In this guide, you will learn how to win the checkout scenario in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum. If you are one of the players who have struggled to realize this scenario in the game, this guide is for you.

Cash flow scenario

Cash Flow Scenario Guide


Success goals for students:

  1. Maintain Park 300 for at least a month.
  2. The VIP Cami O will be on site and is not allowed to find garbage.

This scenario starts with a small amount of money and a space to build. Start at a normal rate and stay at a normal rate, at least until you make regular money. Build a path from the main entrance to the left. Then along the wall (to the bottom of the screen), so there is room for more stuff on the right side of the line. You need space, so use the second possible space on the left side of the wall in front of your path.

Cash flow scenario

In the queue of the studio tour (orange and white) you can remove the wall part and link your path on the left side to the path already embedded in the script. You can remove a wall element by opening the Paths menu and right-clicking on the wall element to be removed. Then make a path. It’s easier to illuminate.

Mine is a bit different from the beginning of the script because I removed a few buildings near the waiting area for the studio tour. Other than that, it’s just like the original.

First open the menu of the attractions. Select a motion simulator and place it on the top left of your new main course. Just like in the screenshot. I chose it because it’s an exciting vehicle, it’s readily available, it fits in the space and I have the money to buy it. Add path squares to connect the queue and output to the main path.

Build inspiring rides, they attract most people. Click on the Finance icon and increase the price to $3. Click on the Details icon and add music. Press the yellow flag to run the test for one minute, then switch to the green flag. To the right of the main trail are the toilets, the ambiance, the restaurant and the drinks bar.

For the bathroom and the ATM you have to click on the green flags. Nothing is used in open spaces that are not marked with a green flag. For each position you have to click on the green flag.

For restaurants, open the items sold icon and increase the price of everything by one dollar. Click on the synchronization square in the lower left corner of the window. Add two more rides on the left side of the main road. I chose Top Spin and TNT Vortex again because they are exciting rides, affordable, space-saving and good value for money. Add path squares to connect the queue and output to the main path.

Click on the Finance icon on each trip and increase the price up to $3. Click on the Details icon and add music. Press the yellow flag to run the test for one minute, then switch to the green flag.

Hire two mechanics and train them twice ($50 and $100). Hire three cleaners and train them both. You should have a lot of money now. Don’t take out a loan because you have to pay interest and you don’t need the loan yet.

Increase the speed of the triangle game and keep an eye on your money, it should increase steadily. Continue the game at a fast pace until you have about $3,000. You’ll need it to build other things.

Cash flow scenario

While you wait, you’re gonna clean the three restaurants that came up with the script. You’re sitting under the raised yellow rail in the park, at the bottom of the screen, under the animatronic oil well. Click on the restaurant, click on the detail icon and click on the garbage can. They pay to operate and they lose money. I also removed parts of the path that had been added to get there, steps. Leave the main road on your left, you should be able to control the beeps on the right side of the park. In the meantime, Kami O arrives and passes the first targets.


Objectives at the level of the entrepreneur:

  1. The Cami O VIP will visit and should not notice that the rides are often not in order.
  2. Maintain a Park 500 rating for at least two months.
  3. Make $100 a month.

Cash flow scenario

If you have saved enough money, add rides on the left side of the park. I decided to choose a double rotor, a rotor and another TNT vortex. Raise their prices, adjust their music, connect them to the main track. Let the test mode (yellow flag) run for one minute and then switch to the green mode. Don’t forget to just build thrill rides.

Add an information booth and keep it to the right of the main trail. Increase the prices and click on the green flags. Keep the game on the fast track, you’re making money now. Wait a minute if the money’s tight. Let it build up a little. It will grow faster because you have more to spend.

Hire as many concierges as possible so that you have a total of five, all with at least double training, preferably triple. Hire enough mechanics to have a total of four, all trained at least twice, better three times. Hire three guards and train them two or three times. Three is better.

If you’ve got the money, add another bathroom and atmosphere, on the floor. Add a few restaurants and a liquor stall. Raise your prices. Put them all in green.

Run the game at maximum speed until you have four thousand dollars or more. While you wait, Kami O comes to you and passes the entrepreneurial level.


Tycoon level targets:

  1. The Cami O VIP will be a real roller coaster, which is at least the excitement of a seventh grade.
  2. Your park rating will remain at 700 for at least three months.

Cash flow scenario

The screenshot, under the roller coaster, shows this large animatronic truck. The upper limit is a steel rail already integrated in the scenario. You have to open the path menu and right click on the gate to go to the right side of the park.

If you save $4,000, take out a $10,000 loan. Click on Park Administration, Finance on the left side of the screen. You can take credit for it at the top. Set it to $10,000. (If you want to continue playing this scenario after you reach Tycoon’s goal, pay off this loan when you have about $12,000. Remember that you must pay interest on this amount and not indefinitely).

Now you can buy your own roller coaster. The only one I see that has an exciting value higher than 7 and could fit in this park is the sexless Rolling Thunder roller coaster.

Place it in the top right corner of the park, as shown on the screenshot. Put it in test mode, increase the price to $5, select music, put it in green mode.

Build paths and queues to meet the path coming from the left side of the park, as shown in the screenshot. The construction of sanitary facilities, an ATM, restaurants, shops and other exciting attractions will lure people to this part of the park and make them happy.

Cash flow scenario

Open the scenarios. Do you see the little red and blue markings on the right side next to the flag? Click here. Open the VIP box. Close the Scenario Targets field.

Now go to the roller coaster desk and click on it. You should see a blue column, and in the box of the VIP route is Rolling Thunder.

Cash flow scenario

Once this is done, you can close the road to the VIP Lodge. The next time Kami O. visits your park, she will ride the roller coaster and enjoy it.

If all the objectives of the scenario have not yet been achieved, you have to do what I said to get the score from the park and let the game run for a while in fast mode.

Congratulations, you’re a checkout tycoon.

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