For the first time ever American Horror Story will be coming to Blu-Ray. The double feature episodes 9 and 10, “Blue Moon” and “The Future Perfect”, show that AHS is still ahead of its time with a new twist on an old story: extraterrestrial invasion.

American Horror Story Season 10 is a series that has been going on for a few years now, and it is about time to review the latest episodes. I will be reviewing the “Blue Moon” and “The Future Perfect”.

REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature Episodes 9 and 10, “Blue Moon” and “The Future Perfect” REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature Episodes 9 and 10, “Blue Moon” and “The Future Perfect”

“I’d want a peaceful death, and then, like you promised, I’d like to live forever.”

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President Eisenhower is negotiating with aliens to negotiate a new treaty in “Blue Moon.” They threaten to murder his possessed wife, and he agrees, despite his initial reluctance. Thor (Cody Fern), the valiant hero, comes to “process” the crop and provide the promised technology. Meanwhile, Mamie, who has just been resurrected, is attempting to promote Halloween among grownups. Ike finds a hidden network of tunnels under the White House and is shocked by the test subjects’ misery. He establishes Area 51 and sends them there. Mamie is found in bed with Valiant by Ike. Nixon assassinates Marilyn Monroe in order to quell her rants about aliens. Lyndon Johnson is taken to visit the extraterrestrial facilities by Eisenhower and Nixon. In the present, Troy has a child, but it lacks the qualities that the aliens need, so it is killed. Troy is reunited with his buddies a week later. Calico attempts to console the group, but he remains distraught. She takes them to one of her favorite places, a moon landing location that she claims is a hoax. Calico’s kidnapping, impregnation, and the phony moon landing are all seen in flashbacks. Cal begins to have contractions later, but refuses to let Troy notify anybody for fear of the baby’s death. Troy opts to deliver the baby himself, and the procedure goes well. Cal, on the other hand, is attacked by the infant.


“The Future Perfect” opens in the midst of anti-Vietnam war demonstrations. Valiant claims that the chaos is required to divert attention away from the missing Americans. As his popularity rating plummets, President Nixon isn’t so sure. After assuring Mamie and Valiant that they deserve each other, an ill Eisenhower declines the aliens’ therapy and dies. President Nixon informs Gordon Liddy that aliens want him dead and requests that he bug Valiant’s Watergate office. To hide her identity, Mamie speaks to a reporter using the alias Deepthroat, who lies about Nixon’s activities. When pressure mounts for Nixon to resign, he contemplates exposing the aliens. They remind him of their power, so he takes a step back. Mamie befriends Calico in Area 51. In the present, Area 51 is put under lockdown, and Mamie is startled when armored soldiers barge into her chamber. They notify her that Cal and Troy were killed in an unapproved manner. Cal’s kid is slain by the troops, and Theta (Angelica Ross) orders their deaths in retribution. Kendall and Jamie discover the men’ corpses and immediately go into labor. Jamie’s kid is slain by Theta, and subsequently Jamie is killed as well. Kendall’s child is the ideal hybrid, but she is murdered and her corpse is stored for future breeding. Mamie uncovers a Martian scheme to exterminate humanity and take control of the planet. Theta pretended to be oblivious of the scheme, but in the end, she murders Mamie and assigns Calico to raise the children. 

AHS Blue Moon Future Perfect

The finale of “Double Feature” has me completely perplexed. “Red Tide” ended suddenly and unsatisfactorily, a blow I had thought “Death Valley” would soften. I assumed the two tales would be linked in some way, and that “Winter Kills” wouldn’t be the last appearance of the “Red Tide” characters. However, I believe “Death Valley” is far poorer and less consistent than “Red Tide.” For a time, things were going well, and I liked the notion of a double feature season. But, looking back, I’m so disappointed by the hasty ends of both tales, as well as the promise that was squandered. I would have preferred a more fleshed-out conclusion to “Red Tide” than the rushed “Death Valley” tacked on at the end for no apparent reason. Angelica Ross and Leslie Grossman are the winners in both half of the season, which is the only link I can discern between them. Ursula and the Chemist survive to raise Harry’s children in “Red Tide.” Calico and Theta will now raise a generation of hybrid offspring. This thematic connection (if you can call it that) is shaky at best, and it may even be a coincidence. “Red Tide” might easily have been a full season, while “Death Valley” would have been better if it had been allowed more than four episodes to tell its narrative. 

