In 2010, the near-fantastic Criterion game took over the Need for Speed franchise and included a piece of their favorite burnout franchise. To be honest, I think Hot Pursuit is the last really great game in the Need for Speed series, until the series disappears into the background, before it becomes relevant again after the release of the amazingly great NFS Heat. With Hot Pursuit Remastered, we are back to simpler, more critical times, a great way to remember why we loved the NFS franchise so much.

That paperwork must have been a nightmare.

In Hot Pursuit, you can play the role of a runner or a police officer at dozens of events scattered around the world map. By completing the events for both teams, you gain experience that allows you to progress to a higher level and unlock more events and vehicles as planned. Playing on both sides is a total explosion and I often switch from one to the other. Each party also has its own devices that you can use at important moments in the event to turn the page in no time, if used correctly.

If you’ve played the original version for the last ten years, you know exactly what to expect. Not much has changed here, the game is almost intact. The game is the same, the progression system is exactly the same, and for the most part it looks the same. All previously published downloadable content is included in the package. It is basically the same game in general, and that is a good thing, although I expected to add something new in terms of content to make it a little more distinctive.

Loading and driving to a very high degree, as was the case in 2010 This is not a racing simulator and tilts as much as possible. This is an arcade racing car in which the laws of physics are at best a descendant. Driving around bends with over 200 MPH on the road while police officers drive a $2.1 million Koinensegg Agera and try to force you off the road? That’s absurd and nonsensical, but it doesn’t matter. It is one of the most entertaining activities you can have with a slot machine rider. It’s not taken seriously, there’s no story to derive from the experience. Just pick an event, pick a car and go.

He’s gonna be okay… I think so.

As a runner you compete with other rivals for the coveted first place, always avoiding the bulls to win a gold medal. This is the basic package, but when the gadgets appear, the mix becomes even more exciting. The police put traps on spikes when they are in front of you and ask you to block the car with your head. Looters also have access to a small but effective EMP, which then temporarily immobilizes the enemy. You only get a handful for each event, so use them wisely. As a policeman you change sides, and the main goal is to destroy the runners. If you do it as soon as possible, you’ll get the best medal. He’s the best in Hot Chase.

Visually, you’ll see something very similar to what was released in 2010, but with higher resolution models and improved frame rates. It works with an oil rolling rate of 60 frames per second. The graphics improvements are not significant, but fortunately the game was already very pleasant for the name of his time. On the other hand, the increase in the student-teacher ratio is highly appreciated. The sound design is also almost the same, with exactly the same engine sound and the same soundtrack blowing into the area during the chase.

For the 2010 game… It’s not that bad.

The need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered does a minimum of what braking should do (but some don’t). There are small but subtle visual improvements and the performance is excellent. It’s an explosion of the game, because it still holds up well, as the remasterer himself did not bring any new items on the table. It is a little disappointing that this game has not evolved much, but at the same time it remains at the top of my favorite game, Need for Speed.

The visual effects are surprisingly outdated, but we could have done better than a nice title from 2010. Hot Pursuit is all about pure racing fun, right down to the control of the arcade and no distractions.
Cars with excellent sound and a solid soundtrack, as you would expect in Need for Speed. Manhunting is still a lot of fun, even ten years after his release. It’s funny, because the name is logical, because the remasterer itself didn’t bring any new elements.
Phrase: 8.0

The need for a fast Hot Pursuit Remastered is now available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Switch.

Review on Xbox One.

The publisher has made a copy of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered available.

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