Today Hi-Rez Studios released a big update of Fixins for Rogue Company. Below you will find all details about this patch of 4. November.

The 1.38 update for Rogue is now available for download. You need to download and install 7.2 GB on PS4. The size of the load may vary depending on the platform.

Malicious company identification note 1.38 – Corrigendum


When the elite of the world has problems they are desperately trying to solve and no one else can help them, Fixer quickly finds a solution and an agreement. He is an excellent sniper, and if someone decides to accept his terms, the price is high. He sells favors, and you never know when he’ll come looking for them.

Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4



Tyr sniper rifle – .50 caliber bolt rifle.

  • damage to the body: 70
  • The speed of fire: 3.85
  • Reach: 50
  • Treatment : 15
  • A magic waistline: 2
  • It’s time to charge: 2.4


Secondary education

(New) order

Semi-automatic, flat, lightweight firearm with high firing rate.

  • damage to the body: 21
  • The speed of fire: 6.9
  • Reach: 14
  • Treatment : 28
  • A magic waistline: 15
  • It’s time to charge: 1.7


In Bold

  • Shredding rounds
  • Berserker
  • a helping hand
  • Backup
  • Drainage of life
  • Hedstrong

Active power

Thermal vision: During activation, observe the enemy’s heat signals for a certain period of time.

Passive capacity

Shrapnel: Joint damage to the enemy slows him down for a while.

Award of Excellence


Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4


Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4


Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4

Spray can

Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4


The bogeyman



The Ranking Beta is a competitive game mode designed to test each villain’s skills and provide more intense gameplay than queues.  It is currently in the beta phase, with more possibilities and more play/return time in the near future.

  • Players must be at level 30 to participate in this mode.
  • Players can reach up to 30 ranking levels through their gaming experience.
  • However, if you win matches in the rankings, you lose experience if you lose.
  • There are rewards for playing 30 rankings and reaching level 30 in beta testing.
  • Rating Beta is played in demolition mode.
  • The beta version of the rating will not use the current method of skill games and will give priority to games in which players have similar skills.
  • In this mode, players can line up at a party of any size.
  • Ranked beta competitions reward 10% more experience.

Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4



Adjust the center by opening the windows and moving the lid.

Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4

High Castle

Adaptation of the area near the tower bridge over the fortress by repositioning the cover and adding the rear to allow grenades to bounce.

Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4


Simplification of furniture and railings in different places on the map.


Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4

After that.

Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4


Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4

After that.

Rogue Company Update 1.38 is out – Patch Notes on November 4



Solved a problem that prevented an anvil from deploying his barricade.


Perk rollback (reduction of health restoration time) has been replaced by viscosity (reduction of explosion damage).


The Ronin ballistic knife may not be used if the player turns it over and the team.


Problem solved where the green hue could be perceived from the activated possibilities.


The Tenacity Perk (reducing damage caused by explosives) has been replaced by the Helping Hand (faster recovery of teammates).


Lightning Bang (Chaac, Gl1tch, Heel)

  • The fuse response time has been reduced from 2 to 1.75 seconds.
  • A bug fixed in which players sometimes saw the enemy shooting marker out of range of the Flashbang.

Granada EMP (Dallas, Dima, Scorch)

  • Extended radius from 6 to 8 meters.

Crack gas grenade (trench, St. John’s)

  • The beam has been reduced from 10 to 8 meters.
  • The time has been reduced from 8 to 7 seconds.
  • The slow effect was reduced from 25% to 20%.


Strong update (Anvil, Dallas, Gl1tch, Scorch, The Fixer and Ditch)

If a player’s harness is damaged and he stands still, he can repair it.

  • Total repair time 3 seconds
  • As with a recovery, players squat temporarily and the recovery ends when a player moves.
  • An audible warning will sound for the duration of the repair.
  • When a player stops or interrupts the repair of his armor, he must take his weapon with him.
  • They must not come into contact with other objects during repair.

Let us know what you think!



Ka30 (Dima, Ronin)

  • The flowering of the net has diminished.


Shadow for the night. (Vy)

  • Physical injuries went from 16 to 17.
  • The loss of accuracy of a shot is slightly reduced.

SL-C (Ronin, burn marks)

  • Fixed an issue where the output was not correct when updating levels 1 and 2.


D3D-i (Heel, Fix)

  • The accuracy of the hip shot is slightly reduced.
  • Damage range correction.

Mamba (Dima, Saint)

  • The flying range has been increased from 27 to 29 meters.
  • The horizontal kickback is slightly reduced.

MX-R (Dahlia, trench)

  • The accuracy of the hip shot is slightly reduced.
  • The distance is reduced from 31 to 27 meters.
  • Damage range correction.
  • Fixed an issue where players still appear on the minimap when shooting after purchasing a level 3 upgrade.
  • The problem was solved when these weapons had a lower net flowering than expected.


Spitfire. (Chuck, Lanser, Ronin)

  • Particle dispersion has decreased.
  • The range has been increased from 8 to 9 meters.
  • Damage range correction.

Torturers (Anvil, Dalia, Dima, Gl1tch, Saint, Trench, Vy)

  • The range of requests has been reduced.


  • Added a telemetry setting that allows players to view FPS information.
  • 3D audio that works with stereo headphones can now be switched on and off in the preferences.
  • Improve the illumination when you select Rogue.
  • Shells, envelopes and emotions are now sorted by rarity on the control panel.
  • Changes in the goods to be returned
    • The waiting time for passage through customs games has been abolished. He can be called anytime now.
    • Reduction of the time needed for the start of the transfer after the player’s departure from 3 to 2 minutes.
    • The standard delivery time has been reduced to 4 minutes (can be called up when a job is executed).


  • The PlayStation 4 now remembers the last mode played, instead of using it by default in Destroy mode.
  • Correction of the exploit using the target via the dead zone parameters.
  • Solved a problem where the silver effect of Heist Dima could persist when a new criminal was selected in the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players who had finished the tutorial to retrieve the login popup.
  • Solved a problem that allowed players to drop melee weapons indefinitely.
  • Fixed a bug that made the message bar appear every time a user logged in.
  • A bug fixed in which killing your rascal with a C4 on a shooting range caused an accident.
  • Fixed a problem where a bomb could be placed above the APS.
  • Fixed distance between the surrender rules (surrender: Yes, surrender: Yes granted).
  • Fixed a bug in the user interface that sometimes blocked the purchase screen after purchase and did not allow the user to return to the main menu.
  • He has solved a number of problems that have led to accidents.
  • A solution if players couldn’t shoot through barbed wire.
  • Fixed a bug that forced players to replay the tutorial.
  • Resolved a problem that sometimes prevented rogue buck packets and other memory content from being loaded.
  • Correction of accidents that could have happened to players while playing a game and on the preview screen after the end of a game.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from opening the scoreboard and selecting a player to signal or mute.
  • Fixed an issue where some controller settings inadvertently allowed help with targeting.

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