The Dawn of the Monsters game is a great mix between puzzle-action and strategy, with beautiful graphics to boot. The gameplay focuses on destroying complex structures made out of different materials while trying not to get blown up yourself.

Dawn of the Monsters is a game that focuses on the relationship between two teenagers. The game has an interesting story and beautiful art style. Read more in detail here: dawn of the monsters release date.

Review - Dawn of the Monsters

Nothing beats the spectacle of huge mechs and monsters battling it out. There’s a reason the notion is so popular in pop culture: the magnitude, destruction, and apocalyptic undertones. Fights are so much more interesting when everyone is higher than skyscrapers and someone can breathe fire, whether it’s Optimus Prime, Godzilla, Ultraman, or Gundam. While there are a plethora of legendary films that showcase this grandeur, the same cannot be said for gaming. There were a few half-decent Transformers games (notably the DS RPG, which I will always cherish), but there wasn’t much else. At the very least, there wasn’t much that was excellent.

Dawn of the Monsters, thankfully, is come to change that. It’s a game that appreciates the genre’s appeal while also understanding how to provide a good gaming experience. When passion and expertise are combined in this way, incredible things happen.   

Dawn of the Monsters Roar

There is, in fact, a dedicated roar button.

The storyline is really straightforward. Massive creatures known as Nephilim are destroying the earth. And DAWN, or the Defense Alliance Worldwide Network, is all that stands between mankind and annihilation. You take control of one of DAWN’s four weapons aimed towards the Nephilim menace. Aegis Prime is a human who has the ability to transform into a massive Optimus Prime/Ultraman hybrid. Then there’s Megadon, who is Godzilla in disguise. Tempest Galahad is a mech with a massive weapon commanded by DAWN recruit Jamila Senai. Finally, there’s Ganira, the sea’s nightmare, who may conjure a crab companion to assist her. Megadon and Ganira are Nephilim from the first wave who have been turned against their brethren by DAWN, while Aegis and Galahad are humans who serve for the organization. They’re similar to the Avengers when they work together, although they inflict a lot more collateral damage. 

Dawn of the Monsters Nephilim

I swear it was the Nephilim who caused all of this havoc.

If you’ve ever played a 2D beat ’em up, you’ll be familiar with the basic gameplay here. You begin on the left side of the screen and work your way right, obliterating anything in your path. Although it seems to be easy, there is a great deal of intricacy here. To be honest, I was shocked since each character had a distinct personality. Aegis Prime is a fast-moving fighter that focuses on complicated situational combinations. Megadon, on the other side, is a walking tank with a cannon-like flame breath attack. Each character has their own set of combos as well as three unique special moves. Furthermore, each of them has a unique ultimate move that is really awesome. Megadon’s was my personal favorite, since it just kills everything in its path, a la Nuclear Godzilla. 

Dawn of the Monsters Rage Attacks

Because your previous movements are performed in a zen-like frame of mind, rage assaults are used.

And when I said in this game that you ruin everything around you, I meant it. It’s a completely destructible setting, which is rather astounding for a game of this kind. The environment isn’t simply a destructible backdrop for your conflict; it’s also a willing player. In the structures you shatter, there are healing and ultimate caches to be found. You can tear down structures, crush Nephilim with them, and then toss them at someone when you’re done. The game does an excellent job of making you feel like a natural force, which is essential in a game like this. What’s a city or two in collateral damage when you’re fighting an army of monstrous monsters? 

Dawn of the Monsters

I’m honestly amazed by the creators’ attention to detail in creating this imaginary environment.

You’ll spend time outside of combat on DAWN’s satellite fortress, where you’ll be shot down like Master Chief every time you start a mission. You may interact with your teammates and other members of DAWN in skits, read around the game’s story library, and change your character’s loadout while onboard. DNA Augmentations are the equipment system in Dawn of the Monsters, and you gather them throughout levels. The better you do in a level, the more Augments you get, and the better quality they are. They can boost stats, provide additional effects to moves, and perform a variety of other things. It’s entertaining and, once again, quite deep, so it’s definitely worth your time to learn and explore. Finally, you may purchase health enhancements and other skins using the in-game cash. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but more than enough. 

Dawn of the Monsters Art

This art style is so darn excellent that I would hang it on my wall.

Dawn of the Monsters is a very entertaining game with a lot of flair. From the comic book graphic style to the Kaiju-inspired tale and character designs to the unexpectedly rich gameplay and customization features, there’s a lot to like about this game. It’s also a rather lengthy game, with four locations and more than 30 objectives. Also, because of the ranking system, there’s always an incentive to retry a task in order to improve your score. When I first began playing this game, I had great hopes but little expectations, and they were all exceeded. It’s a very entertaining game that precisely replicates the sensation shown on the box. And, honestly, what more could you ask for from a game? 

The visual of a comic book come to life is lovely, and it doesn’t obstruct vision while playing.

Each character has a distinct personality, there are several foes to fight, and the game is always entertaining.

The voice acting is excellent, the music is enjoyable, and the roars are particularly remarkable.

You won’t find a thrilling story or groundbreaking game mechanics here; instead, you’ll get an entertaining game that understands what it wants to be and delivers.

Final Score: 8.5

Dawn of the Monsters is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S|X, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

PS5 was used for this review.

The publisher sent me a copy of Dawn of the Monsters.

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“Dawn of the Monsters” is a game that was released in 2017. It has a metacritic score of 74/100. Reference: dawn of the monsters metacritic.

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