In the golden age of piracy, the flag was an important instrument. It was more than a decoration; the flag indicated kinship, purpose and, perhaps most importantly, purpose, all in distinctive colors and patterns that could be seen through the telescope in the crow’s nest. The reason people were afraid of old crossbows was that they were a deadly threat at long range. If you like flags, you should definitely check out the Reapers vs Peace event in Sea of Thieves.

The first major event of the second season, Reapers vs. the World, is a massive affair where the Reapers take on the world. Specifically, the three largest trading companies – the Golden Guardians, the Order of Souls and the Trade Alliance – want to expand their influence on the seas and plunder insane dollars. So they began to offer rewards for those who sailed under their flag and passed their tests. However, the Reaper Bones, calling themselves flag collectors, heard of these companies and their efforts and decided to offer their own challenges. Everyone who raises their flag can be rewarded by taking flags on the company’s ships. Whichever side you choose, you can make a lot of money.

Sea of Thieves Global Events and Bugs Guide

This is how it works: Starting today, and every few weeks thereafter, a new set of tasks from one of the three companies will be available. When you carry the flag of a particular company and perform its duties, you receive tangible benefits, such as. B. cash and cool cosmetics that fit this particular business.

Gold Drive (now available)

  • Golden Goals: Give 5 chests and relics to the gold miners.
  • Expectations in the classroom: Range envoys grade 5
  • An impromptu boat: representing the company completely through your costume
  • This is the journey: Sail 10 nautical miles on Gold Rush
  • Making money: Earn 20,000 gold pieces by handing over valuable items to the gold guards.
  • Hostile takeover: Defeat two active skeleton forts of each type and open their forts.

Shower call order (available from 6th May)

  • Captains of the Order: Deliver 5 grateful skulls to the Order of Souls.
  • Make a review: Range envoys grade 5
  • Dress to impress: represent the company completely through your suit
  • Course of the stage : Sailing 10 nautical miles during the execution of the soul travel order.
  • Pay with your soul: Earn 20,000 gold pieces by donating valuable items to the Order of Souls.
  • It’s all burnt: The defeat of the Heart of Fire fleet and its flagship, the Burning Blade, twice …..

Challenges facing the Traders Alliance (consulted on 20 May)

  • Get the goods: Transfer the 5 product-specific elements to the union, i.e. to the product boxes.
  • Diploma: Range envoys grade 5
  • For the uniform: Full representation of the company through your costume
  • Delivery and handling : Sail 10 nautical miles if you are on the Trade Alliance’s lost cargo or freight route.
  • Chartered Accountant: Earn 20,000 gold by depositing valuable items
  • Bad for business: The defeat of the Fire Lords, twice.

After completing a number of tasks, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Golden Lantern for hamsters (5 games)
  • The Soul Order Scope (10 challenges)
  • Merchant Union Compass (15 event calls)
  • Envoy of Excellence rank (18 event challenges)

At the same time, you can also choose the flag of the Reaper and try to plunder ships flying the flag of one of the companies. If you steal enough company flags, you can exchange them for Reaper rewards. 10 flags will be awarded as rewards to the company that has lost the most flags, and 20 flags will earn you the title of Flag Reaper.

This event will last until the 22nd. June, so you have most of the spring to get there and ship (or steal) your loot.

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