Players of Rust have experienced many issues with server connectivity and PC performance since its early release in 2013. It was filled with unstable servers and mostly unplayable frames. Although the game has undergone significant changes in gameplay and the game engine has been ported to Unity 5, many problems continue to haunt players. This is mainly due to the PvP nature of the game and the need to be online, as the game is currently multiplayer. So let’s see how we can fix misalignment and stuttering in the rust. Follow these steps to reduce slowdown and other major problems like screen drops in Rust.

Correct freezing, slowing and stuttering 2021

Rust: How To Fix Lag And Stuttering 2021

The first and most important part is to confirm that you meet the recommended requirements or minimum specifications, as outlined below. This prevents the game from becoming too slow.

Minimum requirements for the network

  • Q : Intel Core I7-3770 / AMD Fx-9590 or higher
  • Taran! 8 GB
  • OS : Windows 7 64bit
  • Graphics card : GTX 670 2gb / AMD R9 280 Better
  • Dedicated video image : 2048 MB

Rust Recommended requirements

  • Q : Intel Core I7-4690k / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Taran! 16GB
  • OS : Windows 10 64bit
  • Graphics card : GTX 980 / AMD R9 Fury
  • Dedicated video image : 4096 MB

If you meet these requirements and are still experiencing problems, try reducing your graphics settings to get playable images. Also try switching servers, as some servers are constantly lagging. It also depends on your ping.

After reaching playable frames and attempting to switch servers, follow these steps to resolve remaining latency and other issues.

Restart your PC to correct the offset and stuttering in the grid

If the game crashes, it is best to close the game using Task Manager and restart the entire PC. This allows you to reboot the operating system and fix minor problems. If you are still having problems, continue with the following points.

Update your graphics driver

The new GPU driver updates include several bug fixes and rust fixes. The driver update to the latest version fixes the issues that the manufacturer of the affected GPU chipset may have fixed.

Change of power

Open the control panel, go to Power Options and set the power plan to High Performance instead of Balanced mode.

Restoring a simple anti-heat system

Easy Anti Cheat from Epic Games, is the basis of rust. So we need to make sure it’s not corrupted in any way. To do this, find easyanticheat in your PC directory. Once you have found EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, open it as administrator. Select Rust from the drop-down list and click Restore Service. This requires you to check and fix any bugs in the anti-cheating system.

Make sure you drop thebeta pair.

Make sure you use the stable version of Steam instead of the beta, as many users have reported on various forums that this has solved many of their problems with Rust. To do this, go to the password settings and click the Edit button in the Beta Account section of the account. Click NONE – Disable all beta programs in the drop-down list and confirm.

End of unnecessary programs in the background

Rest needs all the resources your pc can provide at any given time. So before you start the game, make sure you finish all the unnecessary tasks that put valuable resources on the back burner.

Steam operation in administrator mode

To ensure that Rust has full access to all important files on your PC, run Steam as an administrator.

Rasta Game File Integrity Check

As with any game on Steam, go to your Steam library, right click on Rust and go to Properties. On the Local Files tab, select the Check game file integrity option. This will trigger a scan and cross-check of all your game files.

Define affinity with process

When the scan is complete, the game starts. Once Rust has started, press the Windows logo key to minimize the game. Go to Task Manager>Details Tab> Rust> Right click on Rust> Set Affinity.
Check and enable all options in the next window, as this will allow you to use complete processor cores in the game.

Adjustment of start parameters in pair

Go to Properties by right clicking on Rust in your steam library. On the General tab, click the SET button. Replace any code in the field with the code shown below.
high -maxMem=16384 -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -winxp -nolog -force-d3d11
The maximum memory size in the above code should be changed as shown below. We are using a 16 GB installation, so we entered 16384 after -maxMem=.

  • 4GB = 4096
  • 6GB = 6144
  • 8GB = 8192
  • 12GB = 12288
  • 16GB = 16384
  • 24GB = 24576
  • 32 GB = 32768
  • 64GB = 65536

You need to change yours depending on the size of your system’s RAM. Then run Rest and see if this code works for you. If not, you’ll need to go back to your old launch option code if you had one. Or delete it completely and try again.

Reinstall kit to fix offset and stutter in rust

If none of the above solutions work for you, it’s time to perform a full uninstall, including all logs and files from the game system. Then perform a full reinstallation and make sure the process is complete.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix slowing down and stuttering in Rest. If you follow these steps one by one, you should solve all major Rest problems.

If you are a beginner or already love wildlife, we also have some guides to help you survive in the wild. See all our guides on rust:


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