Samsung’s new TV lineup is actually a mere “start” and will likely be followed by more innovation in the near future. If you’re looking for an upgrade now, though, this could work out well for you as TVs are typically one of the least expensive items at any given time.

Samsung has been caught cheating in TV benchmarks. Samsung was found to be using a secret chip that would modify the performance of their TVs, which is against the law. Read more in detail here: cheating in a relationship.

Samsung-Caught-Cheating-in-TV-BenchmarksImage courtesy of Samsung

According to recent investigations by FlatPanelsHD and HDTVTest’s Vincent Teoh, Samsung has been detected cheating in TV benchmarks. The studies detail and show how the business has built its TVs to “recognize and respond to test patterns employed by reviewers.” Samsung seems to have created hacks such as those found in the QN95B Neo QLED 4K Smart TV, which supposedly “changes its color and luminance tracking during measurements to look highly precise” and “boosts peak brightness by up to 80 percent, from approx. 1,300 nits to 2,300 nits.” In its article, FlatPanelsHD said that it has tested the set and discovered that it never exceeded 1,300 nits with genuine material. A software update has been promised by Samsung.

In a response to FlatpanelsHD, Samsung said, “Samsung is dedicated to constant innovation to give the finest image quality to our users.” “To provide users a more dynamic viewing experience, Samsung will release a software update that maintains constant brightness of HDR content across a broader range of window sizes than the industry standard,” says Samsung.

“The S95B upgrade has been completed, and the QN95B update will be released shortly,” the business stated.


For HDR testing, reviewers, calibrators, and certification agencies commonly utilize a 10% window, which essentially implies that it takes up 10% of the screen. Multiple steps from black to white, as well as a set of colors, are measured in this window. Samsung TVs are programmed to identify this and other regularly used window sizes, and then modify the image output to make measurements look more precise than they are. The cheating mechanism may be circumvented by choosing a non-standard window, such as 9% (all else equal), allowing the TV to display its genuine colors.

FlatPanelsHD is the source of this image.

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