Captain Tsubasa: The rise of the new champion starts a few years after what we saw in Anime, when our favorite players joined the Japanese youth team and played in the finals against Germany. At the height of this game, we invite you to participate in all the events of the past that have led Tsubas Ozor and his team to this epic moment.

We can choose two different stories. Episode: Tsubasa follows the adventures of the anime and the episode: A new hero with a whole new story. If we decide to start with the story of Tsubas Osor, we go back to his origins in high school, just after his mentor, Roberto Hongo, returned to Brazil when Nankatsu Tsubas won the national championship against Huga Toho de Kojiro. Anime fans should eat this.

Each game is full of incredible storylines that allow you to learn more about your rivals and their special plans, as well as discover a cinematic film that honours the work of Yoichi Takahashi in an extraordinary way. If you’re not very familiar with anime, the same game mode gives you access to additional content to help you understand Tsubasa’s story from the start. If you really want to have a complete experience at this stage, you can take a look at the show itself to get fully involved.

The new Hero mode is a completely different story (set after the Arc of Tsubas), in which you create your character from scratch, include him in the team of your favourite school (you have three options) and guide him until he’s good enough to join the Japanese national team. In this case, the story is a little more complicated than Tsubas’, and we can choose the answers that influence the story in the dialogue scenes for the games. It mixes the RPG component with the action of an arcade soccer game to give you a real sense of progress as you constantly improve your character as you progress.

There’s a lot of game here. Both stories required more than 20 hours of play for one player, and the New Hero mode can be repeated with different stories by selecting one of the other three competing schools.

Captain Tsubasa: The rise of the new champions escapes the game simulator to stay true to the animated series. The game system is simple and perfectly reflects the games we’ve seen on TV. In this case, the mood of the players is reflected in the form of the ghost above their heads, which is automatically reconstituted and reduced during special actions (dribbling, running or shooting at the goal). On the other hand, the goalkeeper’s post is emptied at each stop, so that – in a simplified version of football – the game consists of exhausting the opponent to the point that a goal is finally scored.

It takes a while for the swips and drops to be effective, but we got used to it in a very short time and the game itself is very intuitive. Each team plays with its own tactics and unlocking each player’s shot marks is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the game. In order not to lose the rhythm, it is impossible to commit a foul or get a yellow or red card. That’s why sometimes we think it’s the best combination of fighting and soccer, and it’s a perfect fit.

As mentioned before, the plot mode is quite intense and you will have a lot to do. If you prefer to play in multiplayer mode, you can play locally with four players or online against a friend. The game caught our attention with its large amount of unlockable content of all kinds, which encouraged us to keep playing for more rewards.

Captain Tzubassa’s technical section is beautiful. The reconstruction of the players with the Celtic hue (cartoon-like 3D models) is great, and the playing fields are just as spectacular as in my youth, always filled to the brim as if it were the Champions League final and not a bit of school football. The animations and effects are neat, and they leave effects on the lawn, even after the strongest images. One of the things that makes this game pretty good is that you feel in control of the story and the game, while in reality every action of the opponent is very well thought out to result in an incredible cinematic sequence and an unexpected goal that turns these situations around and adds more excitement to the game.

But not everything is perfect. Weaknesses are a few frame drops and dirty AI players over which you have no control, who sometimes seem to get lost on the field, especially just after losing the ball, and sometimes they don’t seem to be following the action properly. If you’re not a big reader and want to get straight to the point, you may find some of the dialogues and background stories a bit too long and end up missing the most. Again, this is more of a service game for the fans, which means that beginners can push the whole anime a bit.

In short, this is not a game for fans of football simulation like FIFA or PES, but it is the right choice if you are an anime fan or a big fan of this saga. Personally I grew up with the early versions of soccer games like International Superstar Soccer and Winning Eleven, when soccer games were about scoring points and having fun despite the mechanics or great graphics. So, to be part of Zubasa’s history through this game, I had enough experience, gained almost 20 years after playing some of their previous versions on the SNES and immediately after completing one of the last restart of their anime, which was released in 2018. Having grown up with Tsubas and his friends in the nineties, it can be said that Bandai Namco made a great effort to win the title, true to the nostalgia of the most passionate fans, and to offer an entertaining arcade game, full of hours of football and fun.

Captain Tsubasa: Assessment of new champions

  • Graphs – 7.5/10
  • Noise – 7.5/10
  • The gameplay is 8/10.
  • Late appeal – 7,5/10


Final remarks : GOOD PLACES

Captain Tsubas is an entertaining arcade football game that perfectly reflects the world of Tsubas and his friends by experiencing the peaks of the manga and cartoon series. Each game is a unique experience, and the storyline offers hours of fun and gameplay. Technically, it is not designed to compete with the most popular football games, but it remains a difficult alternative to play alone or with friends. If you like anime, go for it!

Pancho is a fan of video games and the culture of old school geeks, podcasters and gamers, ready to go back to the 90s and get stuck there forever!

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