Lion Castle defied all odds when it left Super Street: A racing driver at the end of 2019, a game that should have been terrible anyway. It was disgusting, the progression system was really unfair and there were no registered vehicles at all. However, the developers were able to provide an energetic, albeit imperfect, racing experience on a system that missed many racing titles, at least at the time. I wasn’t really expecting their next racing title for the system, Speed 3: Grand Prix, but it made me think they could make another pass if I gave them a chance. Unfortunately, I shouldn’t have been too optimistic. This one sucks.

For Rory. That’s right, I’m not…

Speed 3 : The Grand Prix is a Formula 1 game that Switch owners have been waiting for. At least the elevator looked like this. It may have been the developers’ idea, but in reality it’s one of the least cooked and undercooked racing games I’ve played in a long time. It’s a very bad game, but I like to fight him every now and then because he’s so incompetent. Let’s take care of this filthy beast together, shall we?

He tries to be both an F1 simulator and a burn-out clone, and if he fails, it’s a shame to be both. It contains a list of cars the size of the budget name of the N64 era, with the difference that you can usually change their color with these old names. They are all cheap copies of real Formula 1 cars, for example a fake Ferrari is called Rory. Yeah, it’s so stupid. Then you’ll come into contact with several other drivers on poorly maintained tracks, and if you hit them hard enough, they’ll explode. They also explode if you dare to touch a wall nearby, as if your car is on nitroglycerin.

Good JPEG background…

Preventing your car from colliding with the wall is easier said than done. Those checks, booze boy. Whatever type of car you choose, you will be met at the entrance with strict controls and a very important delay. You can use the controller’s gyroscopic functions to relieve your pain, but basically you get the same quality of control and responsiveness as in a normal Wii racing game. Whatever the control loop is, you won’t have much fun at speed 3: The grand prize. The courses, all very extensive, only add insult to injury.

Shouldn’t we turn left?

It’s an ugly game. It’s very ugly. Previous walk at Lion Castle, Super Street: The race was far from being a visual achievement, but compared to this game it looks like a Forza Motorsport game at ultra settings. Speed 3 : The Grand Prix looks like a cheap mobile game for 2010 with very bad textures, hardly noticeable light and shadow effects and a ridiculous amount of pop-ins. It only gets worse if for some strange reason you decide to play the game in portable mode. The game probably looks so bad that it constantly spins at 30 frames per second, but this image will disappear as soon as a few more cameras appear on the screen.

Get used to this screen. You’ll see a lot of them.

Is there a positive side to all this? The soundtrack does not fit into the general atmosphere of the game, but it is not horrible and there are several cars that can be unlocked. But that would mean that you would have to play the game over a longer period of time to get something that it’s definitely not worth. Speed 3 : The Grand Prix is a disaster. It’s ugly, the controls seem incomplete, it lacks content and above all, it’s not fun. Changing owners is no longer a matter of appetite for racing games. You don’t have to accept these things. Ignore that name. It’s better for your mental health and your finances.

There are many mobile games from ten years ago that look better than this game from 2020. The frame rates are fairly stable. …until another car appears on the screen. The controls work from time to time, but you’ll always have to fight with the terrible entry delay, hard controls and poor track design. Bernut’s mechanics are useless.
Despite the bad mixing and the bad engine sound, the soundtrack is actually quite good, even if it doesn’t fit in the overall game. Fast, half-baked racing game where she doesn’t know whether she wants to become a simulator or an arcade runner. It’s got a few unlocks, but you really don’t want to play it until you get those new cars.
Phrase: 3.5

Speed 3 : The Grand Prix is now available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Displayed when turned on.

Copy Speed 3 : The Grand Prize was awarded by the publisher.

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