As you may have noticed in my previous article on GoNNER2, I’m getting tired of independent conversions because the market is currently saturated with many more names than the genre needs. You have no idea how refreshingly simple the game is, go from A to B, a combative platform game now and in the future. It’s also useful that it’s very well done. Foregone is the name to check if you are looking for a more traditional action platform to attach to your counter.

It’s much better on the road, believe me.

You play the role of a referee (no, not Halo One), a member of the race of improved people sent to the devastated land of Kalagan to explore a creature called Borona that can possess dead people and corrupt them to the point of becoming mindless drones. Everything is presented in an organic and interesting way, says the protagonist of the game in monologues throughout the adventure, with a surprisingly strong leading voice.

But telling stories is not Foreon’s main goal. It is essentially filled with action platforms, clearly inspired by the resemblance of the Dark Souls, the Diablo robbery system and some artistic style solutions under the influence of Horizon Zero Dawn. The influence of the Dark Souls (and the Bloody Souls) is clearly visible in the fighting mechanisms of the game. It’s all about synchronising your melee attacks, which arrive with a slight delay, against enemies who telegraph their attacks. Avoid if necessary, otherwise you will be affected by sudden movements that require a lot of energy. Enemies throw resources that can be used in skill trees and weapon upgrades. When you die, you lose all your resources, but you can get them back if you go back to where you were killed before. I mean, you know, the usual stuff.

The shotgun has a great kick. I like her.

Bloodborne’s influence takes the form of your character’s aggressiveness compared to other 2D games influenced by Dark Souls. You can always carry a long-range weapon that will help you fight towers and enemies on higher platforms. You also have the ability to restore health, and you can replenish the counter by continuously using your melee attack on enemies. The same goes for ammunition: You replenish the ammunition by attacking your enemies with your main weapons. Foregone encourages you to use total aggression against your enemies, and I liked that very much, although it’s totally counterproductive against bosses who don’t also telegraph their attacks, which makes their battles a little unfair at first.

Foregone is made like a subway, but it is still a very linear game. You can use the teleporter to visit previous locations, and you can only improve your skills and weapons by deforming back to your hideout, but you will usually visit the new levels in a linear order. Usually you move from point A to point B, although it is advisable to find hidden chests and coins along the way. Think of it as a Metroid fusion: Of course it’s a Metroid when it comes to your progression, but it’s very linear in terms of intelligence.

Boss fights aren’t exactly fair… …or fun.

The best feature of the game is the graphic design. The screenshots presented in this report do not make it fair: She may look like a terrible low poly platform, but she’s very pretty when she’s on the move. It’s beautifully animated. The sets are rich and detailed, and all levels are very well thought out. Oddly enough, Foregone works better in portable mode than a docking station. I don’t know why, but I managed to get bigger and more spectacular shots when I was playing a game on my TV. Would this be a problem caused by a higher resolution?

Somebody call the exterminator.

Foregone is indeed a great game. It’s beautiful, the fight is fluid and exciting, and the level of design is excellent. Apart from the unfair struggle of the above-mentioned bosses, their biggest problem is that, as an expert company, they simply bring nothing new to the negotiating table. It pays tribute to the memory of tons of games that have already been released without standing out from the crowd. In this sense, the activity is not interrupted in any way. If you’re looking for a traditional activist artist instead of another independent rogue state, it’s always a pleasure. Sometimes a safe game is the best option.

Foregone not only has its own lively artistic style, but also an incredibly fluid animation. For some mysterious reason, it works better in portable mode than in connected mode. Their standard platform control circuit provides excellent long-range combat combined with decent close-up combat, although the latter is subject to a slight delay.
The soundtrack itself is beautiful, but it’s not that catchy, but it also has an impressive amount of solid vocals that completely surprised me. The past has brought nothing new, but it’s still good enough. The levels are well thought out, the fight is fluid and the story is very interesting. It’s just a little unfair sometimes.
Phrase: 8.0

Foregone is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Displayed when turned on.

A copy of Foregone was made available by the publisher.

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