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Seasonic is traditionally known for its excellent power supplies, but this will soon change with the introduction of SYNCRO, the company’s first series of PC cases.

The SYNCRO Q700 and Q704 are ATX enclosures with an aluminum center tower that use Seasonic’s CONNECT module for clean, random cable routing. Their designs also allow different fan configurations (up to 8 fans) for optimum airflow, which you can see in the video below.

According to the MSRP sheet, the SYNCRO kits (which contain the housing, the CONNECT module and the power supply) must be installed before the 20th anniversary of the SYNCRO. will be for sale in December. Release date for TBA cases only.

Power supply unit, module and housing variants

  • SYNC Q704 + SYNC DPC-850 (SSR-850FB) : $379.98
  • SYNC Q704 + SYNC DGC-750 (SSR-750FA2) : $329.98
  • SYNC Q704 + SYNC DGC-650 (SSR-650FA2) : $309.98

Module and power supply unit variants

  • SYNC DPC-850 (SSR-850FB) : $189.99
  • SYNC DGC-750 (SSR-750FA2) : $139.99
  • SYNC DGC-650 (SSR-650FA2) : $119.99

Case options

  • CINCRO Q700 : $149.99
  • CINCRO K704 : $189.99



Original press release

Sea Sonic, a world leader in the development and production of power supplies, is proud to announce the launch of the Seasonic SYNCRO computer chassis. This brand new product perfectly combines the Seasonic CONNECT module, the power supply and the computer housing and offers functionality and aesthetics in a single design.

Throughout its history, the Sea Sonic has never stopped looking for technological improvements, and one of the Sea Sonic’s long-term goals is to minimize the amount of cabling in the system. When Sea Sonic introduced the first semi-modular cables, the trend was to optimize the DC cables. Today, fully modular power supplies have become popular with fans and gamers alike.

The introduction of Seasonic CONNECT went beyond excellent power supplies and was a milestone in the company’s 45-year history. True to Sea Sonic’s philosophy of delivering high quality, high performance products, Seasonic CONNECT was the first step in development that led to a rethink of the connections and component design.

Seasonic’s SYNCRO Q7 series is an ATX chassis in the centre of the tower with an aluminium frame and a tempered glass panel on one side and Seasonic CONNECT on the other. This unit is suitable for powerful equipment and offers versatile cooling and ventilation options. The CONNECT module acts as a cable control centre to which components are directly connected with generally shorter cables. This setting simplifies wiring and allows a clear view of both sides of the housing.

The Seasonic SYNCRO Q704 comes with high quality components, with four Nidec fans pre-installed on the front and rear of the case for optimum airflow. These enterprise-class cooling fans are known for their quiet yet powerful performance. To expand the possibilities, the housing can be fitted with a total of eight 120 mm fans and various liquid cooling systems. The removable top, front and bottom dust filters provide quick access for easy maintenance, and the modern look of this new housing makes it suitable for any home or office.

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