Survivors: From the Ashes is a surprisingly good game that was released last year with a bit of fanfare, but the vast majority of people didn’t know it was actually an extension of another name released by Gunfire Games a few years earlier (the same people as Darksiders III). The game is called Chronos, originally released for Oculus Rift, to prove that you can actually start games in third person in virtual reality mode. It was a mixture of Zelda game and soul game from the point of view of the moss, which basically means it was a Zelda game with a shed that was seen from fixed angles.

I don’t think the Shooting Games were expected by Remnant: To be greeted on his ashes like last year. Their next step was the introduction of players on Chronos, but without the VR visor. They have reworked the whole game so that it can be played in a more traditional soul aesthetics, and renamed it Chronos : For As, and publish for all platforms of the current generation. It’s time to take a look at this updated gem from 2016.

This big buoy is less complicated than it looks.

Like I said, Chronos: A child of love can be felt for the axis between the battle of the Dark Souls and solving the mystery and exploration of the dungeons of The Legend of Zelda. You start a series of partially connected worlds that you can visit by jumping from portal to portal and all this by making farming a point of experience, solving really interesting puzzles and occasionally beating the boss. The difference between this version and the original is the more traditional view of the third person. Fixed camera angles are gone because they are more like your usual soul patch, even when visibility and performance are poor.

Fighting isn’t very exciting. In fact, it’s one of the slowest, clumsiest soul games I’ve ever played. Your character has a very limited number of movements, almost no variety of weapons, a slow animation that holds you captive for eternity, and a very smooth evasive mechanic. Fortunately, the enemies are just as slow and clumsy as your character, which means you’ll never feel at their disadvantage. Fighting with the boss is another story, but given how easy it is to balance and improve your skills in Chronos, winning isn’t the hardest of heroics.

Honey, I’ve reduced the soul clone.

Instead of showers, you get traditional experience points like in a traditional role-playing game. Every time you stand in line, your health is completely restored and you can increase your strength, HP, etc.. This compensates for the fact that you have limited sources of healing. Enemies fall experience points, like the piñata, which means that shredding is actually quick and easy. If you run out of dragon hearts (in this Estus Flask game), just kill a few light enemies, and voilà, your health returns. You don’t lose points of experience when you die.

But when you die, something else happens. Every time your character dies, his age increases by one. When you’re young, your stats are more suited to close combat, but if you keep dying a lot, you’ll end up an old bald man with less stamina and more magical powers. However, I didn’t die enough to become an old wizard and I missed a ton of extra benefits that were unlocked and made it into my thirties, forties, fifties and so on. Once you know how much Chronos is being exploited: You won’t have much trouble confronting your enemies for the fight against the ashes. Nothing is as soluble as loops and pattern recognition.

Language play is rare, but not so bad.

Chronos: Ash used to have no impressive visual effects, no sound, no control, but there’s one thing that makes up for all his problems: his selfish elements. Despite the fact that his combat mechanisms are not interesting, his puzzles certainly are. The game with its solution puzzles constantly takes you off the beaten track. Often you will have to write a series of runes that will be used much later in a particular dungeon, as well as deciphering poems and puzzles to solve a visual puzzle in a nearby room. Much more interesting than a boring fight, that’s for sure.

The boss’s golem. How original.

I don’t think Chronos: For Ashes it was worth it, but despite the fact that it wasn’t convincing and the visual effects were beautiful, it had enough interesting puzzles and well-designed dungeons to make me play it all the way. I didn’t want to go back to his Oculus analogue, and I don’t see why that and Remnant should be related, but hey, it wasn’t that bad. It’s certainly better than the sum of its parts…

Chronos: In the past, Ashes has not supported PS4 hardware in any way, yet the frame mode remains barely stable. However, she has a good artistic style. The fighting style of the soul is slow and clumsy, but because the opponents are also slow and clumsy, you will seldom feel disadvantaged by this. Despite the fact that the battle is disappointing, the solution of the puzzle is actually very good.
The sound effects are nothing special, like a random melody played every time you argue with your boss. The voice is surprisingly louder than expected in such a game. It’s better than the sum of its parts. It is not the most interesting game of the soul in terms of battles or tricks, but it makes up for that with its good design and interesting puzzles.
Phrase: 7.0

Chronos: Before the axis is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Stages

Monitored on PS4.

A copy of Chronos: Previously, the ashes were supplied by the publisher.

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