The Bad Batch is a Netflix Original TV series. The series follows a young woman named Arlen who wakes up in a desert and is part of a strange community of people who have been set free from their physical confines. The series is set in a dystopian future where water is scarce and food is even scarcer. The people of the community have been brainwashed to believe they are living in paradise.

The Bad Batch is a sci-fi western series centered around a community of cannibals living in the desert. The season spent the last three episodes focusing on Arlen as she continued her quest to rescue her son, with a big time jump in episode 4. The episode began with a group of cannibals cornering Arlen in a cave.

The Bad Batch is one of the best series on web TV right now, because it has one of the most exciting and unpredictable plots ever. The characters are also all interesting and unique, and the dialogue is often witty. The cinematography is so good that it rivals that of big budget blockbusters, and the direction is great too. This week’s episode was particularly good, since the show’s protagonist, Samantha, finally took back the power from the main antagonist, The Mincer, which has been building up for the past few episodes. To make things even better, the episode also gave us a glimpse of what happened to Samantha’s mom, which was something that people have been eagerly waiting to see for the past few weeks.

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If you take it out on the baby, you take it out on me.

Television overview

word-image-8439 After a trio of phenomenal episodes that marked the beginning of a surprisingly gripping series, Cornered takes it easy in the first true filler episode of the series. They say the quality of a series can be measured by how well it handles filler, so let’s see how Cornered handles it. *SPOILERS* Stranded, the group tries to hide on the uninhabited planet Idaflor, but ends up on Pantora to get supplies. Once there, the engineer and the wrecker must learn a new way of life and bribe an official not to scan their ship. But as soon as they’re gone, he’ll call and let someone know the team is here. Hunter sells Echo to the shopkeeper, making him believe it’s a droid and not a cyborg. Omega wanders after the cute animal cart and gets lost. She is intercepted by Fennec Shand, the officer’s contact who is looking for Omega. At first Shand behaves well, protecting Omega and offering to help her find her friends. Fennec even shows Omega how to accidentally steal free food from street vendors. But when Hunter catches up with them, the Fennec shows his true nature and attacks him. Omega immediately goes on the defensive, breaking free of Shand’s grip and escaping. Omega and Wrecker meet again, and he too is forced to fight Shand, allowing Omega to escape further. Shand is more agile than the bulky sloper and takes him down with his own weight against him. Omega returns to the ship, as do Echo, Hunter and Wrecker, and they escape. Fennec pays her caller and reminds her to contact her when the group returns. word-image-8440 The voice acting in Cornered is excellent, as always. Dee Bradley Baker continues to impress with his clone voices, which are different but similar enough to make it plausible that they are from clones of the same person. Michelle Ang also has great chemistry with him, especially with Hunter and Wrecker. He also plays very well with Ming Na-Wen’s Fennec Shand. We don’t do much with Shand here, but I think it’s clear that she returns as a constant threat to Omega and the Group. I love the way she plays Omega and the fact that the girl isn’t completely naive. Omega is an inexperienced girl who confides in a stranger, but she is knowledgeable enough to ask questions. She offers Fennec to join the group, but asks him why he carries a gun and feels uncomfortable stealing fruit from a vendor. Fennec has other little moments I love, like. B. when she surprises her contact by paying him instead of killing him for not delaying delivery until he gets there. I like Fennec’s animated design better in motion than in the demo, but it’s still a bit odd. The cartoon version looks too masculine compared to Ming Na-Wen; maybe it’s because of the sharp angles or her strong chin in the animation. As for Omega Price, I think it’s pretty clear that Nala Se and Lama Su should try to get him back on Kamino. In the replacements, they said they only needed one clone for their new project to maintain a relationship with the Empire. The most obvious candidate is Omega, because it’s the most mysterious and Butch technically stole it. It’s still a mystery why Nala Xie let him go so easily in Consequences. word-image-8441 It’s also interesting to see Cornerback explore the depths to which Butch and Fennec stoop to achieve their goals. Batch tricks the seller for money for supplies, lies, and sells Echo as a droid. They also hijack vehicles and bribe local officials to avoid detection and escape the Empire along the way. On the contrary, the actions of the Fennec are often much worse. She also steals the boat, but first she kills the man who owns it. She is willing to do anything and hurt anyone to get the bounty on Omega’s head. At least Butch cares about Omega and doesn’t cause unnecessary and intentional suffering to innocent bystanders. Nevertheless, it should be noted that they are portrayed as morally grey. This is consistent with their past performance in the Army of the Republic, where they were known for their disobedience to orders. They kept changing the plan to achieve their goals. word-image-8442 Besides, I like what little we’ve seen of Wrecker this week. He’s upset about the sale of their latest bomb, which is on his mind. During a fight with the Fennec, he hit his head again. Oddly, nothing is said about his head injury sustained during rehearsals; I really expected something to come out of that. I thought his constant references to headaches and rubbing his head where the inhibiting chip should have been had made the chip defective. So far, the Evil Party has talked about the chips in more detail after it was established in the Clone Wars that they were the reason the clones were performing Order 66. I can’t imagine this character hurting his head two episodes in a row for no reason. Entertainment is expensive, and I don’t think they will continue to offer it for free. I’m curious to see where they go with Wrecker, although I hope nothing bad happens to him. Outside of Hunter, he’s my favorite in the group, and I love his bond with Omega. Compared to Hunter’s paternal interest in the girl, Wrecker is more like a big sibling. After Omega sets up her room in Replacements and gives her a Touka doll, Wrecker angrily seeks her out in Cornered. I love the family dynamic that develops between Batch and Omega and I look forward to it continuing to develop. I hope and expect Crosshair to join the team one day; I imagine Butch will find a way to remove his chip like he did with Rex. While I thought Cornered was pretty good, it was my least favorite episode. I think it’s because it’s essentially a stopgap measure. I also think they didn’t use the fennec shand very well, and I really missed the imperial plot on Kamino. It was extremely engaging and adds a lot of context to this period and adds urgency to the party’s actions.

Location – 5
Actor – 10
Progression – 5
Production planning – 10
Animation/Action – 10



I did like Cornered, it’s my least favorite episode.My name is Sam and I’m a gamer. I like playing all sorts of games but I’m best at FPS games. I’m a big fan of The Bad Batch, ever since it came out and I think it’s the best game of all time.  When I saw that episode 4 was coming out, I was excited and I was pumped to play it. I had to wait a few days before I could play it because I didn’t have time. So, when I got home and I was able to play it, I was really happy.. Read more about bad batch cornered cast and let us know what you think.

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