Nintendo’s newest handheld game takes the series into 3D, and, as you’d expect, the results are stunning. We found ourselves getting lost in the beautiful vistas time and time again. And it’s not just the graphics that we liked: Pokémon Snap’s world is vast and varied. From snowy peaks to a volcano to a jungle, the developers did a great job of creating a diverse set of playgrounds for Pokémon to inhabit. If you’re a hardcore Pokémon fan, you’ll find the game’s biggest challenge is the camera. It takes quite a bit of skill to capture the perfectly framed shot. Luckily, Nintendo included a helpful list of tips on the game’s loading screen.

Pokémon Snap is a game about taking photos of Pokémon. In this unique game you’ll be given a camera and sent through many Pokémon-filled environments. Using different perspectives and camera modes, your goal is to take pictures of the Pokémon in the best way possible.

Every time I think about the fact that the first Pokémon Snap game came out twenty-two years ago, I feel a little dead inside. When this game came out, I was just six years old – the perfect age to enjoy not only the fantastic gameplay on the Nintendo 64 (which is still perfectly intact), but also my fascination with Pokémon in its early days, at the height of its pop-cultural relevance. I can’t believe it took them over two decades to make a sequel to one of the most popular hits of the N64 era. But you know how Nintendo works: They won’t make a sequel unless they add something new to the formula of the franchise. Unless it’s one of the ten thousand New Super Mario Bros games released in the 2010s.

The new Pokémon Snap is visually stunning by Switch standards.

The new Pokémon Snap takes everything you loved about the classic 1999 game and expands it to eleven, with an exponential increase in size, scope, and unlockability. Basically, it’s pretty much the same game as before. It’s a cross between a rail shooter and a photography simulator, where you walk along a set path and take pictures of wild Pokémon doing their thing. In doing so, you have access to various objects that allow you to interact with them and the environment in limited ways, allowing you to assume different reactions and positions. At the end of each round, you will choose a picture of each sample and the teacher will judge it based on several criteria, such as. B. Laying, pruning, placing, etc.

Almost every item from the original Pokémon Snap game is back. The apple is still used to lure and feed wild Pokémon, but also as a hard object to throw at them to annoy them. The flute is back as a small musical example, but it’s less useful than before, as fewer and fewer Pokémon respond to the sound of your speakers. The turbo is unlocked much later in the game and allows you to reach other parts of the level much faster. The only item not returning is the anti-parasite ball, which has been replaced by illumina orbs. Instead of disrupting or eliminating Pokémon, these orbs can be used to boost their morale and activate other scenario actions in the level.

Scorbunny is as spunky as Bugs Bunny.

The use of these elements is no longer as interactive as it was in 1999. In the original Snap, almost every Pokémon reacted differently to each of the three main elements. Due to the larger number of players in New Pokémon Snap, each player generally has to deal with one or two items at a time, with a limited number of responses. Most of them don’t respond to the sound of your music sampler, and not all of them respond when you throw a ball at them. The apple is still the most useful item, as most Pokémon will react to a hard object thrown at their face. Unfortunately, the physics of throwing in this game are just as clunky as in the original Pokémon Snap. It takes some practice to get used to the track.

Aside from the vastly improved graphics, which are some of the best I’ve seen in Switch games to date, New Pokémon Snap’s biggest appeal is definitely its size. The original Snap had sixty-three monsters and only six levels, plus a final event with Mew. You can finish the game in a few hours for 100%. On the other hand, this 2021 game contains over two hundred small rascals and over twenty different environments. Moreover, there are different variations of each level if you manage to achieve a certain result, dictated by the teacher of the game. These unlock new monsters and behaviours that allow you to take even more pictures.

The plot of New Pokémon Snap takes place in the most utopian of regions, where all Pokémon are friendly to each other, all play together and never fight. LAAAAAME…

Another way to pass the time is to take four pictures of each Pokémon to fill out the game’s Photo Codex. You have to take pictures with one star, two stars, three stars and four stars. New Pokémon Snap explains poorly what this system entails. A four-star photo does not necessarily mean it is rated higher than a one-star photo. This means that the image shows a slightly rarer pose/response, which usually requires an object to be thrown at a certain point in the level at a certain time. Discovering each of these things is one of the most fun aspects of New Pokémon Snap, even if some of them seem completely unnecessary and ridiculous.

Another interesting feature is the ability to share your photos online. You can also save them to your system memory so you can upload them to social networks or your computer. In a sense, this means that if you really like the photo you take, you can edit it, save it, download it to your computer, and even print and frame it. You can upload it to the Pokémon Snap server and get praise from other players. It’s an advanced social experiment that you wouldn’t normally expect from Nintendo.

The new Pokémon Snap has finally made Luvdisc relevant.

