Set: Sakuna: Rice and ruins
Genre: Platform, simulation, action, role-playing
System:Nintendo Switch (also on steam and PS4)
Developer: Incredible (XSEED) | Edelweiss
Age classification:EU 16+ | USA Teenager
Price:EU 39,99 EUR | UK 34,99
Issue date: 10. November 2020. (20 November is the deadline for publication worldwide)

The revision of the code is being used, in particular thanks to Amazing Europe and Decibel-PR!

Welcome to the world of Sakuna: Or Rice and Ruin, brought by the developers who created Astebreed and by the publishers who brought us games like Story or Seasons Trio or Towns and Ys Origins.

Sakuna: Rice and ruin has been in development for PS4 and PC since 2017. Despite the fact that the game was scheduled for 2018, it kept the fans on tenterhooks and seems to have been worth it for everyone present.  In 2019, we learned that he also wanted to make the Nintendo Switch. A year later, it gets a physical version for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Interest in the game has increased, and I expect Sakuna-san to make it fantastic when it comes out.

To see the preview, try this.

I’m sure you all already know most of the following, but for those of you who may not know, beware, the SPYLERS will be spying on you!

How did we get here?!

The spoiled goddess, Princess Sakuna, daughter of the harvest goddess Toyohana and the military god Thakeribi, goes through life shamelessly. With her mother’s rice, she makes an annual sacrifice for Miss Kamuhitsuki and the tree of creation. Instead, she uses her time to read, relax and consume unpleasant amounts of alcohol. Sakuna’s best friend, Kokorowa, has to work hard all year round to make an offer that is big enough. But their friendship lasted many years, they would never intentionally hurt each other.

Oh no…. forbidden!

After Sakuna accidentally set fire to the Divine Barn with the sacrifices for Miss Kamuhitsuki, she was banished. The human children who followed Sakuna over the aerial floating bridge to the kingdom of Lofti, the island of the demons, or Hinoe, as it is called by the locals, were also chased away. Sakuna is responsible for the protection of the capital while banished the demons known as the Hindu House and ensured the safety of the men’s children.

The children of men or people are a motley group of 5 people. Tauemon is a samurai bandit, Myrta a cook, Yui a sea sister, Kinta a blacksmith and Caymaru a boy with few words. Each group has its own strengths that will help you further. Each of them also has its own weaknesses and peculiarities, which will be shown together throughout the journey.

All these people were on the floating bridge for the same reason: another man named Ishimaru. Ishimaru seized a group of Father Kaymaru’s gangs and killed him. As part of the slave trade, he acquired Yui, Kinta and Myrta. On the run for their lives, they all met Sakuna when she pushed Ishimara out of the floating airlift.

After the burglary of her mother’s house on Hinoe Island, Sakuna and the locals started planting a rice field next to the house the family had built. Every year you go through all stages of rice cultivation. I’ll touch it later.

Наконец-то немного гармонии

Introduction to reversing things with

When you disembark for the first time and take control of Sakuna, you’ll be in the cave where your boat lands. This simple tunnel leads you through the basics of reconnaissance and combat. Use the 2-D scrolling side background to wave your farm tools at evil rabbits, wild boars, birds and more! Explore the possibilities of using divine swimming to cross a room or climb rocks you can’t just jump over.

All studies and battles take place in 2D levels, each with its own name and research. When you select a layer in which you want to dive, you can move around on the Hinoe map by selecting the desired layer. The more we make progress, the more points appear on the map. There are collection points where people can be sent if they have some protection, and there are writings that Sakuna can research and get good parts of the necessary material.

Over time, you will acquire combat and regimental skills. Each of them has four slots for equipping people-on-human skills and feelings, some of which are awful! Every time you use a fighting technique, your skills improve. I haven’t found a skill level limit yet. Although towel skills do not raise the level or skill, they are so varied that they are not necessary. Although it seems a bit difficult to enable features on the web, I usually use it to browse the area.

Fighting Enemies Together

But when you come to a new house in Hinoe, your mother’s old house, things change. You are now in an outdoor area where you can move freely. On this hill, which you now call your home, you can build extra huts to house a forge and a loom, there is even a chicken coop that can be built for Caymaru’s feathered friends. On top of the hill there are two huts, one is a hut where you can spend the night and the other is a hut where everything around the rice is stored.

In the middle of the terrain is a rice field, which is a reasonable size for one person. Each year you go through a cycle of planting, sorting, threshing and transplanting rice coals. You can do it yourself, but you can also give the task to someone else. If you decide that you have more important things to do than working in the field, you can expect to get a smaller batch of rice of inferior quality.

During Sakuna, I always had something to do, whether it was fighting a lot of demons, checking the harvest or trying to find some material. Progress seems to be quite natural for most games. It’s only upset me a few times, but I think that’s because I have no experience with platforms.

Rice is Power

Atmospheric Salvation

Sakuna: Rice and ruin is derived from Japanese mythology, in particular the pantheon. Despite the fact that The Amazing still adds its own additions to the story, it fits in very well. By using Japanese music, Sakuna is obliged to play with sound. The music is always adapted to every situation Sakuna finds himself in, whether it’s good or bad.

And the graphics, oh, my God, they’re great. The way the daily cycle influences the mood is beautiful, watching the sunset on the estate, watching Hinoe is really a great place. In fact, the whole game is breathtaking. The details are there, it’s always a bit far or under your feet!

Each character is well thought out, has its own personality, with flaws and strengths. The expression on their faces is perfect, sometimes it’s almost like watching a 3D animation film. And the way they designed the interaction between them all really makes you feel like you recognize them all. Whether it’s an unloved or a loved one, the effort invested in the characters is deeply felt.

Dinner Awards

Sakuna: Or Rice and Ruins has a decent price and no big brackets like Nintendo. But for Sakuna, it’s more than reasonable. Less than a month in the game and I’m still in it. Although I don’t normally like people on stage, Sakuna has ticked all the boxes I need. My love for agriculture, combined with my fighting style, makes the game complete and exciting.

I’m going to recommend this game to almost everyone. He’s got most of the stuff, but he can turn it on without any problems. Other games can feel the thrill of mixing styles or genres, but Amazing succeeds, almost deliberately.

To check the official Sakuna: The website of Rice and Ruins can be found here.

Final verdict: Two fingers up

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