Hi-Rez Studios has released the first 2021 update for Rogue today. All the details on this patch of 13. Below is the month of January.

The 1.45 update for Rogue is now available for download. On PS4, you need to download and install 4.1 GB. The size of the load may vary depending on the platform. Today’s January update includes new modes, settings and time-limited bug fixes.

Observations of false companies 1.45

New time-limited mode : Winger

Designed for intense, high-stakes battles, this new mode allows you and your partner to fight against another team of two on smaller battle maps. They rely on a teammate to quickly neutralize their opponents.

Standard slave (coming soon)

  • Each player has only one life.
  • Each game is a best of 9.
  • Each round takes only 45 seconds.
  • Destroy all members of the opposing team to win.
  • If neither team is eliminated at the end of the round, a goal is scored in the middle of the map. The first team to catch it wins the round.

Wingmen’s strike (available with update!)

  • Each team has 6 tickets.
  • Each game is a best of 5.
  • Each round lasts 2 minutes.
  • Destroy all enemy cards to win.
  • Catching a target also eliminates a ticket from the opposing team every 30 seconds.

New restricted mode : Countdown clock

This brand new mode requires flexibility as your team tries to control the bomb and prevent enemies from defeating you.

  • Each game is a best of 5.
  • Teams start each round with 90 tickets.
  • For every second you hold the bomb, the other team loses a ticket.
  • There are fractures, similar to strikes.
  • The shop will be available at the beginning of each round.
  • The bomb is transported as an object.

Shooting cards:


Designed to simulate combat in an industrial environment, the depot provides wide sight lines to track enemy movements and rapid skirmishes.


This area of Snape was built to simulate close combat and urban warfare. The alleys and abandoned buildings give players a chance to get out of the way and get smarter.



  • Fixed a problem where the nanoroke grenade was launched immediately.


  • Meg’s Gloves recovery time has been reduced.


A3 Salvo

  • Switching from one shot to two shots.
  • Head damage went from 20 to 24 per shot.
  • Bodily injuries went from 13 to 19.
  • The percentage of fires increased from 3.03 to 3.92.

LW6 Revolver (Dallas)

  • The maximum damage caused by falls has been increased.

P12K (Ghost, Heel)

  • The size of the magazine has been increased from 7 to 8.
  • The second phase of the upgrade increases the size of the magazines from 12 to 14.

Dash (Fix)

  • The shooting range has been reduced from 70 to 40 metres.



  • The flash duration is reduced from 3.5 s to 3 s.

Adhesive sensor

  • Adjust the volume of the gadget.
  • Increased casting speed to match other gadgets.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the reveal area to be moved around.

Tear gas grenade

  • Increased robustness to the disorienting effect of the gas.



  • It no longer provides immunity to ongoing stress. Sticky Sensor and Nano Smoke will always unlock counterspells.
  • Stealth reduces the Dallas Tracker lap time by 50%.
  • This change has no effect on the Lancer.


  •  Previously, the time it took to begin health recovery was reduced by 2 seconds. In addition to reducing this time, Bounce Back now gives players 30 health per second instead of 20. The total time required to achieve optimal health will be significantly less.

Quality of life :

  • Aligned votes in ranked games without eliminating a team member may be cast after 8 minutes.


  • A problem solved that prevented progress in good company
  • Map of the glacier
    • The bomb can no longer be thrown by walls under a crane at the attacker’s spawn.
    • Problems with the texture of the ship’s mast and the submarine are solved.
    • Fixed a collision problem where the camera hit the hull of a ship near lightning on either side of the map.
    • Fixed a bug that caused no ripple effects near the left lightning.
  • Melee weapons launched at Sigrid’s shield no longer come at unusual angles.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from using the scoreboard report feature when it was fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where players with Headstrong would show incorrect damage.
  • Weapons used during the animation of the criminal’s menu now properly disappear when the criminal is behaving behind his back.
  • Reloading while dodging should no longer result in a floating weapon animation.
  • In Time Limited Mode Arms Race, players do not rest in Chimera after death.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the goal from being displayed at minimum level for consoles in Strikeout.

Source : Reddit

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