Rogue Legacy 2 has been out for a while now, but it’s still one of the best platformers around. The game is jam-packed with hidden secrets and items that you can use to create your perfect character. Finding all the heirlooms will take some time though! This guide will show you how to find them all in Rogue Legacy 2!

The “rogue legacy 2 heirlooms” is a list of all the items in Rogue Legacy. This list will help you find all the heirloom items that you can use to upgrade your character’s stats. The list also includes what level each item is found at, and where it can be found.

Rogue Legacy 2 All Heirloom List & How To Find Them

Rogue Legacy 2

Heirlooms are new items in Rogue Legacy 2 that are introduced as new content. In Rogue Legacy 2, you may develop your gaming characters over time by using Heirlooms. You won’t be able to proceed through some levels until you get the heirlooms. The heirloom chamber may be found by looking for the icon shown on it.

You’ll discover the statue to pray and enter the puzzle in the heirloom room, which has an orange candle-like emblem. You’ll get the heirloom if you finish the puzzle. You will not get the heirloom if your character dies while finishing the task.

This page will provide you with a list of Heirlooms that are currently available in the game. Along with this, you’ll learn how to locate all Heirlooms as well as crucial information about them.

All Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2.

The following is a list of all Heirlooms in the game:

Shawl of Anake

The first Heirloom you’ll uncover in Rogue Legacy 2 is Anake’s Shawl. The Anake’s Shawl may be found and obtained in the game’s introduction or early stages. You must visit a statue in Citadel Agartha at the start of the game. The Anake’s Shawl Heirloom may be found at this location. Interact with the statue and complete the assignment to get the Anake’s Shawl Heirloom. Anake’s Shawl enables players to sprint in mid-air, which is very useful for platforming and avoiding enemy attacks. It’s also essential to access Estuary Lamech’s boss chamber.

Tome of Aesop

To get Aesop’s Tome, you must return to Citadel Agartha, but this time seek for a different statue. Keep an eye out for the fat-shaming monument in the Citadel Agartha. When you locate this statue, you will be sent to a new challenge area where you must accomplish a task in order to get Aesop’s Tome Heirloom. Aesop’s Tome has the ability to help you interpret memories and alleviate nightmares.

Boots of Echo

Getting your hands on Echo’s Boots may be difficult and confusing. You must first go to Axis Mundi. You must first pass through a gate and then down a ramp to reach Axis Mundi. With a flashlight, you can Spin Kick-off through a large space ahead of you. Without a few more hops, you won’t be able to clear the distance.

Returning to the previous section, you’ll see a series of lamps above you that you may utilize to reach the top right corner of the chamber. Climb to the top of the interior of the tower and jump down the left side to reach the Heirloom statue via the opening there. You may use the Echo’s Boots to Spin Kick-off Resonant Surfaces while simultaneously resetting your Air Dash.

Wings of Aether

Keep one thing in mind that you have to first acquire the Echo’s Boots in order to acquire Wings of Aether After acquiring the Echo’s Boots, you will have to go to the end of the Far Shores in the Kerguelen Plateau.

To cross the lake at the end of the Far Shores, you’ll have to employ Spin Kicks. After crossing the stream, you’ll come upon an heirloom statue. To begin the task, interact with the Heirloom statue. If you double jump your way to the finish, you’ll earn the Aether’s Wings Heirloom.

Bell of Void

The Void Bell is the most useful Heirloom in the Rogue Legacy 2. You can randomly find the Void Bell in the Stygian Study region. While rooming in the Stygian Study region, you have to keep your eyes open as there is no fixed location in which you can find Bell of Void Keeping rooming in the Stygian Study Region, and you will get Void Bell Heirloom randomly.

You may transform Dash into the Void Dash by using the Void Bell. Normal Dash is significantly shorter than Void Dash.

The Sun Lantern

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Sun Lantern is the last Heirloom in the list of all Heirlooms. You must get entry to the Pishon Dry Lake in order to obtain Sun Lantern. You must beat Estuary Irad in the Sun Tower to get entrance to the Pishon Dry Lake. The Pishon Dry Lake is accessible after defeating Estuary Irad in the Sun Tower.

Now go to the Pishon Dry Lake, which lies underneath Citadel Agartha. You’ll encounter the Nameless Knight at the Pishon Dry Lake, who will grant you the Sun Lantern Heirloom. Sun Lantern’s job is to increase your light radius and enable you to roam across the region.

The “rogue legacy 2 aesop challenge” is an achievement in the game Rogue Legacy. It requires players to complete the Aesop’s Fables quest, which can be found in Chapter 3. The player will need to find all of the heirlooms and use them to defeat the final boss.

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