Rims, the game is an intense rally racing game that takes players through over 18 tracks in a futuristic world. The goal of each race is to finish first while avoiding obstacles and trying not to crash into opponents. Players take turns using their trackpad or mouse in order to steer around corners with precision timing; all while competing against other human opponents for victory!

The “RiMS Racing – A Strong Entry into the Racing Genre” is a game that has been released recently. The game has a strong entry into the racing genre, and also includes an extensive track list.

Review: RiMS Racing

RiMS Racing is a new motorcycle racing simulator developed by Raceward Studios and distributed by NACON that is more than just a normal racing game. Following the release of numerous AAA car racing games in recent years, motorbike racing fans have been waiting for a decent motorcycle racing simulator, and now Raceward Studios has released RiMS Racing, which is essentially a realistic motorcycle simulator that allows you to maintain, race, and upgrade motorcycles. This is our RiMS Racing review, in which we experience the thrill of speed on two wheels while while ensuring that our bike stays in great shape.

From the first lap in RiMS Racing, you’ll see that this isn’t your typical bike racing game. Starting with a tutorial lap on Belgium’s Circuit Zolder, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the game before moving on to the main Career mode, where you’ll spend the most of your time. The Career is RiMS Racing’s major single-player game, and it’s here that you’ll learn all there is to know about your bike and how to become a RiMS Racing Pro Champion by competing in numerous championships and tournaments. During a season, the Career provides you with a diverse selection of 70 events.

Review: RiMS Racing

These events vary from standard Sponsored Races to 1v1 battles to Academy Events in which the game puts you through a series of tests. The primary Career Mode interface features two levels, with your Motorbike Stand, Calendar, and Research on the base floor. You may pick the next event in the Calendar and even take a day off by selecting Rest Days. If you’re in the mood for some action, just go on to the next event in the queue and get back on track. You may acquire numerous talents in the Research area to learn more about your MSC, Weather and Asphalt Conditions, and Opponents.

You will be able to explore and maintain your bike at the Motorbike Stand. This segment is quite important in the game, and you will spend the most of your time here at the Motorbike Stand taking after your bike while you are not on the course. The Driver Customization screen is located on the second level of the Career mode, and it allows you to modify your rider’s gear. You may change your suit, helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves, among other things. You only have a limited amount of equipment at first, but you can buy more stuff from merchants. You must also take care of your equipment since the longer you use it, the worse the condition will get.


You can use two distinct sorts of in-game money to buy various items in the game. The first is Credits, and the second is Team Points. Winning races and completing challenges are also ways to earn money. Credits will be required to acquire new equipment and improvements for your bike. Credits are also required for bike maintenance, while Team Points are needed to purchase additional talents from the game’s different Skill Trees. Credits are required to open the Skill Centers, however once acquired, Team Points are required for all other skills in the trees. These Team Points may also be used to unlock new locations in your HQ.

The game leads you to a respectable but simple character customization screen before you begin your Career. While the cosmetic modification is limited, the possibilities are more than sufficient for a motorcyclist. For your fundamental necessities, you may choose between male and female options, as well as nationality. After that, you may choose your riding method, braking type, and brake fingers from a variety of motorcycling possibilities. Depending on your own inclination, your bike method might be Body Out, Shoulder Out, Balanced, or Old School. Aside from that, you may pick whether your cyclist has his leg out while braking and, lastly, the amount of fingers your biker needs to utilize the brake pedal in the game. You may entirely adjust how your rider controls the motorcycle in the game to suit your tastes.

Review: RiMS Racing

When it comes to RiMS Racing’s gameplay, it’s not quite a hardcore simulator since there are lots of arcade aspects sprinkled throughout, but with all aids turned off, the game is far from forgiving. The bike controls are solid, but some of the mechanics, like as how the game handles terrain, seem a touch archaic. This is especially prevalent in off-track regions, where you tumble as soon as you strike the ground, even if you are not travelling very quickly. Even if there is no dirt in the region, you will still fall as soon as you leave the track.

