragon-slaying god of battle until he sacrificed all to join himself with the ancient dragons,” according to the game’s description.

That description alone is reason enough to include it, particularly given how tough it is to defeat the dragons in the Soulsborne games. 

Aside from the dragon speak, the Nameless King is tough due of the absence of rhythm in the battle. His assaults are unpredictably unexpected, and there is no pattern to them. Not to add that the in-game camera works against you since the monster is too big to fit on the screen, forcing you to swap perspectives at every turn to figure out what to avoid and what to do next. 

Worst of all, this mysterious boss has created a second form that is much more tough to defeat. 

Final Fantasy VII: Emerald Weapon

final fantasy viii

There are a number of bosses in the Final Fantasy series that have very high health. The Adamantoise from Final Fantasy XV and Yiazmat from Final Fantasy XI are two contemporary instances that spring to mind. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, defeating the aforementioned monsters may take hundreds of hours. 

Because you don’t have hours to defeat this monster, the Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy VII occupies this coveted position. You have just 20 minutes. This implies you’ll have to do all you can inside that time to reduce this boss’s 1 million HP to zero. That’s about the same amount of time it took for PS1 loading screens to appear. 

Emerald Weapon is the true test of Final Fantasy VII, featuring party-wide attacks that may kill you in one blow if you aren’t prepared. 

Kingdom Hearts II – Sephiroth

Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II

Secret bosses are often very talented or strong. It’s unusual to find someone who has both. Sephiroth, like the other monsters on this list, has both skill and strength, making his optional battle in Kingdom Hearts II a near-impossible task to complete on your first attempt.

Because it’s a one-on-one battle that requires perfect timing simply to land a single strike (remember, it takes hundreds to knock down Sephiroth), this optional boss fight may seem pointless. It doesn’t help that Sephiroth becomes stronger as the battle progresses, gaining access to ultra-powerful powers that may compel you to go through a large number of choices quicker than Goofy can say “gawrsh!”

If it’s any consolation, defeating Sephiroth grants you access to a strong keyblade. Unfortunately, since you don’t need it to complete the game, you’re mainly doing it simply for fun. 

Sigrun, the War God

Sigrun, God of War

If there’s one thing that all of the God of War games have perfected, it’s making you feel like a God of War. Not that Kratos hasn’t had his share of difficulties. The employers, on the other hand, were more intimidating and demanding than outright impossible.

God of War, a soft reboot released in 2018, altered that. 

Sigrun makes Kratos feel more like Atreus, despite the rest of the game doing a fantastic job of making older fans feel that Kratos is still himself after calming down his rage. 

The battle against Sigrun’s entrance has to be one of the greatest in recent memory. What could possibly compare to someone grabbing Kratos by the neck and holding him down like a rag doll? Also, getting to Sigrun isn’t simple since you’ll have to defeat all eight valkyries, which is no easy job in hard difficulty.

The good news is that defeating the Valkyries on the hardest level should adequately prepare you for Sigrun. The only issue is that, like the other bosses on this list, it makes no difference how well prepared you are. Sigrun will take advantage of you as soon as you make a mistake, and there are very few opportunities for you to hurt her.


Few gaming achievements equal to completing a game, particularly one renowned for its difficulty. Even fewer people are capable of defeating these impossible-to-kill hidden monsters in video games. So don’t feel guilty if you keep dying; simply getting this far is a remarkable achievement in and of itself.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hardest video game bosses?

The most difficult video game bosses are the final bosses of games.

What is the hardest boss fight ever?

The hardest boss fight ever is the final boss of Dark Souls 3.

What is the hardest boss in Final Fantasy?

The final boss in Final Fantasy is the hardest.

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