If you’re a fan of racing games and enjoy the quick time events that are inherent in those types of titles, Circuit Superstars is going to be one game worth checking out. The demo we got showed off some interesting gameplay mechanics, but it’s not quite clear how this title will stack up against its competitors yet. That said, if you’re looking for an indie racer on your PS4 that has a good sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously then look no further than Circuit Superstars.

Circuit Superstars is a game that was released on the PlayStation 4. It has received mostly positive reviews and has been given a “Great” rating by IGN. The release date for this game is July 24, 2018.

It’s always worthwhile to try an occasional product from Square Enix’s Collective label. The firm may be most known for its many JRPGs and Eidos-written Western games, but every so often, they treat us to a little independent title like The Turing Test or Interrogation that, more often than not, makes us grin. I knew I had to give Circuit Superstars a try as soon as I heard about it. a top-down racing game modeled like Micro Machines? One that makes a few passing references to Top Gear, the (ex) greatest automotive program of all time? I’ll definitely join up, then!

Circuit Superstars

Feels very different from what it looks like, which are Micro Machines.

A generous dose of “love letter to motor racing and automotive culture” is added to the top-down viewpoint gameplay of Micro Machines and the underappreciated Neo Geo gem Neo Drift Out in Circuit Superstars. These recreations of well-known vehicles, such the Abarth 500 and the Lotus Seven, seem lovely on screen because to a clever combination of low-poly graphics, cool lighting effects, and textures. With each track centered on a certain vehicle type, it provides players a fun career mode. You may even publish your lap time against everyone, including some actual drivers and celebrities, on the renowned Top Gear Test Track!

This is excellent and lovely in terms of appearance and substance. Nothing too amazing, with passable graphics and a synth-heavy music that sounds perfectly appropriate for the kind of game given, but also not at all bad. It fulfills all requirements. The selection of tracks and vehicles at your disposal is comparable. All of it is excellent. But here’s the deal. The primary issue I have with Circuit Superstars is that it just isn’t what it claims to be: an arcade racing that is “pick up and play.”

Circuit Superstars Top Gear

the test track for Top Gear.

Circuit Superstars is a little too… serious for a game that was inspired by silly arcade racing. That is to say, its physics are rigid and unforgiving. They resemble racing simulations more than Micro Machines. You are fined if you drive off the tarmac. You are penalized if you rely on a wall as a crutch. Since its gameplay essentially requires you to learn how to brake correctly before a sharp bend and how to drive properly as if you were playing Gran Turismo or F1, this is the sort of game that encourages you to consider how to play it. Although the gameplay is fine, these mechanisms stick out like a sore thumb given that the game attempts to portray itself as a quirky and approachable racing.

Circuit Superstars Truck

In opposition to a Porsche and other sports vehicles, a truck? Sounds reasonable.

Before opting to take on Circuit Superstars, be aware of what you’re getting into. It’s not a horrible game at all, and it can be pretty entertaining at times, but it’s neither an easy “pick up and play” game nor a classic arcade racer. Although it has a similar aesthetic to Micro Machines, it lacks that show’s sanitized physics and general zaniness. In its current state, Circuit Superstars is a game that demands a little bit more of the typical arcade racing player, but once you get adjusted to its gameplay, you’ll be met with a really engaging and enjoyable experience.

Although it may not have the same level of extreme creative quality as Art of Rally, I particularly loved the way the textures were a combination of low-poly and extremely detailed. There’s no denying that the game looks good.

It may have Micro Machines-like control, but it has realistic racing sim physics. Before becoming completely adjusted to this gaming cycle, it will take some time.

Synth music that blends well with Circuit Superstars’ style of gameplay. Nothing very revolutionary, but it serves its purpose.

Although it is fundamentally an arcade racer, it plays and feels more complicated than it should and demands a lot more time and effort from the player. The career mode is fantastic, so it doesn’t make for a horrible game, but it lacks the “pick up and play” pizazz that its sources of inspiration had in spades.


On the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Circuit Superstars is now playable.

evaluated on a PS4.

The publisher gave me a copy of Circuit Superstars.

akin to this

similar to loading

Look at them!

The “Circuit Superstars” is a game that has been released on the PS4. It is an arcade racing game with a futuristic setting. The game features circuits, power-ups and upgrades. Reference: circuit superstars ps5.

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