The Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – Dark Brethren Tall Tale quest guide is a guide to the game’s Dark Brethren Tall Tale mini-campaign, available to all players. It provides details on how to complete the quest, as well as guidance on how to find the other related quest items.

The Dark Brethren in Sea of Thieves is one of the greatest and most memorable faction quest oppents in the game. While it’s always fun to find a new and fun quest to play in Sea of Thieves, we thought it would be fun to write a guide to help new players through this quest. It’s not an essential part of the game, but it is very rewarding to finish once you’ve found and completed it.

This quest for the Dark Brethren is an early mission in the game, one that aims to introduce you to some of the most important mechanics you’ll need to know in order to progress further in the main game. As the game progresses and you build up more of your own crew, you’ll be able to recruit your own Dark Brethren to accompany you on your adventures.

In Sea of Thieves, Davy Jones is a constant presence in the game: A Pirate’s Life and Dark Brethren Tall Tale, you were a thorn in his side. With Captain Jack Sparrow back on your side, it’s time to attack Davy Jones and stop his plan to take over the Sea of Thieves. You start this non-fiction book the same way as the previous books: They go to Camp Castaway and vote for the Dark Brothers book.


Hit the two statues so they raise their tridents in the air. The large statue is located behind the deck of the second mast. Hit it to open the wooden door on the way.

At the bottom of the fort

Go down the cliff stairs past the wooden gate, where you’ll have a tough fight with several sea crabs, including two crabs. Nearby is a food barrel to replenish your health, and an ammo box. After defeating these enemies, continue up the slope and use the geyser to climb up the ledge. Go up the stairs and you’ll see an almost broken rope – damage it to open the wooden door next to the geyser.

Go forward and press the switch above the barrier to cross it. Swim up to find another puzzle with three statues around you. Detach it, then hit the big statue to raise the water level. Come out, come out, and then go on. There will be a cave with two half-masts – the half-mast closest to you will have a pulley on the right, and the half-mast further away will have a pulley on the left side of the cave. You use both pulleys to make a bridge, but you have to go from one to the other and run down the mast fast enough to reach the height. After that, it’s the water slide.

Convening of the Court

Come upstairs and listen to a conversation between Davy Jones and infamous Sea of Thieves characters. If you listen to the entire exchange, you’ll understand the praise for Dark Desires. Wait until the members of the Black Brotherhood have disappeared and then run through the cave on your right.

Thieves ritual

This manual is still under development.For the rest of this article, I will refer to the Dark Brethren as the pirates the Dark Brethren have killed, the Dark Brethren’s captain as the Dark Brethren’s captain, and the Dark Brethren’s captain’s daughter as the Dark Brethren’s captain’s daughter. The Dark Brethren’s captain was a pirate that stole things, but he was also ruthless, cruel, and powerful. He was a pirate of a legend, a figure that terrorized the seas. He was a man that others feared and that even his fellow pirates feared.. Read more about dark brethren sea of thieves guide and let us know what you think.

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