RAM is an interesting game in the sense that such an ambitious name is created by one person. UE4: images, animation, first-person shooting and hack ‘n’ slash action, all by one man. It’s both impressive and clear when you look at what Bright Memory does and doesn’t do well. First of all, I must say that this is not Bright Memory Infinite, the next generation game that Microsoft showed in their presentations. It’s more of a demonstration, a small part of what Infinity will offer. It was released last year in Early Access on Steam and iOS, Android and is now ported to the Xbox series.

As I said before, Bright Memory is essentially a technical demonstration. You have access to the prologue chapter, which takes about 30 minutes. I almost feel uncomfortable shooting targets, but this one is sold for $8 to owners of the Xbox X/S series. The fact that you can also play this game on your iPhone or Android for $2 makes it even worse. It should have been included in the game with the gold, if at all, or at least in the GamePass.

The improvements will bring a good degree of progress in your movements, even with this short experience.

After being shocked by the fact that this thing is really worth money, we have to do what it does right and wrong. I usually start with a short story, but there’s not much to tell. You are immediately thrown into a fight and introduced to the bad guy. This fight goes south fast, then you go back to the flashback where you chase the above mentioned rascal. He’s looking for the old altar, and you have to stop him. That’s all I got out of it, except a bunch of old monsters came to life and attacked me, not him. Unfortunately there is not much history with a 30 minute prologue.

Gameplay is central to Bright Memory, and there is really fun action, hacking ‘n’ slash, first-person shooter in battle. For starters, you’ve got a rifle, a machine gun and a shotgun. However, you have access to a number of power moves that are immediately available or unlocked. They have a kinetic explosion to shoot enemies in the air, a sword for devastating attacks, and other upgrades that can slow down time or do great damage in terms of effect. It’s very nice to use them all together in battle. Unfortunately, the gameplay is not perfect. There seem to be some problems with the enemies hunting you, as well as a general lack of diversity of enemies. The platform walls and puzzles look a bit half-baked and offer nothing more than a break in the action.

One of the puzzles presented here is simple and only serves to speed up the action.

When you destroy demonic creatures, they will experience the experience you need to rebuild. If he’s a flying enemy, I suggest you wait until he’s lower before you kill him. Otherwise the experience will float in the air and it will be impossible for you to acquire it. You can use them to improve your skills, overall strength or defense, or to unlock extra power moves. I don’t know how extensive the experience is here, but I’ve been able to do almost every update with a breakthrough. I think the whole game needs to be adjusted.

Visually, the light’s memory seems pretty good. If you use Unreal Engine 4, there are legitimate areas that look great. However, it quickly collapses where tight textures are more visible. Or when low-resolution objects are used on levers and the like. At the same time there is a lot of visual awareness in the struggle and therefore a good appearance in the movement. The drawing of the enemy is a bit rehearsed, but that’s only a small part.

The visual effects and the design of the enemy are sometimes beautiful.

The sound design is a bit rougher than the rest of the game, with some noticeably bad voices. However, the soundtrack contains some beautiful pieces that inspired me during the fight, what I felt. In addition, the general sound design with various enemy sounds and weapon effects is useful. Unfortunately the rifle has such a weak sound effect that it almost collapses completely when used.

The light memory is impressive and comes from one person. I will be absolutely respectful where necessary, because it is a solid game with some promising aspects. The fact that it was done by one person is enough to impress him. As a technical demo it is impressive, but it sells as a $8 game in an MS store and is not worth asking a price. While I was playing that, I was interested in the next Bright Memory Infinite, but don’t forget you’re paying for a 30-minute teaser.

There are times when the memory of light in certain outdoor areas seems very good. However, the closed textures, the different visual curiosities and the obvious EU4 inventory could lead to a collapse. FPS control works well with all forces and heavy attacks. But hit detection doesn’t seem to be suitable for enemy attacks. It’s not so easy to vary with rifles and platforms/bubbles.
The different fight sounds are normal, unfortunately the rifle doesn’t have enough effect. The voice playing is also quite weak, but the soundtrack has some nice pieces that are inspired by the big battles. There are short glimpses of fun, action packed sections, and I mean short sections. This is a 30-minute demonstration sold for cash. This is the only introductory chapter that doesn’t really end.
Phrase: 5.5

RAM is now available on PC, Xbox X|S series, iOS and Android.

Viewed on Xbox Series X.

A copy of Bright Memory was made available by the publisher.

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