Another issue is that unseen objects on the road might cause the rider to lose control, particularly while turning. You’re making a great turn when the biker abruptly falls to the ground instead of continuing the turn, as if you’ve struck something in the path. This is also absolutely random, and it does not occur at the same time or in the same race. Overall, the gameplay is enjoyable, although these little annoyances might be irritating at times. As I previously said, the gameplay is excellent, but it is far from flawless, and there are some arcade aspects thrown in for good measure.


The learning curve is moderate, and the introductory lesson does an excellent job of explaining everything. I hadn’t played a bike racing game in a long time, and it didn’t take me long to feel at ease behind the wheel of my first motorcycle, a BMW M 1000 RR. Each bike has its own distinct feel, handling, and sound throughout the game. Stock models have varying performance, and as you continue to construct and enhance your bike, you’ll notice a change in their respective parts. At launch, there are eight superbikes from BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, MV Augusta, and Aprilia, among other exotic brands.

Motorcycle Status Check, or MSC, is a unique feature in the game when it comes to bike maintenance. You may examine the status of all the bike components presently placed on the MSC when you enter it during a race. If a component, such as tires, wears out, you may replace it at pit stops, where you’ll also have to perform a brief mini-game to assist your crew. You can only alter a few components during the pit stop; if you want to make more adjustments, you’ll have to go to the Motorbike Stand and buy new parts.


The business sells both performance and standard components for your motorcycle. If you just want to keep your bike in original condition, you may buy and replace the standard components. However, if you want to improve your bike’s performance, you may purchase higher-spec performance components and install them as well. One issue I noticed when installing parts is that you get the whole mini-game while pulling them out, but you just get the mini-game for the current component when putting them back, and you have to go back to other parts individually to put them back.

If I need to replace my front disc pads, for example, I’ll detach the whole front tire, remove the brakes, and then reach the front discs to replace them. It will not guide me through the entire process of putting the wheel back on the tire once I have replaced the new discs; rather, the mini-game will end with me putting back the brakes on the bike, and then I will have to go to the Wheels section and then put the wheel back on the tire, which is a little annoying. Apart from this little setback, I greatly loved this aspect of the bike’s upgrade and maintenance. The developers have done a fantastic job with this.

Review: RiMS Racing

RiMS Racing looks amazing in terms of visual and sound design, but it will not win any prizes for its aesthetics. The game has excellent graphics, and the motorcycles look fantastic. The animations are decent, but they may be a touch clumsy at times, but they aren’t poor enough to spoil your gaming experience. The track design is fantastic, with various official closed circuits and open roads to choose from, and they are visually appealing. Special weather effects are also impressive, and rain may have a significant impact on driving in the game. The Bloody Beatroots created a special soundtrack for the game, which keeps you in the atmosphere throughout the game.

RiMS Racing also has a multiplayer mode where you may compete against friends or strangers in person or online. Offline Duel allows you to challenge local friends or family members who are using the same PC or console. Online Challenges are official events that serve as challenges, and you may participate in them while competing against other riders from around the globe for the highest score. You may build your own custom events or join custom events produced by other people from all around the globe using Online Custom Events.


The Bottom Line:

RiMS Racing tackles an idea that only a few developers are willing to try on these days. We’ve seen a slew of racing games for automobiles of all shapes and sizes, but I can’t recall the last time a quality bike racing simulation was released. RiMS Racing fills an important need in the racing genre, and it does it well. It contains racing, customizations, and some of the greatest motorcycles on the market right now. RiMS Racing is the ultimate bike enthusiast racing game, including both road and circuit racing. Despite its lack of gameplay, Raceward Studio’s contribution is still a strong contender in the competition, since the thrill of speed, animations, and the way you improve your bike are all top-notch. RiMS Racing is a fantastic foundation for a franchise, and I’d love to see the developer build on it and make it even better. RiMS Racing is a must-have title for everyone who like motorcycles and has been waiting for a good motorcycle simulator racing game.

8.0/10 for the overall performance.

RiMS Racing is a strong entry into the racing genre, with a lot of content and a great price tag. The game has been out for quite some time now, so you can find it at a good price. Reference: rims racing review ign.

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