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Visit any forum or chatroom where people discuss the best characters to play in the game, and you’re bound to see a few familiar names. The same handful of Explorers is always listed in the top tier, while the rest are dismissed as unplayable. But how true is this? Are there really only a few characters that are competitive with the best of the best? Well, we’re here to dispel that myth. We’ve broken down the best characters at each tier into four groups, from the best to the worst.

Scavengers is a new MOBA game that came out in 2016, and it is popular with gamers. Many players like it because it is easy to learn, and it has a lot of features. It plays like other MOBAs, such as League of Legends and DotA 2, but it has also been praised for its unique visual style. Since its release, many people who play Scavengers have been creating guides to help other players improve their game. This is a list of the best Scavengers players’ guides.

Scavengers only came out a few days ago, but the game’s competitive meta has already taken shape. In the desolate, frozen wasteland that is the land of scavengers, the greatest threat remains the others. Let’s be clear: Victory is exclusively PvP in this game. Destroying opposing players allows you to steal their data, and completely destroying teams is the surest way to climb the leaderboard at the end of the game. Even if you concentrate on collecting data and try to avoid other players, you will eventually have to board the mining ship where conflict is inevitable. Therefore, the most important trait that determines the value of an explorer in Scavengers is his PvP power.

S-Tier – Jae and Tariq

photo courtesy of Midwinter Entertainment.

Jay quickly became the favorite leader and least favorite opponent of many players. The combination of a shield and a powerful weapon gives Jaya the ability to take out an entire enemy team on her own. His halberd can kill an enemy in two or three blows in most situations, and it’s pretty much the only weapon you need to traverse areas. It’s also silent, so it’s impossible to see the enemies when using it. The final reason Jay currently dominates Scavengers is the fact that steam packs can be created after being unlocked in the research system, allowing Jay players to engage in melee combat with enemies at any time.

Tariq is the sniper in Scavengers, and the game’s map design gives him a huge advantage over the other scouts. With an open space that extends in all directions, Tarik can always catch up with opponents and kill them instantly or inflict heavy damage early in the fight. Worse, he doesn’t have to take out his enemies, because simply wasting their resources and preventing them from moving in the open can sometimes be a death sentence. Once on the ship, Tariq can guard the entrances with his stun trap.

Level A – Valora, Halden and Cruz

photo courtesy of Midwinter Entertainment.

Valora can be S level, if played well and supported by a solid team. His bubble shield is an improved version of the Gibraltar shield in Apex Legends. It not only protects him from enemy fire and the effects of the storm, but also allows him to fight back from within. With this skill, Valora and her team can engage in skirmishes with enemies at an advantage, or safely heal and regenerate when stuck in open terrain. If enemies enter the bubble, they are considered dead: Valor’s powerful shotgun is devastating at close range, hence his name.

Halden is one of the easiest explorers in the game, and while he has no tricks up his sleeve, he defends his team and performs well in battles against other players. His weapon is ideal for short and medium range combat, while his Healing Aura skill restores players’ HP within the aura and instantly revives injured team members. It’s almost impossible to play Halden badly or not take advantage of it.

Cruz is in this group not because of his PvP potential (he doesn’t have any), but because of the incredible competitive advantage his ability gives his team. Tailwind’s increased speed allows Cruz and his team to retreat from wide flanks, sneak up on snipers, fend off stranded enemies with a third party, and get to safety when things go wrong. This skill is particularly well suited to Valora and Jae, who need to close the gap with their opponent quickly to be effective. Outside of combat, Tailwind allows Cruz and his teammates to move quickly from one complex to another without a vehicle and escape the circle of storms.

B animal – lettuce and cali

photo courtesy of Midwinter Entertainment.

Letty is equipped with the worst skill in the entire game: the ability to negate the skills of other players. Most playgrounds in Scavengers are open and flat, leaving Letty with few opportunities to use EMP Blast in a meaningful way. She can theoretically push people off the ship, but if she doesn’t do it exactly one second before the game ends, it won’t do much good. She can also push Jae away when she catches him making accusations, but that only delays the inevitable. All in all, Letty is not the best driver in his current state.

Kali isn’t as bad as Letty, but she just has nothing to compete with the other Scavengers scouts. Your Heartseeker can be useful for stealth, but it’s not as powerful as weapons from other classes, like Tarik’s Longstriker or Valora’s Devastator. Her Active Camo skill can ensure her own survival, and while she is alive, her teammates can also be revived; it also allows her to board the rescue ship relatively safely. Once on the ship, however, Kali has no way to protect her team or deal with enemy explorers. In short, she’s good at getting to the end of the game, but pretty bad at winning.

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