You’ve been playing Sea of Thieves for a while and want to know where the journals are, and you’ve been asking around, and no one knows… well we know where ALL the journals are, and it’s not just one guy, it’s a collective of YouTubers who have been playing Sea of Thieves for over a year, and it’s a bit of a community effort!

Sea of Thieves is a game that’s so engaging that you feel compelled to make your own characters and story. The game’s journals give you a glimpse into the lives of other players. While there is some levity in how people write, there’s also some pretty messed up entries, and some people have really developed their characters. For some players, this is the opportunity to write a character who’s not just a story, but a real person. For others, this is a way to vent feelings about their real life.

Did you always think that Sea of Thieves journals were only for the community. Well, they are not. You can try to make use of them even if you are not a community member. You can even use them to track down your lost treasure maps.

Discovering the diary of a seafarer without the seafarer himself is rarely a pleasant experience. Chances are, the latest diary entries are about harsh living conditions, non-existent morals, or, in the case of the world of Sea of Thieves, horrific otherworldly monsters. Either that, or the recordings suddenly stop, which is about the same. If you’re interested in some depressing literature, you can find the Cursed Journals in Sea of Thieves here.

As part of the Captains of the Damned story, visit the Tunnel of the Damned in search of Captain Jack Sparrow, who is now in the M.I.A. If you follow Jack’s compass through the tunnel and Whisperer’s Bay, you’ll come to the wreck of the ship Blue Bay. It contains the Flame of Souls, which can be obtained with a lantern. If you get the Flame of Souls, you can light special torches around Bayu to unlock the Cursed Diaries, the last words of the unfortunate souls who passed through the Tia Dalma.

Cursed Thieves Sea Journal Location

Here are the five locations of the cursed chest in Sea of Thieves:

Log 1

Right after you pick up the flame, head in the opposite direction of your boat to find a small abandoned shack with a bench and a banjo. Turn on the flashlight and a magazine appears on the bench.

Log 2

On the east side of the bay you will see two rocks with a broken mast on top from which two cages are hanging. Under the foot of the mast, light the torch with the flame and then pull the thin rope from which the extra cage hangs. After you take it apart, swim over to it and open it to find the newspaper inside.

Log 3

Still on the east side, you’ll find another cabin, recognizable by its intact ladder and a barnacle-covered boat nearby. Go up the stairs and light the torch on your right, after which several other torches will light up to show you the way. Follow the path in the water until you find the sunken boat with the newspaper.

Log 4

Inside the fort you will find a fountain surrounded by four unlit fire pits. If you light it, it will open the hatch to the well. The thing you’re looking for is on the ledge, but if you fall, you can just walk back up the stairs. In the pit, light the torch of one of the skeletons and the warehouse will appear in the hands of the other skeleton on the other side of the pit.

Log 5

At the bottom of the same well where you found the previous paper, there is a skeleton with a lock picker. Pick it up and go back into the pit until you find a small passage. Follow the corridor to a closed door, which you can open with a lock picker. You’ll end up in the fortress, where you can use a lock picker to open the door on the other side. Before you go in, cross the courtyard to the prison cell with the torch in front of it. Turn on the flashlight so the charger appears in the room. To get it, go back to the door you just opened, climb the stairs and break the pulley to drop the elevator. Take the elevator to the upper level of the courtyard, walk along the ledge and enter the prison cell above to get the newspaper.Sea of Thieves is a new co-op pirate game, which was released on March 20th, 2018.  Players can join up with other players and explore the open sea together. The game has six different factions and players can join any of them and play with friends.  The game also has a single player mode, which is called Cursed Left Behind.  This  mode allows the player to play on their own, explore the game world and continue their journey.  The player can also invite players to join them in their journey and they can play with them to complete missions for the in-game faction.  Players should note that after the game ends, the player will be stuck in the game and cannot get. Read more about dark brethren sea of thieves and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Shroudbreaker journals?

The Shroudbreaker journals are located in the Shroudbreaker’s Tower, which is in the center of the Shrouded Sea.

Where are Mercia’s journals in sea of thieves?

The journals are in the treasure room, which is in the ship’s hold.

Where are the journals for the cursed rogue?

I don’t know. What is the cursed rogue’s name? I don’t know. What is the cursed rogue’s level? I don’t know. What is the cursed rogue’s race? I don’t know. What is the cursed rogue’s class? I don’t know. What is the cursed rogue’s gender?

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