There are a few problems in the game, but they are not major. One of my biggest complaints is that New Pokémon Snap, like its predecessor, is pretty overpowered by the story, when the game is best enjoyed as an arcade game. Unfortunately, as you’d expect from a Pokémon spin-off, the story is largely forgettable and poorly written, although there are some surprisingly good voice actors in the game.

The other big problem is the blurry sensitivity of the camera. Even with the right analog stick held down to the max, movement is very slow, which can cause you to lose a valuable shot because you couldn’t aim in time. You can use the Switch’s motion controls to move the camera just like in real life, which is handy in handheld mode, but feels very awkward when you have it docked. On the other hand, the game doesn’t look as good in docked mode as it does in handheld mode. So I wouldn’t recommend playing it on a big TV, even though this game drains the Switch’s battery in a few hours.

It catches you.

The new Pokémon Snap is awesome. Some of the game’s new features, like the four-star photo system, are unnecessarily confusing, and the plot couldn’t be more forgettable. Yet this is exactly what we’ve been waiting for for twenty-two years: a bigger, better-looking sequel to the 1999 classic, with more locations to explore and more Pokémon to play with. I can’t believe it took them this long to release a sequel to such a simple and fun game. But I’m glad it was as fun as it was.

The resolution may not be the highest when playing in docked mode, but New Pokémon Snap works wonders with the Switch’s limited hardware. It features detailed backgrounds, good lighting effects and, of course, well-modeled and animated Pokémon. It’s difficult to aim and throw objects, and the camera sensitivity is too slow even on maximum settings, but it’s essentially the same controls and fantastic gameplay from 1999, with extra features at your disposal.
The soundtrack is good, but not as good as the original Pokémon Snap. The voices of all the monsters are fully reproduced, just like in real life, and the sound is much more realistic than in the main games. Finally, the voice acting is surprisingly good, but the story itself deserves no mention. The increased focus on a very uninteresting plot is boring. The four-star rating system makes no sense, but this is what we’ve been waiting for for twenty-two years: a brand new Pokémon Snap with improved graphics and a ridiculous amount of content.
Final decision: 8.5

The new Pokémon Snap is already available on Switch.

Check the switch.


How do you load…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pokemon Snap good?

While the Pokemon franchise has become a household name over the last two decades, the popularity of the series’ first foray into virtual reality—1999’s Nintendo 64 Pokemon Snap—has waned a bit. Nintendo has been hyping the release of the title’s spiritual successor for a while now, the Wii U’s upcoming Pokken Tournament, but it’s time to look back on the series’ first virtual outing. Released on the N64 in 1999, Pokemon Snap was a major departure for the series, away from RPG battles and towards a more peaceful experience. The goal was simple: take pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitats. Wasn’t it great when Nintendo 64 was released? There was nothing better than the time when you played it at your friend’s house. Just remember the excitement when you got to play your first level. But that excitement quickly dwindled when you realized that the game was getting boring. But then, thanks to Pokemon Snap, you got the excitement back.

How many Pokemon are in New Pokemon Snap?

Do you remember the good old days when Nintendo was pumping out a new Pokemon game every year? Well, now it seems like the only new Pokemon game to be released is the latest addition to the Pokemon Snap series, which is loosely based on the Pokemon Go craze. Yes, this game is definitely more about snapping photos of Pokemon more than it is about catching them, and it’s a lot harder than you think! Pokémon fans have been waiting a long time to see a new Pokémon Snap come out, and we finally got it this year. An updated version of the classic game, this new version is packed with more Pokémon to collect, more levels to explore, and more items you can purchase from the in-game shop. And of course, more ways to die. (Good luck not hitting a Pokémon while trying to get a good shot of one, for example.)

Is new Pokemon Snap a remake?

Pokemon Snap was a fun little game that was released to the Nintendo 64 back in the year 1999. It was a very fun game indeed, and the premise was very simple: you played as a photographer who went on a safari to take pictures of wild pokemon. The game was praised because of the fun factors, and the photoshoot gameplay, but what about the game that was announced last year? It’s called Pokemon Snap 2, and it was announced for the Wii U. (It was also announced for the Wii U in the year 2014, but that was a typo.) This new Pokemon Snap game is said to include many more features, and it’s coming out on the Wii U on September the 26th. The latest installment in the Pokemon series was recently announced for the Wii U, titled New Pokemon Snap. As with the previous games in the series, New Pokemon Snap is a game that is both a traditional adventure game and a photography simulator all in one. Unlike the previous games, however, New Pokemon Snap has only been confirmed for the Wii U. This has led some fans to speculate that New Pokemon Snap is actually a remake of the first game in the series, which was released on the Nintendo 64 and had a similar photography simulator theme.

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