AHS Blue Moon Future Perfect

Sarah Paulson is one of my favorite actresses. Everyone thinks so; she’s the greatest component of practically every project she’s a part of. However, Mamie’s character in “Death Valley” is insufficient as a link between the two realities. I still find it strange that a ten-episode season is split in half twice. It wasn’t a good idea to give “Death Valley” less than half a season to explore two separate time periods and groups of people, and it didn’t pay off. “Death Valley” portrays Mamie as unlikable and uninteresting. What’s the purpose of returning to her at the end of the day? What is the audience meant to feel when she dies? It’s difficult to be angry over her death after the way she abused her own spouse. To be honest, no one in “Death Valley” was very likeable. I loved Ike at first, and I still believe that putting Neal McDonough in the part was brilliant. I’m hoping he’ll return for future seasons. However, as the narrative unfolded, it became evident that Ike was a wimpy, indecisive guy who was being led along by a deceptively dominating wife and a legion of extraterrestrials. Then there was Mamie’s comment in “Blue Moon” about Ike betraying her. AHS, are you serious? Improve your performance. The Eisenhowers were intriguing and enigmatic at first, but this aspect of the plot has now degraded into a soap opera. 

AHS Blue Moon Future Perfect

JFK, Richard Nixon, and Marilyn Monroe, in my opinion, were not required nor entertaining in the scenario. I’m also perplexed by this show’s take on Kennedy’s death; he was declared dead last week and then resurrected in “Blue Moon” with no explanation. The way “Death Valley” attempts to recast pivotal periods in American history as the work of extraterrestrials fails miserably. Listen, if I wanted to watch alien conspiracy drivel after midnight, I’d turn on the History Channel. What’s up with the reptilian extraterrestrial species, since we’re on the subject of aliens? We only see one of them once, and they’re only referenced once at the conclusion. It’s like the cop who showed up to investigate the killings in “Winter Kills” and then disappeared. This was probably due to the shorter, hurried season(s), but introducing story lines you don’t plan to play out is sloppy and distracting. This is especially disappointing since “Death Valley” in the 1950s began out so wonderfully. Every technological component, as well as the characters and premise, hinted to something greater. What a waste of time. 

AHS Blue Moon Future Perfect

Of general, the present plot in “Death Valley” is worse and less pleasant than the flashback sequences, but at least they were always horrible. It’s not a disappointment when something that began out badly continues to be so; it’s simply part of life. Kendall, Jamie, Troy, and Cal aren’t really likeable. It’s difficult to care for them since we know so little about them. Because of the awkward performances and stupid writing, their friendships seemed forced, and Troy and Cal’s bond is much worse. I burst out laughing when they mentioned starting a family. In all four episodes, these two had zero chemistry, so I’m not sure why the authors believe giving them a horrible ending would help. Similarly, Mamie and Calico’s friendship is established too late to make much of an impact, and they only share a few short encounters.

Both portions of “Double Feature” have potential in terms of idea, acting, and execution. However, both portions failed to land well, and the first half of “Death Valley” was subpar from the start. 

Plot – 6
7 for acting
6 levels of progression
8 – Production Design
3 Horror Elements



“Blue Moon” and “The Future Perfect” showcase the typical superb performances and intriguing themes that have become synonymous with American Horror Story. However, hurried, shoddy execution and cringe-worthy language detract from what might have been a fantastic film.

The “american horror story season 10 episode 10” is the second part of a two-part episode, and it aired on October 23rd. The episode was written by James Wong, directed by Bradley Buecker, and stars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner.

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